deborah frieze – two loop theory

deborah frieze

Co – author of Walk Out Walk On, how we first met Deborah.

Her two-loop theory video resonated greatly with the connected adjacency concept we were playing out (via Saul Kaplan).

Two Loops: How Systems Change from The Berkana Institute on Vimeo.

The stories in Walk Out Walk On were so resonating, ie: Manish Jain (who we found via Carol Black), et al, we continue to follow both Meg and Deborah’s work with the Berkana Institute, and their great followers of the book.

walk out walk on

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jan 2014:

all change is local

This weekend, we’re hosting a community of Iraq veterans for a healing writing circle, followed by a discussion among neighbors about personal and community wellness. All this is taking place at the Old Oak Dojo, a community home and urban learning center I built last year whose purpose is to provide a space for community to meet, learn, eat, celebrate and play—and thereby restore our wholeness as citizens.

The Dojo is also the headquarters of the Boston Impact Initiative, an impact investing fund that combines investing, lending and giving to create a better future for those communities in Boston who have been impacted by racial, social and economic inequality.


Theaster Gates – Dorchester project

living spaces


Deborah’s tedx on 2 loop theory – dec 2015:

How I Became a Localist | TEDxJamaicaPlain

way we’re trying to change the world is not/never going to work..

you can’t fundamentally change big systems.. you can either abandon them and start over.. or offer hospice…

because – they’re not machines… natural living systems are complex/emergent/unpredictable…

2 min – two-loops… alternatives… are walk-outs..

if walk outs remain isolated from one another .. nothing happens… the dominant system will continue to dominate…

but if connected.. then separate efforts emerge as powerful system … disrupting old and giving birth to something new…

5 min – emergence is nature’s way of creating change..

6 min – 2 loop…  when you recognize dominate theory/status quo.. no longer is helping.. what role do you play…

7 min – 1\ walk out‘s are the trail blazers… willing to feel ignored/invisible…

in today’s econ.. ownership/investment are in hands of few… ie: sero – worker owned

8 min – 2\ good hospice workers… stay in system.. and help dying focus on transition ahead

ie: jobs not jails campaigns…

9 min – 3\ illuminator – make visible the choice, ie: repeating self..

10 min – 4\ protector – successful in dominate system – create oasis in dominate system

in living systems there are no silver bullets.. we need all of us..


let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

a nother way