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intro’d to Jesper’s documentary, microtopia, via Stéphane..

In Jesper Wachtmeister’s new documentary Microtopia presented a handful of people around the world who have made compact living to a whole new level in absolute mini format. In the emerging movement for micro housing fits both liberty pursuit and criticism of the consumer society. Is it time to get off the treadmill, leave the norms around work and consumption, sell the home and move into a poncho? We follow a handful of people who are exploring the possibility of living outside society’s frames in heavily scaled-down housing.


DIRECTOR. Jesper Wachtmeister

Founder of the Swedish production Solaris Filmproduktion , Jesper Wachtmeister is director, producer and multimedia editor formed in the California Institute of Arts . He has directed over a dozen films in various categories and also works in multimedia art installations. His works have been internationally awarded projected, and are constantly roaming art museums and film festivals worldwide. His films are part of the archives of education in art and architecture over fifty universities and institutes in Asia, Europe and North America.



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