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Communa promotes the transitory uses of empty buildings in Brussels. In a participatory, solidarity and non-profit approach, these uses make it possible to breathe life into unused places and to revitalize neighborhoods while lightening the owner of management discomforts.


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it recognises the social value of the experience of living in occupied spaces and not only the economic value of the properties. It is also important because it establishes “the recognition of public spaces as part of a process of constant active listening and monitoring of the city and its demands, in relation to the collective use of spaces and protection of the commons.”


CityLab (@CityLab) tweeted at 6:35 AM – 24 Nov 2018 :
Many American communities have unprecedented amounts of structural debris, abandonment and blight. https://t.co/bCjUrOqFx5(http://twitter.com/CityLab/status/1066324404349616128?s=17)


Helen Lewis (@helenlewis) tweeted at 2:57 AM – 29 Nov 2018 :
I wrote about the shame of living in London in 2018, a city where luxury flats sit empty and the homeless shiver in railway arches https://t.co/vfT8c0dlvK (http://twitter.com/helenlewis/status/1068081407027789825?s=17)


1 hr convo – Eric Klinenberg and Dorian Warren discuss his new book – palaces for the people –  at strand bookstore


27 min – on the destructive power of empty lots and abandoned buildings.. the way that they really transform an urban landscape and make it feel precarious.. depletion.. a big issue.. an amazing experiment to do here.

empty buildings

30 min – it’s not that the crime gets displaced.. it just doesn’t happen.. crime is situational.. (not) outcome of individuals who have criminal dispositions.. it’s about situations.. if you change the situation by treating the place you can do a tremendous amount..t

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31 min – we’ve focused so much on punishing people and not enough on fixing places.. t

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33 min – imagine if we would have taken 1st two.. abandoned property and broken windows.. imagine we just fixed them up.. easier/cheaper to fix places than people (impossible to fix people) –


japan – and empty buildings

Co.Design (@FastCoDesign) tweeted at 5:45 AM – 22 Dec 2018 :
Why Japan is giving away free houses (and how to get one) https://t.co/c2eGLguHPK (http://twitter.com/FastCoDesign/status/1076458675118710784?s=17)


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