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Met Beth in Vermont at IDEA camp to plan for IDEC.


she’s energy.

Beth is a digital organizer for IDEA:

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Here’s her local work..:

co-founder of youth converts culture with Daniel – keen on the co-: daniel and beth

connection matters. huge.

graphic below links to ycc site:youth converts culture new site

Javarius is a ycc. Jonathan is part of the inaugural group, as well as a youth organizer for IDEA.

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lean in.

and listen.

as youth converts culture.

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Beth has challenged herself to write a post a day for the summer of 2013.. follow her on that – here:

beths new blog site



her poetry crew.. watch out for them..

beth poetry


post by Nancy..

beth via nancy

The bell is ringing now and I cannot comment any further – but I am very thankful for #SandersTHS and Ms. Sanders, for giving us a chance to think for ourselves! 

via Darcy as the post is on fb:
This teacher makes my heart swell and my hope rise! 

there. she. goes…

whole child podcast
empathy.. not talking heads.. ownership…
relationship is vital..
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beth on disconnection
april 2014 (and oh so much inbetween.. can’t keep up):
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may 2014:

beth with zinn ed

oct 2015


to Matt


Beth Sanders (@MsSandersEdu) tweeted at 2:35 PM – 23 Jun 2018 :
@MattMurrie …what if there were what if questions that were applicable to everyone and everything that could make the world so much better? (

cure ios city

2 convos as infra

as it could be