spaces that already are

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What if we let go of the limiting idea of our public spaces as “city parks” and began exploring the entire range of social spaces that already exist in the city?

What if it’s not so much that these spaces no longer exist as a result of urbanization; what if the way that people orient themselves, connect, socialize, and recreate has changed as a result of urbanization?



what if we trusted stigmergy/baan/self-organizing/naked streets ness enough.. to just see how we might co-create (by choice) the eclectic 24/7 ish living spaces Jane et al wrote/writes about..

the chaos we fear is the chaos we need… that uncertainty/mess/whatever – is what keeps us alive/awake/safe/together.

none of us are free if one of us is chained.. ness

the scariest thing is the very thing… all of us


in the city.

as the day.

living spaces

city ness