boston impact initiative

boston impace initiative

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This weekend, we’re hosting a community of Iraq veterans for a healing writing circle, followed by a discussion among neighbors about personal and community wellness. All this is taking place at the Old Oak Dojo, a community home and urban learning center I built last year whose purpose is to provide a space for community to meet, learn, eat, celebrate and play—and thereby restore our wholeness as citizens.

The Dojo is also the headquarters of the Boston Impact Initiative, an impact investing fund that combines investing, lending and giving to create a better future for those communities in Boston who have been impacted by racial, social and economic inequality.


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“the median net worth for black households in Boston is $8, compared with $247,500 for white households, according to a study published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. The disparity is so great that when the Boston Globe published an investigation into how it got to be that way, people thought the number was a typo.…/the-first-democratically-managed-inv…?

The shack dwellers association in South Africa has some of the answer. There is a path of commoning and increasing the flows in the community that may not reflect in fungible value but increase enormously the well being of the community. A sort of re- localization (Saskia Sassen), replacement economy (Jane Jacobs) approach. I am not sure how well the intended fund will work because it approaches the community as “poor”, which is different from bring ‘disempowered’