living simply

w 10 month old – she’s never very far away (in small space) so very easy to keep an eye on her and doing whatever i want to be doing

2 min – i would be lovely w my patients but come home and be kind of shitty.. living in large house.. big chunk of what i’m earning is to pay the bills.. coming here.. was a process to be ok w downsizing.. and now feels really good

4 min – working 3-4 days a week for owner of land as trade.. and tiny bit as gp.. but financially we’ve been fine.. our costs are fractional here.. i don’t have any stress about money.. i’m much more in touch w a sense of well being


living on someone else’s land.. we’ve got no ownership here.. i guess in theory we have no security.. nothing legal keeping us here.. but somehow that feels completely fine.. i feel trusting.. trying to learn how to live more in relationship than.. it’s just us.. we’ve got to make our money.. to have security.. and maybe there’s another way of being secure thru being really embedded in a model of community..t

property law

gershenfeld something else law

5 min – poem: we just have to do what the soft animal of our body loves..t


holmgren indigenous law

this turns out to be what i love.. and i have a suspicion that this turns out to be the blue print.. when people get to it.. everybody would want to live this way.. i suspect.. but it might be a really long journey for some folks to get to that knowing

unless we augment our interconnectedness.. via 2 convers as infra

as it could be..


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Does the idea of living simply in an off-grid cabin appeal to you?
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