parrot’s training


intro’d here.. via manish jain fb share(can’t find pdf link.. just link above for purchase):

feb 2016 – the parrot’s training retold by manish jain

The Parrot’s Training (retold) | Shikshantar
We are pleased to announce the release of the first book in the Hacking the Education System series. This book looks at the education system as a cage. It raised fundamental questions on how to begin decolonizing our imagination.
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notes from book (w re read notes/quotes):

prologue by (bayo)

bayo akomolafe

p 6

like tagore, manish urges us to..

take a closer look at the invisible..

manish jain

this tale invites us to consider how we are being stressed by what we’ve repressed..

maté trauma law.. missing pieces

how in demonizing ourselves, fixing ‘nature’ and perpetuating a ‘single story’ about what it means to be alive, we are continuously blind to other ways of framing ‘learning’

and even the idea that we should be ‘framing’ learning.. ie: there’s a nother way.. sans all the framing ness

adichie single story law

it’s an invitation to our wildest imaginations.. and boldly questioning the fundamental structure that undergird today’s ed system

rather.. imagine if we.. question things that matter to our souls

ie: imagine if we just focused on listening to the itch-in-8b-souls.. first thing.. everyday.. and used that data to augment our interconnectedness.. we might just get to a more antifragile, healthy, thriving world.. the ecosystem we keep longing for..

what the world needs most is the energy of 8b alive people


(on bayo asking manish who’s daughter is likely to do better at maths.. school vs no school): manish – ‘yours.. but that’s the point: i’d rather risk her knowing nothing about calculus or trig than seeing her divorced from the rich wisdom of her land, from the support of many keen world sonly accessible to the ‘unschooled’ from the many wondrous possibilities of collective being and abundance that opens up when life isn’t framed as an ed trajectory to indentured servitude’ – bayo’s paraphrase..

of math and men.. maté parenting law.. graeber parent/care law

literacy and numeracy both elements of colonialism/control/enclosure.. we need to calculate differently and stop measuring things

many around the world are realizing.. why in naming the colour, we blind the eye

defining/label(s) ness.. as the death of us.. killing the organism as fractal ness

naming the colour ness


manish: i would like to share a story that i adapted from rabindranath tagore, in which he tried to warn us of the dangers of ‘mced for all’ almost 75 yrs ago


king was keen parent learn 3 r’s.. should learn hot to believe in and obey his authority, be proud of nationalism and borders.. work at a call centre be good global netizen.. well trained to be an engine of econ growth

again maté parenting law.. graeber parent/care law

literacy and numeracy as colonialism/control/enclosure

language as control/enclosure

siddiqi border law.. constant line law

supposed to’s of school/work.. any form of m\a\p.. any form of democratic admin.. killing us


first tried stuffing bird w pages of knowledge from offical govt texts.. when she didn’t coop.. she was prescribe ritalin to improve her concentration and tame her hyper activity.. free play reduced.. that did not work (phrase repeated throughout)

peter moskowitz.. (cure)(city) ness.. crazywise (doc).. intellect ness.. josh ovalle – minimum max

dis\order and carhart-harris entropy law.. et al


then unicef project.. girl rights et al.. that did not work


she wanted to leave the cage but was not allowed.. world bank gave loan to build bigger cage.. nice toilet.. cameras to ensure discipline.. even that didn’t work

hari rat park law et al


many research papers written.. harvard studies on brain and multiple intelligences.. theory after theory.. she started losing confidence in her own gift of song

fbrown belonging law.. fittingness.. your own song ness..


coke and mcd’s ‘help’ by offering mid day happy meal and vending machines.. parrot became obese and could no longer fly


pisa.. and celebrating renewed commitment to educate poor, backward, illiterate parrots.. but even that didn’t work


then tech gurus.. apple – ipad and wifi.. she was made to watch videos from khan academy..


scolded for being ungrateful.. reprimanded to feel guilty.. ‘you are wasting life.. spoiling future’


when that didn’t work.. hour of mindfulness training .. to release all her built up frustration and aggression.. nature deficit disorder.. taken to eco resort during summer to ‘experience nature’.. later anti depressant drugs prescribed as the parrot was caught slitting her wings

the death of us ness


as overstuffed w info and tormented by pressure ‘to achieve’.. she internalized label as ‘slow learner’ and ‘failure’ and lost confidence in her ability to communicate w the wild and profound intelligence of nature

need a means to undo our hierarchical listening.. to self/others/nature.. holmgren indigenous law et al


she became totally dependent on the cage.. one day cage accidentally left open but she was afraid to venture out.. she had lost confidence in her natural capacities to learn w/o *institutions..

*w/o any form of m\a\p

her dreams were reduced to being a rat trapped in the rat race… her spirit withered away

not yet scrambled et al


in end.. a lot of people made a lot of money on the parrot’s ed.. everyone benefited except the parrot

that’s whalespeak.. no one legit benefitted

so united nations decided to launch ‘no parrot left behind’.. lobbied kings all over world to commit to all parrots being caged/educated by 2030.. as part of sustainable devel goals..

no child left {behind}.. no child left – redefinition



today the business of cage has become more important than our children.. *time to understand the nature of the ‘cage’ and its impact on each of us.. can ad all th e’bells and whistles’ reforms you can imagine.. but the cage will always remain a cage.. the logic/design for factories, armies, prisons, and schooling is basically the same..

rather.. let go of even *that.. ie: imagine if we

in our attempts to ‘reform’ and ‘fix’ the system, are we not making the cage more influential, pervasive, powerful?.. what damage does trying to fix the system do? entraps more in cage? instills more fear, arrogance, and competition int them? makes them more dependent on being spoon fed.. more susceptible to propaganda..makes them more enslave to money system

distraction.. bird uncaged.. let’s do this first

no more part\ial ness.. for (blank)’s sake

p 38

the parrot today is taught to question within the system, but not to question the system itself.

problem deep enough ness.. grammatis broken law..

as my bro bayo likes to remind us.. how we are dealing with the crisis is part of the crisis

need a legit nother way

bayo akomolafe

real tragedy is that people still believe that brining more children and communities into this cage is somehow going to liberate them and us..

p 39

to the point we can’t see the cage or we don’t believe we can live w/o it

whales (all of us) in sea world.. flapping whalespeak.. spinning our wheels in the tragedy of the non common

(from original story)


the method was so stupendous that the bird looked ridiculously unimportant in comparison.

fuller too much law.. this is ridiculous


banyan tree (publisher): we strongly believe that ‘nothing can be taught’..