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intro’d to Stephen via his ted2018 talk: why wrong side of tracks is usually the east side


the human design systems that we make to separate ourselves.. is not natural

so.. how to get back to meadows undisturbed ecosystem

comes down to a fundamental design principle.. this choice.. of whether we’re going to decide to take care of everyone..t

has to be all of us..

begs a mech to listen to every voice.. everyday as it could be..



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Sakamoto Ryoma, Buckminster Fuller, Paul Robeson. Building business for good at Bronze Investments. I love a good team.  til I die.

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Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Bronze Investments

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The vast inequities between communities is unnatural and unnecessary. It’s an artifact of bad design and a false choice.

it doesn’t have to be this way. We live in a time of new tools to solve old problems. Technology makes us more efficient, and with more efficiency we can have less scarcity.

not so much about efficiency.. rather .. it’s about figuring out the right (aka: deep enough) problem.. if we’re wanting this to be for everyone..

That’s also a design decision; a choice. We are privileged to live in a moment where it’s possible to do more with less every single day. Is it crazy to think we might finally be able to take good care of everyone?

We think we can.

again.. yeah.. we sure can.. but we have to let go of trying to do it part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake

The Bronze Venture Fund exists to bring new technology, capital, imagination and, yes, even some love, to everyday people, everywhere. If that mission resonates with you as a founder, community member, or ally, we should talk.

yeah .. let’s..  can you hear me..? that’s the biggest part of the problem.. let’s work on that.. ie: as it could be..

Some tips on reaching out with funding pitches:

  1. We only invest in social impact opportunities.
  2. We’re more likely to respond if you’re reaching out about #eastside opportunities. If you don’t know what that is check this out.
  3. If you’re pitching a deal it’s helpful if you’ll let us know exactly why you think we are an ideal strategic fit.
  4. We look forward to hearing from you!

1\ this is about social impact.. as in equity: everyone getting a go everyday

2\ this is about a means to model how 7bn people can leap to a nother way to live.. so.. an eastside opp.. and.. eastside could be where it’s modeled first

3\ because you keep saying.. take care of everyone.. and.. it has to be everyone.. or it won’t work

4\ so.. can you hear me.. really hear me..? that’s what the tech/mech needs to be about.. listening to every voice .. everyday..  as it could be.. via 2 convers.. as infra

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way

what we need most is the energy of 7bn alive people.. getting us to an undisturbed ecosystem the city.. as the day.. via gershenfeld something else law