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the be you house

Year two, (2011-2012), the house is a physical space mimicking the fluidity, transparency, malleability and allure of the web. (Is the web getting us back to a more humane state perhaps, reminding us what it’s like to be alive?) A space of permission to be. A space to jump start curiosity, imagination and play, to enliven self-directed learning. A space encouraging mindfulness. A space modeling no child left behind (NCLB) redefined: a safe space of resources, a personal mentor in particular. A safe space for both play and solitude. A space within the city, using the city as floorplan, prototyping year 4’s vision. A space of allure and facilitation for your curiosities. An ecclectic space, like the web. A physical space to prototype/model what a city could be like, what a nation or a globe could be like, when virtual and reality play together for the good of people.

This year we currently have three full time lab students, approximately 25 district students, 25 unschool students, and approximately 25 local volunteers.

Find more & videos [find more on the be you house interview]

As well as these vision videos crafted while in the be you house.

We believe unlikely connections are going to be the vehicle to social change. Connections that never before existed or that we often overlook because of their familiarity or simplicity. This Lab Connections site is (was) an attempt to bridge that gap, especially between parents/community and students/learners.The plan for this site is to add a weekly update to research/thinking/activities going on in the Lab, as well as provide a reference archive (to the right).

We are also continue to work on a stand alone site here.

We are were currently crafting a be you book to help share this vision if people are so inclined.

[update: see books\ish]

If you prefer video, click here to see 6 videos explaining the why, what, how (detox, city as floorplan, documentation) of our mission: awakening indispensable people.

We also post with DMLcentral and the Cooperative Catalyst.


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