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have followed behance – thinking/modeling for some time – thanks to Anya.

Al got to meet up with Scott – via a conference in san fran. said he was very Fried-ish. cutting through the stuff that is keeping us from us.

so jumping into:

making ideas happen

book links to amazon – published in 2010


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Scott Belsky …an American entrepreneur and best-selling author, best known for co-creating the online portfolio platform for creative professionals to showcase and discover work, Behance, Inc.

Behance is an online portfolio platform for creative professionals across multiple industries, including photography, graphic design, illustration and fashion.

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Scott Belsky believes that the greatest breakthroughs across all industries are a result of creative people and teams that are especially productive. As such, Scott has committed his professional life to help organize creative individuals, teams, and networks.

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notes on book via kindle:

making ideas happen notes on kindle

what if a major constraint is in giving in to pi-ness..

The more constraints one imposes, the more one frees oneself of the claims that shackle the spirit

already got me deep thinking about constraints – and the pi-ness constraint as a means to optimal aliveness

What this means is that, regardless of your industry, your professional life is becoming more nomadic, digital, and flexible.

fresh ideas have the potential to take us off course; they are seldom economical (at first) and introduce tremendous risk to a finely tuned system.


99U is a content based website, consulting service, and annual conference in New York City, that focus on best practices for pushing ideas forward. The name 99U comes from the Thomas Edison quote that “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.” In 2011, 99U won a Webby Award for “Best Cultural Blog.”



idea sharing sites



5 Forecasts For The (Less-Forseeable) Future…

(1) Social media will become a passive.

The concept of actively “posting” or “sharing” will be frowned upon and entirely replaced by a passive stream of your life’s experiences, whereabouts, and media consumption. Imagine a 24 hour channel of you that is authentic, aways live (or automatically programmed), and always accessible to your friends (or if you’re born in the age of transparency (post year 2000), accessible to anyone).

ie: hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data – that io dance..

for security/safety et al.. begs.. everyone plays.. everyone has something else to do..


The objectivity of algorithms over the subjectivity of human tendencies may cause us to “trust” algorithms more.

or perhaps we are putting algo’s in their place.. ie: trusting algo for number crunching.. not trusting it for ethics..

(2) Our (augmented) reality will be a land grab, and always be under attack from brands.

unless we decide to disengage from money as os

(3) Interfaces will compete with the technology underneath.

The biggest implication of the emerging interface layer is ruthless competition to be the default. …To survive, the providers will focus more on optimizing the cost-efficiency of their services rather than spending money building their brand and relationships with customers.

unless not..

unless we decide to disengage from competition

(4) Autonomous vehicles in cities will become a public utility.

ok whatever.. our days will be completely diff .. and we’ll figure it out

(5) We will transcend “tragedy of the commons” with technology that aligns self-interests with community benefits


Through increased transparency, networks, and artificial intelligence, technology will enable us to collectively regulate and align our interests. Implications?

i’d say none of those you list.. if we simply go for.. gershenfeld something else to do law.. serious..  take a look.. take a serious look..



we need the world’s best merchandising minds to help reverse the 21st century’s tendency for fiction to spread more quickly than facts.

merchandising minds..? isn’t that what got us here..?

a nother way

the cause of a problem tends to be part of the most likely solution, but hope there are others

i’m thinking.. disengaging from money (any measuring of transactions) as os

@nalin real-time ai is certainly part of the solution

hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data.. as the day.. [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]