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[when i think of self-organizing i can’t help but think of self-directing. and my mind often goes to the visuals/work/art that Iwaan Baan shares – like the ones above – and the ones on the self-directed page. both being/becoming/emerging the same dance/fractal. it’s like the element of unique (thumbprint) from self-directed ness keeps the self-organizing from slipping to the center of sameness/status-quo/invented vs invited. and the bumping up against, the rubbing shoulders with, the colliding, of the self-organizing, keeps the self-directed ness awake/alive to its authenticity/possibility/curiosity.]


plague of sameness

quote from Iwaan‘s ted – high recommend..


the structure is there.. and it’s not.. the thing is you ongoingly build/remix/morph it.. emergent by design..

perhaps key (to a healthy/happy ness, to an abundance of energy ness)- is that the self-directed ness… the listening to self ness comes from a space of permission with nothing to prove.. a space with no agenda, no raised eyebrow, even no felt obligation ..  ness.

a person with turtle shell in tact: 2 needs met, ongoingly being met, is free to dance with and indeed craves…. community.. one ness .. with the world. [world-one dancing with thumb-one]

listen & clap ness


how to be you..?


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