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imagining/actualizing a hub in Mukono – via studygateway – via Moses et al.

notes/wonderings/ponderings below..


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Mukono Town is a municipality in Mukono District, Central Uganda. The town is administered by Mukono Town Council, an Urban Local Government within Mukono District Administration. Mukono Town has links to the English townGuildford.


Mukono is one of Uganda’s fastest growing urban areas. The 2002 national census estimated the population of the town at 46,506. In 2010, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), estimated the population at about 57,400. In 2011, UBOS estimated the mid-year population of Mukono at 59,000

Mukono Town is divided into four administrative units called Wards. These are:

  • Ggulu
  • Nsuube
  • Namumira
  • Ntaawo


59000 – but villages of 5000

vision – (site is just a template now)

social capital in Mukono:

Moses attended Uganda Christian University and is friends with vice chancelor – of uni – John Senyonyi

[telecenters…, the book thief – taught how to read.., study gateway – extended spaces]

looking into opportunity to get a degree – from ucu – partnership – after time in hub

might use research assistansts from uni

head of dept of child development was Moses’ mentor –  Fredrick Mukhwana – has wide network of organizations where he sits on board

head of post grad school of research – interest around media ed literacy…

Timothy Mukalazi – friend who lives in mukano

raise money for first 6 months – after 6 months – move out and seek funding

other/existing spaces/people to connect with – perhaps…

ethan zuckermanglobal voices


oaxaca – hub

sugata mitra – sole

hamza sserwadda – kampala

adam mackie


main tech guy –

Phillip Egessa – lives in kampala


random notes:

reach 1 touch 1 – adults – Kenneth Muga…. – older people

off to mission –

mukono urban ministries

mayor of mukono – close…

ministry in many schools

other remote, primitive, hostile.. nomadic pasturalists..

director of youth at diosis – former classmate

this is a non- conflict area – bob goff is in a conflict area

dell computors, tablets, smartboards..

hub for street kids

brazil & belgium 

telecommunication – w one of biggest telecommunications in uganda…

by march everything registered with government

3000/yr to rent the space

friend raising –

rent for year 3000- paying 2 people – 3000, 3000, (internet, water, toilet) 3000, devices – 10,000

22, 000


ted created a vaseline to stop sweating…

csu and du to help

du – digital story telling Romana Beltran

Greg Stark – st louis

consciousness app

town in a pocket –


africa 5