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session 1:

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valerie yutson

feel like i’ve heard her before – on greetings et al – before.. but can’t fine where

joe wilson, jr.


tori drew @toridrew

what i really love to do is unravel things.. if i get interested in something.. i go deep.. really deep

it was time to unravel this whole business model stuff..t

let’s unravel deeper.. let’s try/code money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence.. ie: ubi as temp placebo..

a systems challenge requires a systems solution.. making sure it’s not incremental change.. the solution we have is a model imagining for well being

prenatal care et al.. still incremental/partial.. we have to get away from part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake..  ie: a nother way

jeff leitner @jeffleitnerhatch

2:03 – that first year was very rough.. i did not know what anyone wanted from me.. i have made unwritten rules my business.. i spend my days trying to figure out what they are and how/why they work and how to change them

let go – ie: supposed to’s.. of school/work.. killers/cancer.. just let go

i want to give you a primer on unwritten rules.. they are the most important thing you never think about.. and they are the key to solving every big problem we can’t solve.. from hunger to homelessness to our political divide to climate change.. to expanding well being

why unwritten rules work – from frank zappa: ‘life is like highschool with money’.. i hate that sentence.. and i hate it because it’s true

no.. sea world is like hs w money

and only because supposed to’s.. of school/work.. et al..  make us all whales in sea world.. not because it’s a given/natural.. we have no idea what’s natural

unwritten rules are powered by something called social normative influence.. a kind of social pressure we exert all day on the people around us to get them to behave the way we want them to

social control et al

we all comply with social normative influence because we want to be liked and accepted.. not because we’re weak but because we’re social creatures and that’s how social creatures roll.. t.. in fact the very idea of pushing back against social normative influence.. against resisting an unwritten rule fires up our amygdala.. the part of our brain that process fear and stress and we are miserable

rather.. that’s how whales in sea world.. we’ve taught our amygdala well.. to not work toward well-being (not natural)

ie: brown belonging lawthe opposite of belonging.. is fitting in.. true belonging doesn’t require you to change who you are.. it requires you to be who you are.. and that’s vulnerable.. –Brené Brown

let’s just focus on truly essential/basic needs if we want to get to well being (aka: eudaimoniative surplus) guys

voluntary compliance et al

written rules are reinforced by hr depts and cops and court system.. and unwritten rules are reinforced simply with social cues.. with these subtle signals that we send each other.. all day.. to register our approval/disapproval of each other’s behavior..

this is structural violence from the border around sea world.. (not natural)

these are not idle party tricks.. not just a cute aberration of human behavior.. they’re really important.. the reason 1\ they keep our group stable and predictable.. without them we would be miserable/lost/chaos..t


rather.. they are making us miserable.. sick.. unwell-being..

predictable ness is disturbance/symptom to/of a disturbed ecosystem

but there’s a downside to all this stability and predictability.. and that is.. unwritten rules make our groups highly resistant to change..t

that’s not a downside.. that’s cancer/death

taleb antifragile law .. carhart harris entropy law.. et al

we have to have the bravery/freedom to change our minds.. everyday

2:08  – unwritten rules literally tell us how to be normal..

normal..? really..? wtf.. there is no normal

so when we.. *inventive people.. tell them to change.. what they hear is not that we ask them to be different.. but that we’re asking them to be abnormal.. and that is making them crazy

*wow.. quit telling people to change (isn’t social control from above..?).. let’s just set them free..

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.. for (blank)’s sake…  ie: a nother way

unwritten rules are more important than written rules

dang.. his ie’s are about driving over speed limit and money/pay..

let go of all the rules man.. let go

written rules do not change behavior

no rules change behavior.. let go of behavior too.. dang

why unwritten more important than written.. the answer is just evolutionary.. unwritten have been around about 200 000 years.. didn’t have language.. so only way we could keep each other in line were with .. dirty looks..

keeping each other in line.. will never get us to well being

written rules have been around 5000 years.. so unwritten have 195 000 year evolutionary advantage.. our brains are wired to process unwritten rules

not our natural (ie: capable of well being) brains.. rather.. whales in sea world brains.. that perpetuate un wellness

quite simply.. *unwritten rules are in our way of making the changes that we want to make.. we’re going to talk about how to uncover/alter them so we can expand the concept of well being that you all agree on

*why? that’s an irrelevant distraction.. just let go

irwin kula @irwinkula

you can be incredibly physically unhealthy and have a profound level of wellbeing and you can have incredible health and be a son of a bitch and be spiritually bankrupt.. maybe we have the wrong categories here..t

every human being is of infinite value.. that’s what human med is trying to reach

how about.. let’s go with personal well being.. over meds.. no?

session 2:

second session livestream on youtube []

jeffrey sparr @PeaceLoveRI

i did what any good athlete would do.. i sucked it up and got worse..t

somehow we have to harness the power to create and tell stories and make it easier.. invisible and misunderstood is a tough thing to handle.. t

ie: 2 convers as infra.. tech as it could be.. (listening to every voice everyday in order to connect us locally.. augmenting interconnectedness

we have so many social issues we have to deal with as a society.. before we can change that convo and help others.. we have to take care of ourselves.. this revolution starts with us

well.. with all of us.. we can do that today

michael hawley @mjhawley

from His work at MIT has, in his own words, “sought to creatively stretch digital infrastructures, embedding intelligence into all sorts of artifacts and advancing the web of communications.”

how about let’s augment the web of connectedness.. ie: augmenting interconnectedness via 2 convers as infra

the cambodian legal system was just a marx bros farse of the american legal system.. and you know what a farse that is

cambodia .. kids address all adults as auntie uncle.. because of fluidity of family

immunotherapy seems to be working for him – on others.. dissolving cancer..

tumor cells pretend to be body cells.. immunotherapy inhibits cancer cells to fool the body cells..

suffering moments.. are a gift.. they give you empathy.. let you know about more important things in life

ami bhatt @AmiBhattMD

from In perpetual awe of how ‘simple’ microbial organisms can perturb complex, multicellular eukaryotic organisms, Ami Bhatt has chosen to dedicate her research program to inspecting, characterizing and dissecting the microbe-human interface. Nowhere is the interaction between hosts and microbes more potentially impactful than in *immunocompromised hosts and global settings where infectious and environmental exposures result in drastic and sometimes fatal health consequences.

*ie: whales in sea world.

best way for me to start taking better care of my patients.. is to see them less..t

indeed.. even less than you are talking.. ie: a nother way

individuals w chronic disease.. that after age 18.. 53% won’t come back to care for some years.. neither children/parents understood they needed long term care

worked it out that patients could come less often

on everyone being fast thinking.. and trying to build a bond/relationship..

health related anxiety.. purposeful denial.. needed convenience.. non threatening.. less stressful..  we started to use tele medicine.. 1\ (for anxieties): virtual visits.. dr skype.. talk as often as needed after appt.. 2\ (for denials)

i’m onboard.. but not ready to oversell.. because tele med wouldn’t let me connect physically w patient.. then i met john..

they were afraid of the likelihood of traditional med.. that i might not tell them what they needed to know over tele med

tele med was a brilliant vehicle thru which i could communicate in addition to everything else.. they wanted the whole me..  i was the limitation in tele med

physician burnout.. 1\ increase in physician suicide 2\ decrease in patient safety

‘it is the story shared by my patients that stokes my passtion’

physician vs patient centered.. i don’t know when that dichotomy happened.. it is one journey.. tele med.. took me from institution med back to patient.. t

the way to take better care of my patients is to see them less but connect with them more.. that is saving me as well.. t

cory pesaturo @CoryPez (ri accordian player)

day 2


if we just got that right.. that simple thing.. of paying attention.. a whole lot of things would change..t

session 1:

first session livestream on  youtube []

darden smith @DardenSmith & mary judd (SongwritingWith:Soldiers program w darden)

mark brand @eastvanbrand – (greasy spoon tour)

1:03 (on opening fist by force rather than asking): we are wired to be violent.. this categorization of other..

nah.. perhaps whales in sea world tend to violence .. but humans are not wired to be violent

there is no other anymore.. it’s us.. and if we don’t us.. we’re screwed..

us/them ness

if the community is unwell.. we’re all unwell.. period..t

burke freedom law

1:10 – poverty is an act of violence.. and avg of 3-5 times more money to the taxpayer to keep someone homeless than to house them.. that’s an act of violence.. t

1:12 – cost of ending homelessness (across america).. would be same as (each for one yr): subsidies for oil industry; amt americans spend on xmas decorations/flowers; 1/3 of nuclear weapons spending; 1/4 of capital gains tax cuts.. .but we do this instead (ie: homeless on streets) and just get mad and point fingers

if we believe that all the things that are leading to our mental illness are intrinsically connected.. which they are.. ie: painfully lonely.. so how do we get together..

ie: 2 convers as infra everyday..

ivelyse andino @Ivelyse (founder and CEO of Radical Health)

1:24 – at white house et al – why do i have to keep defending myself

1:32 – defining what health means for us – in indigenous circles

1:35 – on black women and inferior care

1:39 – join me in challenging the existing systems.. to make sure that all of our voices are heard..t

huge & we keep missing it.. quiet enough to hear/see every-one.. begs a mech to listen to every voice everyday.. ie: tech as it could be.. let’s go that radical

richie etwaru @RichieEtwaru – my data my property – 31st human right

doctorow property law et al

rights et al

1:43 – i live in the future.. i’m controversial.. i create high resolution contrast in many people’s minds.. but i come from the past.. it is history i use to figure out the future

eagle and condor ness

1:56 – first resource was land.. then labor.. for 100 yrs it was considered blasphemy that a person would be paid for their labor.. then thoughts.. then data.. with labor and thoughts.. problem not growing exponentially.. ie: people not enslaved exponentially.. but issue around data is growing expo expo..

price of data is only one thing.. mass manipulation is another..t

perhaps it’s time to clean the slate and focus on different data (easy to do since we’re in the expo realm already).. ie: self-talk as data

2:01 – what’s at risk w data if we don’t have control over it..t

perhaps we let go of control.. focus instead on listening ie: 2 conversations as infra

data reps the first real sense where species could be mass manipulated.. ie: can predict

predictable ness is an issue of whales in sea world

2:02 – if we don’t get control of our data.. we’re looking at mass manipulation..t

we’ve already been mass manipulated.. ie: most people are other people ..

rather.. if we don’t change our data (no more data from whales in sea world).. we’re just spinning our wheels..

we’ve all signed 100s of contracts to give orgs permission.. what i’m doing is working w orgs to free people 1 contract at a time.. also working top down.. don’t have time for just bottom up.. contracts live in a hierarchy.. 1\ 10 commandments 2\ human rights.. the top down *we need is to create another human right.. 31st human right: everyone has right to legal ownership of inherent human data as their property..t

rights, property/ownership, contracts, .. all cancerous/distractions..  let go

imagine a means to make them all irrelevant.. we do have time for that.. leaping takes the least time..

aithan shapira @aithanshapira – mit sloan and hatch – Changing the way we see and hear to change the way things get done

2:09 – i think our ability to change is in crisis.. and it’s urgent and unavoidable.. it’s the bigger problem that we have.. so i’m committing to supporting 1 b people in next 10 yrs.. to increase their ability to change.. and if anybody here is working on anything like it.. i need your help..t

let’s talk man

let’s try tech as it could be…. listening to every voice.. everyday

2:19 – creative process is an oxymoron.. there’s conditions.. but no process if creative

2:20 – i disappeared for 3 yrs.. i got a perspective on my perspective.. holding things from subject to object allows me to change

i did for 5 least

2:25 – life preservers..  i’m holding onto these things i think are going to save me.. and they are the things that are holding me down

art like ai weiwei

2:28 – i was trying to not do executainment..(rather bring orchestra in).. i was interested in simulating something that would take you outside of your everyday.. so you can look back.. get a perspective on your perspective..

2:29 – trying to shift way the related with each other.. think the way artists think.. so we can see ourselves in a diff way

2:31 – it’s not about loud/quiet/expertise.. but about listening

we are made to change.. we’re born changing.. it’s trainable.. we can shift it

actually .. if we don’t change.. we die.. this is why most of us are other people.. aka: not alive

session 2:

session two livestream on youtube []

alexander tsiaras @theVisualMD

from art.. to darpa and code to do virtual work on astronauts to diabetes..

14 min – people have tremendous deniability.. it’s always a proxy story.. it’s not you

on finding people having a hard time telling good stories.. so coded a way to turn data into story.. converting you into a story that understands your lab report and drugs.. converting all data.. and making it beautiful and in detail

18 min – a lot of orgs have great content just can’t find it..  so coded so that everyone got video story answering any question

24 min – new standard of data.. clinical coupled w behavioral over time.. clinical trillion dollar industry.. behavioral billion dollar industry.. industry made only to manage a sickness .. so need to bring them together.. and look at them over time

29 min – you should have a health portfolio on line.. you own data/story

dang.. missing the health part.. the well being part.. focusing on wrong data

quentin robinson – (breaking down barriers thru dance)

samantha ramirez-herrera – (Storytelling is the heartbeat of her company, (OTR), )

my parents love language was sacrifice

1:10 – i became addicted to proving people wrong

1:11 – being undocumented meant i had to keep this secret from everyone

1:12 – i felt american.. but i was still invisible

1:14 – i don’t know what yet.. but i know my life is for more than what you think

1:16 – well being to me means being able to explore your potential

doesn’t matter what side of immigration you stand on.. you should stand on the side of humanity

nationality: human

josh goldberg

from Josh was named the Executive Director of the Boulder Crest Institute (vermont) for Posttraumatic Growth in January 2018. In this role, Josh is responsible for leading the development and delivery of training, technology, research and evaluation, and social and policy changes solutions based on the science of Posttraumatic Growth.

philip sheppard @PhilipSheppard – cellist

2:20 – art is the unlocked mystery.. music is free.. and it’s hardwired into us..t

indeed.. let’s get focused.. let go of irrelevants. . by tapping into that which is already in us.. ie: maté basic needs


bif – Saul Kaplan