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iwan outside

above from …. self-directed – self-organizing spaces – Iwan Baan  – in all of it – whatever preserves home ness.. and keeps us from home less ness


Hank bought a bus – Hank Butitta

Teddy Cruz

without a master plan

tiny dwellings – Shane & Carrie Caverly, boneyard studios

cardboard portables – Kara Dziobek

our maybe tokyo capsules.. ie: 1972 in tokyo

stacked in hong kong

tent villages, tiny houses, and such.. via Mark Harvoth

Dignity Village

Second Wind Cottages – Carmen Guidi

Community First – Alan Graham

Occupy Madison

tent city (doc)

the jungle

100,000 homes

no-strings apartments – utah

a-kamp47 via Stéphane Malka

also – bow houses

microtopia via Jesper Wachtmeisters

Andrés Duany – new urbanism – lean urbanism

Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk

Shani Graham – neighborhood


youth builds own living space


community spaces – sf embassy network  – embassy networkthe farm house – Jay Standish

Kent Larson – city/house design

paint city – Edi Rama

write a house

tiny home

tiny house communities:

tiny house community


Elvis Summers

Graham Hill life edited

lammas – the moneyless manifesto

Theaster Gates

old oak dojoboston impact initiativeDeborah Frieze


casa netural

homeless/low income apartments – project home

innovation & refugee shelter

open source house designs


shipping container homes

shipping container apartments

15 more shipping container homes

more shipping container homes

dallas – shipping containter apartments ish

$22000 house(s)

dumpster dwelling

3d printed houses

most sustainable neighborhood in us?

Ushuaia – earthship

our ecovillage



Vinay Gupta – hexayurt project

superadobe earthbag orphanage – withstand nepal earthquake

bulletproof/fireproof… from plastic bottles –

bamboo – sturdy et al –

rebel architecture (doc)

spaces that already are

this is place

the majestic bus – siteslides

change policy – ie: parking as bundle

billboard homes for homeless –

accessory dwellings –  minnesota

lse cities


tiny home project in detroit for homeless – detroit

square one villages – andrew heben @andrew_heben – tent city urbanism

tiny apartment – castle truck

zero energy house – norway

cabin so small – no permit required – finland

apis cor 3d printed house (in 24 hrs – $10,000)

the domes – california – uc davis – floating house

school bus cottage –

tiny houses ($40) for homeless –

weaving a home: –fb via alexander and leigh

regen villages

Good news: The shuttered school I tweeted as an example will house Philly’s homeless veterans
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Follow the money, always. But this seems 2b social housing enabling play/game/health, rather than just “jobs/work”:
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There are 18,600,000 vacant homes in the United States. That’s enough for every homeless person to have six.
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project home quote


occupied buildings.. common ing..

it recognises the social value of the experience of living in occupied spaces and not only the economic value of the properties. It is also important because it establishes “the recognition of public spaces as part of a process of constant active listening and monitoring of the city and its demands, in relation to the collective use of spaces and protection of the commons.”

empty buildings


networked individualsim


no more little boxes – city sketchup

city ness




home less ness


new rules of public art

art people



If you read one thing today, read this by @just_shelter. People continue to live in poverty bc we keep them there.…

how home ownership became the engine of american inequality

There is a reason so many Americans choose to develop their net worth through homeownership: It is a proven wealth builder and savings compeller. The average homeowner boasts a net worth ($195,400) that is 36 times that of the average renter ($5,400).

While many Americans assume that most poor families live in subsidized housing, the opposite is true; nationwide, only one in four households that qualifies for rental assistance receives it

When we think of entitlement programs, Social Security and Medicare immediately come to mind. But by any fair standard, the holy trinity of United States social policy should also include the mortgage-interest deduction — an enormous benefit that has also become politically untouchable…The MID came into being in 1913, not to spur homeownership but simply as part of a general policy allowing businesses to deduct interest payments from loans. At that time, most Americans didn’t own their homes and only the rich paid income tax, so the effects of the mortgage deduction on the nation’s tax proceeds were fairly trivial. That began to change in the second half of the 20th century, though, because of two huge transformations in American life. First, income tax was converted from an elite tax to a mass tax: In 1932, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (precursor to the I.R.S.) processed fewer than two million individual tax returns, but 11 years later, it processed over 40 million. At the same time, the federal government began subsidizing homeownership through large-scale initiatives like the G.I. Bill and mortgage insurance. Homeownership grew rapidly in the postwar period, and so did the MID.

The owner-renter divide is as salient as any other in this nation, and this divide is a historical result of statecraft designed to protect and promote inequality.

Poverty and homelessness are political creations.

Once a rarity in America, eviction has become commonplace in our cities, disrupting families, schools and entire neighborhoods.


spime housing – via Dante

nomad ness


艾未未 Ai Weiwei (@aiww) tweeted at 5:11 AM – 25 May 2017 :

Italy Is Giving Away 103 Historical Buildings


share by Dante – squat empty cities

squatters in nyc

koda – moveable (walking) concrete house – put together in 7 hrs

too expensive to move et al – via Eric and Dante – can’t pack it or bike it

instant housing for urban nomads via Dante

thinking.. hexayurt that turns into back pack –

on other end.. thinking 3d printed houses

concrete water pipe opod housing


japanese retirement home:


better homeless shelters

Imagining a better homeless shelter #500Khomeless

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architecture of affection

Creative Review (@CreativeReview) tweeted at 4:15 AM – 26 Nov 2017 :

Exploring the architecture of affection. A new exhibition showcases work by architects and designers that creates richer kinds of social engagement possibilities (

spaces for school.. yeah better.. but not what we’re capable of..

first video (equal by design 23 min) – park hill sheffield.. ie of iwan baan space.. restored.. for diverse population econ wise… spinoza: people are diff but doesn’t mean they can’t be equal.. then talking on money.. why..? let’s do equity – everyone getting a go everyday.. sans money .. at 18 min – wainwright on affordable housing not being affordable for most.. alexander road estate london.. at 22 min – because a house should be from somebody’s dream shouldn’t it..?  housing not being built for good of people.. but for economic success

second video (women are finally coming home 4 min) –