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new (old) metric

enough defn

imagine.. if this were the only metric we had.

and it was determined by each person on a daily basis

and each community – say weekly

and each public – say monthly

perhaps we’d spend more time doing/being/becoming remarkable, if we spent less measuring/varifying/proving/chasing…

perhaps – try it. for a week…

to be what she



what if money was no object

shalom ness…


it has a lot to do with how awake you are.. to now ness.

that man is poor


[enough via un/homeschooling – P. Trunk]

is school enough?


Michael Wesch‘s 2011 rethinking ed:

4 min – if you’ve got enough links… you don’t need the hierarchy anymore.. there is no shelf. there is no filing system. links alone are enough.

from internet’s own boy, Tim Berners-Lee:

25 min – Tim – lots of little webs aren’t going to work – ..

..it’s not going to work unless the whole planet can get onboard


Jim Carrey – 2016 – when will we be enough:


from nic askew newsletter – by chris mcleod [http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1101043267358&ca=c8f2b255-1c81-45d5-a0e0-e55269b3d16e]:

most meaningful experiences have something in common. words are not enough. something is always lost when we attempt to explain… the language we use somehow confines what we feel. i’m somehow aware that the language i am so sued to using always has an undercurrent of finality

language as control/enclosure.. shaw communication law.. et al

by being still. by allowing myself to be seen. by surprising myself about what i notice about others when i lose the stories that i’ve told myself.. by allowing myself to know that here in this moment i am enough.. i can be here.. i am here

still.. notice.. enough..

as simple as ‘being here’ sounds, it means that i am not thinking about ‘there’.. being here means .. this is enough.. ‘this is enough’ means i can trust the feeling that i can’t explain. trust it and not need to explain it.. 

and that is the most liberating feeling i may have ever experienced..


quiet enough ness


garden of eden enough ness and the possibility to get back/to: an undisturbed ecosystem.. via letting go enough (ie: of any form of m\a\p)

maté enough law


networked individuaism graphic