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intro’d to Irwin via bif 9 livestream

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@irwinkula we have to make love and empathy the source of all our design #bif9

In the dearness of the vanishing moment, it is amazing what we can become.” Rabbi @irwinkula, on last notes from 9/11 victims. #BIF9

@irwinkula hiding in our labels.. #bif9

@irwinkula can we turn virtual reality into virtuous reality #bif9

@irwinkula what is it that makes us vulnerable/secure #bif9

@irwinkula a flexible inner spirit #bif9

@irwinkula if we don’t compress the time and space it takes to create good people.. #bif9

@irwinkula how do we dis-aggregate wisdom and practices from proprietary ownership #bif9

@irwinkula i’m a disruptive religious innovator. that’s what we need. what are the jobs to get done. #bif9

@irwinkula thank you @skap5 for having conversations with some rabbi #bif9

@irwinkula everybody is amazing. we are living in a maze of grace. #bif9

@irwinkula turns out – innovations are decentralized so that they can exponentiate #bif9

@irwinkula use tools for moral enhancement as well #bif9

@irwinkula religious leadership is over, except to be in the conversation now #bif9

@irwinkula saying yes to @rswurman was a life changing experience #bif9

@irwinkula the sacred was happening in a different place #bif9

@irwinkula i’m the only one w/a title and i think that’s one of the problems w/religion today #bif9



human beings – the only species that go to conferences. after i lost 2 friends in 9 11 – i was convicted – we need less groupiness. gratitude/hope/a-sense-of-belonging. if you can connect the tree of knowledge with the tree of life – it’s not a fall for you.

not one of the messages that people left – who died in 9 11 – was angry.

For the first time in history, sept 11th gave us recordings of people’s last words. Not one voice was angry.

love really can




via convo w saul

Nothing inspires like catching up with my friend and #BIF2019 storyteller @irwinkula. What if we could unbundle spirituality from organized religion and personalize it to accelerate human flourishing and wellbeing?

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tech as it could be.. ie: 2 convers as infra – ‘love really can swallow up hate’ – @irwinkula


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