session 1:

Bill Taylor @williamctaylor (can’t find on livestream capture)

Andrew Hessel @AndrewHessel

only 100 in room and no one gives shit about yeast.. only.. to synthesize the human genome

The human genome is the complete set of nucleic acid sequence for humans (Homo sapiens), encoded as DNA within the 23 chromosome pairs in cell nuclei and in a small DNA molecule found within individual mitochondria. Human genomes include both protein-coding DNA genes and noncoding DNA.

if you can write cells you can write virtually any cell..

dna ness rna ness

i know that anything we write.. we become the parents of.. whole new way of looking at engineering.

it’s going to change the world.. so try to take it to a place you want the world to be..

Dava Newman @DavaExplorer

Irwin Kula @irwinkula

session 2:

Darden Smith @DardenSmith

Richard K. Miller @olincollege
Coss Marte @cossmarte

ValaAfshar : “You can’t liv in Israel without being an optimist.” — Peter Lavie…)


@CossMarte Time is jail helped him realize that Ethics is a systems thing. #BIF2016


.@CossMarte reminds us that #incarceration is a social determinant of health for those inside / outside the walls. #BIF2016

Celine Schillinger @CelineSchill

i see destructive nature of work.. not just a personal experience.. it’s the natural consequence of a systemic flaw

another way of working is possible..

session 3:

Liza Donnelly @lizadonnelly

Penny Baldwin @pennyrbaldwin
Shaun Modi @shaunmodi

education – alt school in sf.. starting from ground up pedagogy.. ie: how drop off works.. how grade book works..

whoa.. and dang.

Roberto Rivera @GL_EDUTAINMENT

my grandfather learned how to use that pain.. into propane.. not just a life of success.. but significance

i would never live up to success defined by media.. but i could redefine it

i didn’t know what my remix was… my friend – you’re a hussler.. why don’t you hussle something legit..

what started out as workshops.. turned into concerts..

i wasn’t learned disabled.. i just learned differently..

id via spark of passion.. a beloved community..

formed not from eradication of difference.. but by its affirmation – bell hooks

getting paid for what you love

by sampling/remixing and allowing for authentic voice..

from dope dealer to hope dealer..

another world is possible..

a nother way

session 4:

Dave Gray @davegray

basically comes down to … how you listen 

rev of everyday life ness

only one place you can actually create change.. in the moment. and most of the time we’re not there..

if happy.. fine. if not.. shut off auto pilot. that’s enough. have to pay attention

you don’t have to know what you’re going to do.. just do something different..

we have this dance that we’re in.. on auto pilot.. also all people around us.. the way they react ..depends on our part in the dance.

throw off the whole dance.

systemic every day. as the day.

we don’t disrupt ourselves very often..

Amy Whitaker @theamywhit

he was in business of saving lives.. she was in business of making lives worth saving.. (being able to write/complete sentences)

? love her.. but this..?

what it is to deal w/o a template.. w/o someone else’s structure..

on not even being one person..

never just me.. ness

spaces of exploration.. the spaces inbetween.. not going from pt a to pt b but inventing pt b

perishing not from lack of wonders.. but from lack of wonder

John Hagel @jhagel
Matt Cottam @cottam

on legalities fearing us.. preconceptions.. and amazing reality we walk into.. designing for a positive future..


bif Saul Kaplan