lean urbanism

lean urbanism

Lean Urbanism occupies the emerging seam between the pilot projects of Tactical Urbanism and the policy-focused agenda of Smart Growth and New Urbanism.

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march 2014 – lean urbanism:

2:40 – work arounds.. secret knowledge of the older folks.. make that public knowledge… collecting clever work arounds and daylighting them

4:15 – universal building code, and banking systems… 

5 min – california is so regulated – it has the best work arounds

6:30 – we need to level the playing field generationally… if we could just set back the clock to 1974.. for agility to get things done

11 min – humans mitigating… 

branch out to have low tech solutions as well – ie: curtains..

15 min – lean regulation..  could we get young developers again.. could we get small projects again..  (takes so long to get through bureaucracy… might as well get permit for 60 houses rather than 1) – we have exterminated the small developer

city as school ness – iwan baan ness

pink zone… where you can get things done… like berlin in 1990

teddy cruz ness

19 min – city manager took the responsibility – rather than builders… – not dismantling the bureaucracy – but who’s making the decisions.. and helping protect them in that..

this transcends political ideology – rather – common sense

1. linsky – if it isn’t fun – people won’t come to the 2nd meeting..

2. grow in a spiral  – (network) – if you go way wide – you get lots of people asking the same question – which the answer to is – we don’t know yet

controversy is helpful – esp if you’re right… brings attention

29 min – tactical urbanism is a result of the bureaucracy keeping young people from doing things…

31 min – 1 of 7 initiatives is education.. degree toward apprenticing

35 min – decisions are being made at the wrong level ie: if it’s a neighborhood decision and the city makes it – too much debate…

we don’t decide – we decide who should decide…

retrofitting the suburbs – ie: every parking lot is a built in footing.. we have a numerous amt of building sites… code we write – any parking lot as a building site

44 min – could be less interested in smart city – info doesn’t always coincide w/reality (actually empowers more experts.. and disempowers common people)

45 – detroit – use of sm – to get people out in the street when need be

46 min – not about #’s of people anymore – but how you filter


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