unauthorized home less ness

adding after reading Jose Antonio Vargas‘s dear america.. where he says the book is not about immigration but about home less ness.. [and upon strike 2 in the unauth ten realm.. both home less ness situations..]

question/focus -we seem to be ok w calling out ie: unauthorized tenants.. and having empty spaces while people live in the cold.. on the streets.. working while homeless .. separated from family.. living in refugee camps.. incarceration..  any of these assumed borders keeping us from home/us

what if we called out unauthorized home less ness..?


this has been a focus of our vision/what (whatever you call it) from day 1.. and so from research (bach to gupta to ..) – finding out we have the means for no one to be home less (or hungry.. et al) – that’s what the what came from.. and led to a nother way (a quiet revolution)

but for a better (in the meantime) temp bandaid.. imagining if any of us w a home.. esp those w empty homes..  would take in a friend.. that would certainly help many people now.. rather than our current mech.. of putting/keeping people on hold.. (de-ice, poverty, et al)

but.. we’ve got bureaucracies/documentations/laws/rules.. that ie: in boulder recently you can live 10 family members to a house.. but not 10 non blood family members.. [not to mention hoops you have to jump thru to get a place – imagining libraries as non b place

forcing us to live isolated lives..

violence/disturbance to our natural state..our natural/basic needs

almaas holes law..


tweet same day by Clint:

What happens when you begin to believe that you inherently deserve what you have is that you then begin to believe others inherently deserve what they *don’t* have.
The result is decades of public policy that often punish ppl in poverty instead of assisting them in escaping it.
Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/ClintSmithIII/status/1047480372882227200


Adora on homeless ness

Why You Should Think Twice About Calling the Police on Homeless People https://t.co/kEZGmPFckU

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/hardlynormal/status/1054428077432979456

The harsh reality is that the solution to homelessness is not a phone call, a police sweep or a shiny new app; it’s housing that people can afford.


Pacific Standard (@PacificStand) tweeted at 5:30 AM – 10 Nov 2018 :
A recent report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition concluded that there’s not a single county, metro area, or state in the country where a full-time minimum-wage worker could afford a two-bedroom home. @DwyerGunn https://t.co/e3JhBL2e4G(http://twitter.com/PacificStand/status/1061234518042959872?s=17)


Guillem Ramírez (@GuillemRC) tweeted at 3:08 AM – 4 Dec 2018 :
“While govs have abandoned tenants, they have not abandoned investors. Residential real estate is world’s biggest business: 163 trillion dollars – almost three times the annual world GDP. But housing is not gold, it is a human right”
@adequatehousing at #housingforall conference https://t.co/3nyUk7iUhK (http://twitter.com/GuillemRC/status/1069896231747502081?s=17)


Deficit Owls (@DeficitOwls) tweeted at 10:10 PM – 3 Feb 2019 :
@Mackandcompany @samvega @Intolerantcentr @JoMicheII @davidgraeber We have the same issue here. We routinely have many more vacant homes than we have homeless people. We just don’t take such a humanitarian approach. We prefer the houses to stay empty but command a price. https://t.co/whxehI6L4l (http://twitter.com/DeficitOwls/status/1092289242129227776?s=17)

from 2015 – Empty Homes Outnumber The Homeless 6 To 1, So Why Not Give Them Homes?

Millions of Americans experience homelessness every year, and yet they’re outnumbered by vacant homes and government-owned buildings. A growing number of activists are calling for these empty spaces to be filled with the humans living on America’s streets.


Eliza Shapiro (@elizashapiro) tweeted at 2:37 PM – 6 Jun 2019 :
Looking at LA’s big rise in homelessness, I cant get over the fact that LA’s entire homeless pop. is still *smaller* than the # of NYC schoolchildren living in shelters, not even counting 10s of 1000s of NYC kids on couches of relatives homes
https://t.co/ZrRX2OsGIg (http://twitter.com/elizashapiro/status/1136733911365689411?s=17)


Police officer admits he told homeless man to lick public urinal to avoid arrest https://t.co/Wfsj4ichmQ

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/hardlynormal/status/1207348052542967809


invisible/hidden children

First Focus on Children (@First_Focus) tweeted at 5:49 AM – 24 Jan 2020 :
The hidden homeless: Not guys sleeping in tents but kids sleeping on buses and floors – @petulad – Washington Post https://t.co/kwNRvgl0Fe
“It goes beyond the outrage of seeing a government claiming success when we’re actually failing American children.” https://t.co/DWuwPOfPYd (http://twitter.com/First_Focus/status/1220689966914732032?s=17)


evicted.. et al

down here – bud osborn – fighting for space.. liz evans.. ann livingston


social control


mark on what to give