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new (old) metric

enough defn

imagine.. if this were the only metric we had.

and it was determined by each person on a daily basis

and each community – say weekly

and each public – say monthly

perhaps we’d spend more time doing/being/becoming remarkable, if we spent less measuring/varifying/proving/chasing…

perhaps – try it. for a week…

to be what she



what if money was no object

shalom ness…


it has a lot to do with how awake you are.. to now ness.

that man is poor


[enough via un/homeschooling – P. Trunk]

is school enough?


Michael Wesch‘s 2011 rethinking ed:

4 min – if you’ve got enough links… you don’t need the hierarchy anymore.. there is no shelf. there is no filing system. links alone are enough.

from internet’s own boy, Tim Berners-Lee:

25 min – Tim – lots of little webs aren’t going to work – ..

..it’s not going to work unless the whole planet can get onboard


Jim Carrey – 2016 – when will we be enough:


networked individuaism graphic