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intro’d to Laura via one of Nic’s films: interconnected


Laura Van Riper is a Social Scientist who has sat for many years in circles of opposing communities, in Klamath and elsewhere across the West. Her observation of our disconnectedness and the pathway to interconnectedness in the Klamath Conflict is somewhere beyond important. Relevant to all conflict.

notes/quotes from video:

”… Margaret Mead has this quote I love – never underestimate the power of a small group of committed citizens to change the world because indeed it’s the only thing that ever has – that’s like the Klamath to me. That’s evidence of that.”

they sat in a circel with people and they could no longer look at the situation/those-people.. the way they used to.. they could only move forward.. with this new awareness…

seen too much to not… ness

conflict from a history of broken agreements..

the more we’ve moved away.. from interconnectedness.. worse problems have become..

my fate isn’t linked to your fate.. doesn’t matter what happens to you/water/air.. fact is .. it all matters.. all ties together..

i equated being vulnerable with being weak.. the most profound experiences happen when you allow yourself to be vulnerable.. that’s when you are real.. that’s when a connection with another can be formed.. that’s where the magic is..if you keep the walls .. you perpetuate the separateness..

vulnerability ness

not about trusting myself enough to control it.. make sure right outcomes.. i just have to trust myself enough to hold this space.. which is diff than trying to fix it..

trust ness

creating spaces for people to see each other.. spaces where people feel safe enough to be vulnerable and show people who they really are..

process more important than outcomes… uncomfortable.. they want to see outcome.. and i have no idea.. getting comfortable with saying.. i can take a step

you can create all the strategies in the world for fixing the water conflict.. if you don’t have that foundation for human relationships…. strategies alone aren’t going to work..

a nother way – deep enough


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