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intro’d to David via this fb share by Michel

this was an exceptionally rich symposium in terms of learning about a multitude of new initiatives.

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjyispeHQfI] David starts at 7:19

topic is .. so what about politics.. and politics needs material conditions so it can happen.. people need to have the time/infra so they can do it… [hack]bases can provide that..

[hack]bases.. a new type of institutional model..t

7:20 – we labor in bs jobs to exist and in majority our lives are subsumed by the logic of current neoliberal capitalist societies and actually.. we further those agendas very often..t

bs jobs

arising from this entanglement of funding and politics.. the current institutional types: start ups.. non ?.. academia.. as well as current hackerspaces.. are insufficient to change that for the many..t

maker/hacker spaces

has to be all of us.. none of us if one of us..

i’m going to talk about something that comes from ecology.. usually.. carrying capacity.. replicability/scalability.. for activist efforts.. and offer [hack]bases as a transformative vehicle to practice that..t

to model a nother way.. deeper.. nice (i hope deep enough)

7:21 – hackbases – new institution that basically is a lifestyle

[hack]bases – see slide captures here

also adding [hack]bases to suggested cities page..  ie: perhaps try a beyond [hack]bases ..in nederland or wherever..

7:22 – monies needed.. minimal.. but so that you can do what you do

so.. let’s see if we can take that to zero.. ie: short bp

7:22:49 – don’t rely on external funding.. tap into commons.. apply *hi tech sol‘s.. apply **subversive practices.. t

like.. *hlb via 2 convos that io dance and **as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…] ..sans money

7:23 – [hack]bases might be the critically missing subsistence and work infrastructure model

7:24 – documentarianism

hlb via idio-jargon/self-talk as data

documents are protocols/workflow/metrics.. et al.. all to be developing.. all to be replicable..

what if docs were just curiosities.. from 2 daily convos.. that we used to facil connections.. so people can find their people.. everyday.. to do what they can’t not do..

7:24 – protocols.. this is quite a bit longer list..t

perhaps we just go for: talk to self (3 min).. be w others (30 min).. and trust everything else will happen as it should

7:25 – for ie: first a way for newcomers to come in.. and get core knowledge..t

what if we design a model/means .. that 7 bn can leap to.. so no newcomers.. no core knowledge.. no train..

7:27 – in reducing costs.. cut out space.. no longer pay for place to co live.. box up materials and live – nomadic resilient base

7:28 – go over site.. calendar .. et al

7:30 – we work off metrics.. growth of material/documents/costs/autonomy

7:33 – first question.. was about making it a space/base for normal people.. not just hackers..

7:34 – same guy – it’s not about the comfort.. i’d like to see more diverse.. hackers w non hackers.. a more diverse image.. not a place full of hackers..

perhaps this is that.. being all of us .. ness.. right where we are now

7:35 – david: that’s why hacker in []..  i’d say 50% technologists and 50% not.. and more constructive than geeks


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founder and research \/\ Fragment ideation engine development \/\ \/\ from Ljubljana, Slovenia

Lanzarote, Canary Islands

david at totalism.org


cyberhippietotalism / CHT

Thishackbaseis aninfrastructure project inLanzarote (Canary Islands, Spain), researching, developing & practicing the technologies, theory, tactics and arts ofpost-capitalism

Since 2011. Currently organizing temporary, experimental off-grid desert camps several times per year, that anyone can attend. Subscribe to the mailing 🔗list, or follow on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

david at mutual coord econ (on p2p site):


an initiative to share insight around non-market, non-state based mutual coordination in production and economics

michel: My own idea is: what pricing is to the market and planning is to the bureaucratic state, mutual coordination is to economics based on open and shared commons.

The production of immaterial common pools is already regulated through mutual coordination and stigmergy, i.e. coordination based on open and transparent signals of what is needed by the system; but physical production cannot be coordinated without similar signals, i.e. the coordination of production through information.

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thinking.. suggested cities.. nederland ish.. whatever.. to model ..  a nother way

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]


nomad ness