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According to Malka, the rule applies to A-kamp47. And because the structure is tacked to the side of the Marseilles-Saint-Charles train station, and not sitting horizontally on the property of the nearby cultural center, it also qualifies as public space.

Hoisting shelters on a wall plays another role as well–that of visibility. While low and middle income workers might be quietly shuffled out of city centers in the spring, summer, and fall, Malka’s work turns French cities’ housing crisis into a living, breathing billboard year-round.


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Thinking about the problem of homelessness a reality in almost all places in the world, the architect Stephane Malka, of Malka Architecture has created A-Kamp47. 

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The installation consists of a vertical structure with 23 stalls camouflaged military intends to bring the issue of homelessness to the surface and criticize the lack of policies to solve it in France. To Malka, however, contemporary architects have the task of adapting their designs to real needs. Therefore, besides the social discussion, the book also serves as a shelter for marginalized society in the region, providing protection from the elements of nature, vandalism and any problems they might encounter while sleeping on the street. ‘s camping vertical was only possible thanks to lightness and mobility of pop-up tents, easy to assemble, as well as opening an umbrella. However, when left alone, exposed to the cold, robberies and police beats. Hence the idea of joining them arose. As a group, they become a much more solid and secure shelter.Although a vertical structure tents seem insecure at first glance, they were fully strengthened. 

Besides the political and social provocation, A-kamp47 also raises another question. The facility was built in a wall that stands between a cultural center and a railway viaduct in the city of Marseille, France. The architect took advantage of the ambiguity of the location and situation of the work – the threshold between legality and illegality – to question: that would be public or private?



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