The Hexayurt Project: Free Hardware housing for the world

zero-waste designs help you turn common building materials into cheap energy-efficient housing using few tools and simple skills


via Vinay Gupta

originally designed as refugee structures.. ussed at burning man.. open source

15 minute video on how to make Hexayurts for Burning Man



The future of humanitarian innovation – may 3 2017

4 min – 0 adoption.. not because expensive.. fundamentally no readiness/willingness to adopt at the hard physical level.. doesn’t mean no fix is possible.. just means if talking about fixing this level of situation don’t hold your breath

6 min – one of problems.. 3 spaces simultaneous.. there is a physical space a bureaucratic space and infrastructural space.. very poorly understood.. benjamin bratton et al digging into it.. still very very new..

7 min – don’t do fb’s job – hard it is the hardest thing there is

8 min – the idea that the humanitarian world is going to build its own it platforms and that this will fundamentally change what happens at the scale of bn’s of people is completely unrealistic.. it’s not going to happen.. don’t waste your time trying

on the other hand.. being able to build the bridge (electricity.. wifi..) between where people are right now and this enormous integrated network… access to get hooked onto networks…. and that is a problem that is firmly in the humanitarian space .. that is exactly the kind of thing that is currently solved.. you do water/sanitation/light.. no reason you can’t add internet/wifi to it

9 min – first step is just getting people into contact

10 min – self-org systems: starfish and spider.. peers inc

starfish and spider

15 min – i left humanitarian space after 15 yrs.. because it doesn’t innovate.. i left.. and built new tools.. ie: ethereum

now running humanitarian vc to finance humanitarian r&d that we’ve been trying to get done thru institutions for years

you must innovate


living spaces


Isn’t this the Hexayurt? The open sourced housing system from 2005, often used at burning man? https://t.co/yNqXo3sT9w

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@RamonAlonsoJr An awful lot of money is spent to keep homeless people from housing themselves.
Let us hope the hexayurts are tent-like enough to stay up.
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About My Father’s Business is so proud to be a partner in this exciting Project. The Panel tent will increase harm reduction from the elements and when painted they add to the community with uniformity, removing conventional tents, tarps and lean-tos.  We have placed 6. EXCITING https://t.co/N1plTVJMfU
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@umbrellaturtles @shaylarmyers Rosie thanks for retweeting. This is an open source blueprint. Anyone can build one, it’s really different from the tiny homes. Here’s a video demonstrating how fast you can pop these up. Faster than a tent. Retweet retweet retweet
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