day 1:

@skap5 kicking off #BIF2015! “Two days of inspiration + vulnerability” SO. IN. @ Trinity Repertory… Quote from Buckminster Fuller

Session 1
Michael Samuelson @mhsamuelson

We’ve got the science of life down pretty well, it’s the art of living that remains a challenge. #BIF2015 storyteller@mhsamuelson

Robin Chase @rmchase
Joshua Davis @JoshuaDavisNow

on data entry clerk – if wrong – computer beeps – suggests computer already knows @JoshuaDavisNow #bif2015st as data ness

on the mind expanding ness of his life episodes – @JoshuaDavisNow #bif2015whimsy ness

4th in states to 17th in world (never winning) to journalist in iraq – @JoshuaDavisNow #bif2015credential ness

Steven Keating @stevenkeating

we like to capture/use/share data – could selfies save us – @stevenkeating #bif2015st as data ness

selfies can be physical things et al – huge power in making (self) data available – @stevenkeating #bif2015st as data ness

on curiosity as engine (energy/input) – @stevenkeating #bif2015 – tech can now facilitate that. for all of us. as the day.

on over 100 gb of data and the process of getting it – why so many barriers to that – @stevenkeating #bif2015 – on B ness

i gave them a part of my brain – how come i can’t even see my own sequence – @stevenkeating #bif2015 – on B ness – cc @jackandraka

on patients (people) as partners in their own care & on support being most important medicine – @stevenkeating #bif2015 – cc @zenhospice

perspective is everything.. share w/world, could save life one day -open data.. world is beautifully curious – @stevenkeating #bif2015

Session 2
Larry Rosenstock @hightechhigh

kids like/follow noise – @hightechhigh #bif2015curiosity

couldn’t do the math but could drop the ordinance in a bucket – maybe my view on intelligence is too narrow – @hightechhigh #bif2015

overemphasis on question of stability. (basics) came from committee of 10 in 1896. lot of other ways. – @hightechhigh #bif2015as the day.

we shouldn’t be mis predicting who can & who can’t. 2 kinds of people: those who think there are 2 kinds of people & those who don’t- @hightechhigh #bif2015

Catherine Hoke @DefyVentures

if you are white/rich you can often talk yourself out of many things.. – @DefyVentures#bif2015

we are all ex somethings – @DefyVentures#bif2015

on 2nd chances to infinitum – equity (everyone getting a go everyday)

what if we harnessed it (human energy) – @DefyVentures#bif2015energy ness

on being covered in the thickest wall of shame. and on grace. @Catherine_Hoke#bif2015

on overcoming permanent stigmas.. ie: grace. – @Catherine_Hoke@DefyVentures#bif2015none of us if one of us ness… i know you ness

conbody:…#bif2015 cc @PhoenixMS@conbodynyc

Dennis Whittle @DennisWhittle

on my bio making me happy -how good it reads. my life is not my resume. @DennisWhittle #bif2015 on life as rumble ness – cc @BreneBrown

life as prep. as the day.… Jaime Casap @jcasap Apparently the best way to do a talk at #bif2015 is to do a talk about preparing for the talk…

“There is always a better way to do anything if you design the right experiment to find it” @denniswhittle #bif2015

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Jeff Sparr @JeffSparr

it all looks good on the outside.. – @JeffSparr@PeaceLoveRI#bif2015st as data ness

on the only thing i was probably qualified to do – tell my story – @JeffSparr@peacelover#bif2015 – st as data ness

on rethinking/reimagining the dialogue of mental health – @JeffSparr@peacelover#bif2015

bj miller – deeper still.. reimagining the infrastructure.. of us… deep enough

i’ve been doing this long enough – i can see it in people’s eyes. – @JeffSparr@peacelover#bif2015

little prince ness

– –

Session 3
Sophie Houser @TamponRunner

on being conditioned to be ashamed of periods.. being a much deeper issue. – Sophie Houser @TamponRunner #bif2015

i had it all wrong.. all i needed was a conditional and a few variables.. Sophie Houser @TamponRunner #bif2015

on the strange ness of guns/violence being ok.. but not tampons.. video game design.. -Sophie Houser @TamponRunner #bif2015

greater than all the press/opportunities has been the feedback.. ie: made me feel more comfortable – Sophie Houser @TamponRunner #bif2015

i learned: have courage to speak up even when unconventional; power of tech to create social change – Sophie Houser @TamponRunner #bif2015

Gail Sheehy @Gail_Sheehy..?

Barnaby Evans @BarnabyEvans

it’s almost like it’s art or something – @BarnabyEvans#bif2015do this first ness: free art ists

waterfire is about the fragility of life. as fires grow dim see diversity in people’s faces. inclusion. grace. – @BarnabyEvans #bif2015

water/life & fire/death: impinging on all 6 of senses – 6 balance. art bringing us together for convo of change. – @BarnabyEvans #bif2015

life is about life & death. showing funerals at waterfire – @BarnabyEvans #bif2015 – as flower petals over the body – cc @zenhospice

Chris Emdin @chrisemdin

on the key of life (s wonder): looking deep inside. you are the only expert of you. – @chrisemdin #bif2015st talk as data ness

there’s something about me remembering experience & operating on that in the key of life – in the now – @chrisemdin #bif2015

extract out pieces of yourself – via inner visions – @chrisemdin #bif2015st talk as data ness

all those moments combine.. to create a space – @chrisemdin #bif2015eudaimoniative surplus ness

reliving neg experiences in a positive way via inner visions – @chrisemdin #bif2015st talk as data ness

on being expert at own experience. the minute you take time out. to reflect. that’s when. – @chrisemdin #bif2015st talk as data ness. as the day.

Carla Dirlikov @cdirlikov


duende – that mysterious power that everyone feels but no one can explain – @cdirlikov… – having soul

on globalization & chameleonism & finding voice. some things can’t be translated. so art. – @cdirlikov #bif2015idiosyncratic ness

on researching emotion. offering us a reflection of who we are. what it means to be human. catharsis. – @cdirlikov #bif2015st talk as data ness

we are all mutts of some sort. in search of duende. how is your soul. – @cdirlikov #bif2015eudaimoniative surplus as energy

Session 4
Rick Benjamin

on sounding smart & being enlightened in your own thinking not being the same – Rick Benjamin #bif2015st talk as data ness

the itinerary belonged to me. i started to learn. -Rick Benjamin #bif2015as the day ness

what was going to serve me from that moment on was the life of the imagination and not the life of the intellect – Rick Benjamin #bif2015

on thinking – nothing exists but in the same manner as it is perceived – Rick Benjamin #bif2015

when everything became sentient.. i started to walk differently. – Rick Benjamin #bif2015

in an effort to look into each others eyes more.. and to appease the mutes – J Mcdaniel – Rick Benjamin

on getting into progressively smaller boxes. trying to find where the room is. the edge of your own thinking. – Rick Benjamin #bif2015

The Edge of Eden — Charlie Eden Documentary #bif2015

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Kimberly Kleiman-Lee @KKLCurator
Tanisha Robinson @tanisharobinson

on ultra minority ism – can’ t fill out the box anymore – @skap5 @tanisharobinson #bif2015

on aol chat rooms being a place to find people like me. people convening in tribes that never could before. – @tanisharobinson #bif2015

it’s too hard to keep track.. i’ve decided to be myself all the time. – @tanisharobinson #bif2015

being myself is a great filter. – @tanisharobinson #bif2015

a t shirt is a really interesting thing. moving thru the world w a message on your body. – @tanisharobinson #bif2015

What if the real world functioned more like the Internet, where we can easily find places we belong? @tanisharobinson #BIF2015

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Matthew Zachary @StupidCancerCEO

as @StupidCancerCEO plays.. thinking of @JRhodesPianist on piano:… #bif2015

i went mis diagnosed for an entire semester – Matthew Zachary @StupidCancerCEO #bif2015 cc @jackandraka

you have to have a sense of your own body.. who you want to me in your mind. – Matthew Zachary @StupidCancerCEO #bif2015st talk as data ness

my chemo story as emblematic: on trying to save your life while taking it. – Matthew Zachary @StupidCancerCEO #bif2015 cc @zenhospice

on (when i went ahead & played) giving me permission to own what happened to me -Matthew Zachary @StupidCancerCEO #bif2015 -cc @zenhospice

all i wanted was to have a community that i didn’t have. how do we ensure the next me has it. -Matthew Zachary @StupidCancerCEO #bif2015

do what needs to be done. – Matthew Zachary @StupidCancerCEO #bif2015

on revolutionizing the idea: you are not alone. – Matthew Zachary @StupidCancerCEO #bif2015

on the first song i wrote that had nothing to do w/cancer. such a freeing moment. – Matthew Zachary @StupidCancerCEO

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day 2

on unpackaging/vulnerability. i’m a sucker for a meta story.. the story about the story. – @skap5 #bif2015 – rumble ness cc @BreneBrown

Session 1
Dani Shay @danishay

how will people think of you if they don’t know how. lines are blurred. who decides it. – @danishay #bif2015

how many times do i have to hear.. hold your head up dear. – @danishay #bif2015

i’m giving you everything that you’re supposed to want – @danishay #bif2015

playing one of her songs for audience off her phone. @danishay #bif2015

dance on common ground. connected by the sound. all about love. – @danishay

“My gift is my defense but my heart is why I’m hear.” @danishay #BIF2015
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Barry Svigals @BSvigals

in 24 hrs.. we’re a family. the magic of that. something i’m interested in. – Barry Svigals @BSvigals #bif2015one ness

on all of us being welcomed into the home in our heart. – @BSvigals #bif2015a&a invited to exist ness

on knowing you know nothing.. an incredible gift/space. Barry Svigals @BSvigals #bif2015

they had never been asked.. what they wanted. – Barry Svigals @BSvigals #bif2015

we don’t listen. we have to practice this. Barry Svigals @BSvigals #bif2015

we knew we didn’t know what was needed. on developing a process where that need could emerge. – Barry Svigals @BSvigals #bif2015

on a process that includes.. (all) the people. – Barry Svigals @BSvigals #bif2015none of us if one of us ness

Carlos Moreno @carlos_moreno06

on the energy. human be ings. – @Carlos_Moreno06 @bigpiclearning #bif2015energy ness

on how the sameness we compulsorize in the name of equality.. is creating inequality. – @Carlos_Moreno06 @bigpiclearning #bif2015

Alexander Osterwalder @AlexOsterwalde

things can be different. we can change things. – @AlexOsterwalder #bif2015a nother way

on 7/10 not engaged.. so how to design culture to engage them.. how we behave that lead to certain outcomes..  from profit….. to change world

so fractal ish of Ed.. wanting to change w/in.. engage w/in.. rather than question… what are we doing there… ie: at work..

putting tools out to have a convo – so that we can ask everyone – how can we change this..

Ed – how can we change … this…. rather than … rev of everyday life.. a nother way

Session 2
Marc Goodman @FutureCrimes

on the clever/expo ness of criminals. & a nother way: open. our backup plan: all of us. – Marc Goodman @FutureCrimes #bif2015

John Abele

i’m a non-linear thinker. curious about everything. – John Abele w/ @skap5 #bif20151 yr to be 5 ness

i didn’t see it first. i just watch others. – John Abele w/ @skap5 #bif2015

do you make the bp first..? no. you just head north. – John Abele w/ @skap5

fractal of us drowning in our efficiencies. begging for a nother way. question everything.…

“The patient died but the surgery was successful” this approach couldn’t continue- John Abele at #BIF2015

start out with why you’re doing what you’re doing – @simonsinek – John Abele w/ @skap5 #bif2015st as data ness

Julius Searight @FoodforGood

take the journey. anything is possible. – Julius Searight @foodforgood #bif2015

Andrew McLean @StraightChuter

Are we really going to just let “he ate his dogs” slip by? #bif2015

Session 3
Curt Columbus @trinityrep
Matthew Mason @MattMason
Basit Chaudhry @BasitMD

on black box algo’s. w/in black box not a lot of room. do we want better math/tech or betterness. – Basit Chaudhry @BasitMD #bif2015

given the wonders/data around us – is that the best we can do – Basit Chaudhry @BasitMD #bif2015st as data ness

how do we use data to tell the story we do feel is relevant.. – Basit Chaudhry @BasitMD #bif2015st as data ness

we know how to do the math but it’s the imagination where we need the help – Basit Chaudhry @BasitMD #bif2015do this 1st: free art ists

James Siegal @JamesSiegal

what’s happening on our watch: no play is suffocating/killing us – @JamesSiegal #bif2015

pressures: not enough time in the day – @JamesSiegal #bif2015as the day ness for all of us

time for cities to embrace playability. – @JamesSiegal #bif2015in the city. as the day. all of us.

Session 4
Simon Majumdar @SimonMajumdar
Michelle Dennedy @mdennedy

time to serve humanity. past due. beyond the said so’s. – Michelle Dennedy @mdennedy #bif2015st as data ness

Alex Tapscott @alextapscott

on blockchain – @alextapscott #bif2015 – great improvements on lightening our B.. can we go deeper.. make B irrelevant

Jaime Casap @jcasap

my 1 yr old solves problems all day long – @jcasap #bif20151 yr to be 5 ness

future – no data center. no classroom. if we iterate enough. – @jcasap #bif2015rev of everyday life ness