day 1

intro saul: we don’t need to tweak systems (health, ed).. need to transform them..

maybe need to disengage from them

too many in this world are settling for tweaks.. we’re modeling behavior that will enable transformation

update/thinking: [i think all our part\ial initiatives/efforts are keeping us from the sync we need for global freedom/equity .. i think we keep getting distracted/disjointed by irrelevants (money/measuring/et-al) necessary to maintain/incentivize the partial ness.. and if i’m wrong.. thankfully.. there are plenty of amazing people/initiatives/efforts going that route]


day 1

session 1:

rita j king @RitaJKing

i’m here to advocate for taking a breath.. we need to slow down.. for the sake of thinking.. using our imaginations…

at science house.. working at the intersection of humanity and tech.. an strange intersection to be at at this point in human history..t

mufleh humanity law: we have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity – Luma Mufleh

tech as it could be..

on expecting to leap from industrial to intelligence era.. but it requires a lot of training..t

perhaps intelligence isn’t our (humanity’s) thing/focus.. let’s leap to curiosity (and/or imagination) where there’s no need for training/prep.. et al

in intelligence era it’s not so easy to understand things we’re creating.. ie: data, insights from data, algos, machine learning, ai, i prefer applied imagination..t

i’m thinking augmenting interconnectedness..

perhaps we go w self-talk as data

i invented transition from industrial to intelligence era.. i call it the imagination age

try to assess and re prioritize.. requires huge amt of energy.. and our brains are kind of lazy.. they want to save energy.. so have to work extra hard to thrive in this period.. we have to work harder.. but can’t work faster.. the only option we have not is to get smarter.. and we can only do that together.. we need to learn to collab differently..t

what we need most is the energy of 7bn alive people.. that comes from curiosity (imagination)

main skill in imagination age is applied imagination.. 2 extremes – fantasizers to followers.. inbetween we have a slider.. and that slider is imagination.. how do you come up w ideas.. how do you know if you’re coming up w right questions..

how do you know what to focus on.. i find myself focusing more on architecture.. software architects are really helping me understand architecture.. (seeing invisible foundations)

imagine 2 convers.. as infra

architecture has to do w everything we do

architecture of meetings.. we put politics before purpose

or maybe we disengage from meetings.. and/or.. see purpose as meeting up about daily curiosity

come at it from the most elegant angle.. (soul cello).. to free the sound.. as we collab w our own creations.. we could approach it in a robotic way.. but other times we ourselves become omni directional machines.. body becomes series of springs..

rowson mechanical law

andrew hessel  @andrewhessel

hooked on all things bio since i was a kid

cell bio (bacteria, human cells).. printers that 3d printers aspire to be

cells are carbon based computers and printers.. that’s really all you need to know about biology

a genome is basically the cellular operating system.. instruction set for running a cell

human genome project launched in 1990

the big change: the world of bio has been digitizing

vint cerf and craig venter (first person sequenced) meeting.. was merging of bio and tech

bio chip can read dna.. as molecules go thru pores.. can buy them today

now sequencing is a self sustaining econ reaction – money put in meets value output

2nd gen market place for dna.. not top down.. don’t keep your data.. you own it.. built on blockchain

you are your genome.. don’t get to change that.. but i expect in 20 yrs.. digital version of you sophisticated enough to do drug testing


we’ll be able to sequence everything.. animal..microbe.. all this sequenced data opens up library of life and gives us the knowledge to start programming..

new project.. not reading .. but writing the human genome..  a bottom up genome project from congress .. 100s of mns of dollars put into this lab.. if you’re interested at all in programming bio.. connect w this group.. i expect we’ll be able to write human scale genomes in 10 yrs.. for very low cost


i’m a virus geek.. viruses are usb sticks for cells

livestream glitching.. bike break

john kao @johnkao

yolanda wisher @yolandawisher

session 2:

darden smith @DardenSmith

ben siegel @BenLLS

vika viktoria @hellovickirox

quentin robinson @IAmSpecialFX

session 3:

nneka tapia @NnekaTapia

david ollila @100K_ideas

stephanie alvarez ewens @StephEwens

sam seidel @husslington

session 4:

kare anderson @KareAnderson

james anderson @AntiRecidivism

emily levy @LiveMightyWell

prince charles alexander @palexander

day 2

session 1:

kimberly cy motely @KimMotleysLaw

perry raso @MatunuckOyster

alexis hope @alexishope

sheryl winarick @swinarick

session 2:

dave gray @davegray

saul said to us – this is not about you.. so i’m going to make this about (all of) you

when did you first have that feeling outside family that you found your tribe.. that you belong

belonging revolution

why was it that that gave you that feeling of belonging.. for me.. it was that it was my tribe (art class) – artists start w nothing and create something

people who care about each other – and take care of each other.. but don’t tell each other what to do.. have an agreement.. to steal from each other.. anything was collectively owned


something beautiful that doesn’t require anyone to do what they don’t want to do.. no one having to order anyone around..t

gershenfeld something else law

how do you find your tribe.. t

finding your tribe..

7bn could be doing it everyday.. today .. via 2 convers as infra

ie: tech as it could be..

that’s the kind of magic i want to see in the world.. you find your mentor

you can’t start building your tribe/network the day you need it

h&g is what we’ve always done – somewhere we got this idea that we need to create jobs for people

h g ness

work – as for other people

new tribe – school of possible – possibiltarian tribe – people helping people

school of possible 

make up of human body similar to sea water – so w school.. doesn’t need a building.. 1\ have to believe anything is possible 2\ have to test your ideas.. those membranes area enough to keep out all the negativity/toxicity

saul has agreed to be on the advisory board

ken falke @KenStruggleWell

aj paron-wildes @AJParonWildes

royce mann @TheRoyceMann

session 3:

julian saporiti & erin aoyama @NoNoBoyMusic

sophia pink

lucy buck @childsi

i thought the best thing to do was build the best orphanage..

but i didn’t know about attachment – building foundations in their brains.. that whatever happens .. you’ve got their back


we needed to set up a transitional center to prove we could shut it down

80% of children in orphanages have families.. they’re not orphans.. families are giving them up so they have better lives..

we found the families of these children

we need to repurpose orphanages.. to a service that can support children in families

we need to re imagine

help by not volunteering/supporting.. that creates more orphanages

help by listening to children.. they don’t want shiny buildings.. what they want is love and belonging

sarah pierson beaulieu @sarahbeaulieu

session 4:

amal kassir @AmalKassir

marcel botha @marcelbotha

holley m murchison @HolleyMurchison

mark brand @eastvanbrand


as it could be..

2 convers.. as infra

ie: hlb via 2 convers that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way

the energy of 7bn alive people

undisturbed ecosystem

in the city.. as the day..

gershenfeld something else law