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mark harvoth

ran into Mark the first year (2009-2010?)- when we started looking at home less ness and human trafficking.

he’s amazing.

his work is amazing.

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1. world peace

2. that people could understand how other people felt

this interview was recorded in april 2013.  Catherine died april 30, 2013.

invisible people


what we decided to do is start listening..


up – uncultured project

apart from being homeless, we’re just like anybody else..   – eric sheptock

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Mark Horvath (@hardlynormal)
4/27/12 10:57 PM
even though I was homeless, homeless service agencies would not hire me because I didn’t have enough experience with homelessness #honest


with Gary Vee at pepsi award


about 2:29 talks about youth homelessness

In this short interview Barbara Poppe talks about President Obama’s “Opening Doors: The Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness”.
The plan has 4 key goals:

  • End chronic homelessness by 2015
  • Prevent and end homelessness among veterans by 2015
  • End family, youth and child homelessness by 2020
  • End all forms of homelessness

youth homelessness:
at the federal leve 15-24 nothing in place – they are in need of something involved with ed
no dept of youth services at federal level – all addressed through education and housing services

interview from 2009-2010










covenant house..








tiny  house post

Dignity Village, Carmen Guidi, Alan Graham, boneyard studios,…



mark harvoth update


tedx 2014:

the cycle we have – hospital care – at $45000 a shot.. then they are back on the street.. that could have got them housing..

i feel human again..

housing first.. saves lives and saves money


living spaces



6/22/16 5:49 AM
LAPD orders officers to show ‘compassion and empathy’ to homeless people
ordering compassion and empathy…
that’ll work..

The policy was a “good start,” but didn’t go far enough, said Carol Sobel, a civil rights attorney who has successfully sued the city over how it treats the homeless. The key, she said, will be for the LAPD to monitor officers to ensure they’re abiding by the new guidelines.

“We’ll believe it when we see it,” Sobel said. “You can hand out all the policies you want – that doesn’t make a difference unless you put enforcement behind it.”

oh my
the key…
yeah.. monitor the monitoring.. always works..
makes them friendlier (#sarcasm)