Building an Earthship in Ushuaia (2014)

[ushuaia, argentina]

documentary – narrated by Marc Rusty Coppola

26 min – slums – most eco-friendly places on earth.. the most negative things on earth can also be the most inspiring

32 min – the tragedy of the commons is the #1 problem of the world today – we’ve disengaged from society, we’ve mistrusted it.. we’ve lost the sense of community.. seeking it in other ways… but we’re not doing it as a society…we haven’t found a way to regroup properly…


1. sustainable ideas (vehicle), ie: earthship – building that stands alone.. takes care of inhabitants.. addresses: shelter, electricity, water, sewage treatment, food, and water – best off grid house.. aimed at keeping people alive/healthy w/o tech

37 min – you can’t consume/buy sustainability.. you have to be it

2. knowledge (fuel) – value learning things.. take on a learning culture, just be passionate about learning.. if you know how to search – you can find everything on the web.. everybody has solutions.. it’s just about getting over your fear of finding those solutions…  they end up making a functioning off the grid space in 30 days

3. community – need eclectic gathering… caring about a better way to do things – is the bond…

45 min – we all look to belong – it’s what makes life enjoyable.. community is the thing that most projects are missing

4. action – putting one step in front of the other.. part of this is just getting out there and doing something.. showing up.. participating in any way.. action is incredibly powerful

54 min – don’t be afraid – that’s it..

build the world that we know – is possible in our hearts today…

intro’d to this documentary via David Hodgson on fb – here:

The first feature length documentary having been conceived by the Valhalla Movement, Valhalla follows the story of Earthship Biotecture down to “The End of the World” in a town called Ushuaia, Argentina as they and a group of academy students build a two room simple survival Earthship.

The town is facing challenging problems which many towns around the world also face and it seems that Earthships have combined a Recipe for Change that all towns can also adopt.




earthship biotectue off grid living – article in roadtrippers – jul 2019 – (via michel fb share) – In Taos, a community of ‘voluntary anarchists’ is taking off-the-grid living to the next level


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