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have followed behance – thinking/modeling for some time – thanks to Anya.

Al got to meet up with Scott – via a conference in san fran. said he was very Fried-ish. cutting through the stuff that is keeping us from us.

so jumping into:

making ideas happen

book links to amazon – published in 2010


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Scott Belsky …an American entrepreneur and best-selling author, best known for co-creating the online portfolio platform for creative professionals to showcase and discover work, Behance, Inc.

Behance is an online portfolio platform for creative professionals across multiple industries, including photography, graphic design, illustration and fashion.

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Scott Belsky believes that the greatest breakthroughs across all industries are a result of creative people and teams that are especially productive. As such, Scott has committed his professional life to help organize creative individuals, teams, and networks.

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behance site


notes on book via kindle:

making ideas happen notes on kindle

what if a major constraint is in giving in to pi-ness..

The more constraints one imposes, the more one frees oneself of the claims that shackle the spirit

already got me deep thinking about constraints – and the pi-ness constraint as a means to optimal aliveness

What this means is that, regardless of your industry, your professional life is becoming more nomadic, digital, and flexible.

fresh ideas have the potential to take us off course; they are seldom economical (at first) and introduce tremendous risk to a finely tuned system.


99U is a content based website, consulting service, and annual conference in New York City, that focus on best practices for pushing ideas forward. The name 99U comes from the Thomas Edison quote that “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.” In 2011, 99U won a Webby Award for “Best Cultural Blog.”



idea sharing sites



5 Forecasts For The (Less-Forseeable) Future…

(1) Social media will become a passive.

The concept of actively “posting” or “sharing” will be frowned upon and entirely replaced by a passive stream of your life’s experiences, whereabouts, and media consumption. Imagine a 24 hour channel of you that is authentic, aways live (or automatically programmed), and always accessible to your friends (or if you’re born in the age of transparency (post year 2000), accessible to anyone).

ie: hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data – that io dance..

for security/safety et al.. begs.. everyone plays.. everyone has something else to do..


The objectivity of algorithms over the subjectivity of human tendencies may cause us to “trust” algorithms more.

or perhaps we are putting algo’s in their place.. ie: trusting algo for number crunching.. not trusting it for ethics..

(2) Our (augmented) reality will be a land grab, and always be under attack from brands.

unless we decide to disengage from money as os

(3) Interfaces will compete with the technology underneath.

The biggest implication of the emerging interface layer is ruthless competition to be the default. …To survive, the providers will focus more on optimizing the cost-efficiency of their services rather than spending money building their brand and relationships with customers.

unless not..

unless we decide to disengage from competition

(4) Autonomous vehicles in cities will become a public utility.

ok whatever.. our days will be completely diff .. and we’ll figure it out

(5) We will transcend “tragedy of the commons” with technology that aligns self-interests with community benefits


Through increased transparency, networks, and artificial intelligence, technology will enable us to collectively regulate and align our interests. Implications?

i’d say none of those you list.. if we simply go for.. gershenfeld something else to do law.. serious..  take a look.. take a serious look..



we need the world’s best merchandising minds to help reverse the 21st century’s tendency for fiction to spread more quickly than facts.

merchandising minds..? isn’t that what got us here..?

a nother way

the cause of a problem tends to be part of the most likely solution, but hope there are others

i’m thinking.. disengaging from money (any measuring of transactions) as os

@nalin real-time ai is certainly part of the solution

hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data.. as the day.. [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]


Scott Belsky (@scottbelsky) tweeted at 7:03 AM – 23 Aug 2018 :
the scrutinity that follows a success causes too many great imaginative minds to start playing it safe. this increased reputational risk is society’s immune system at work, extinguishing the most likely sources of the next disruptive spark. much respect for those who defy it. (


Scott Belsky (@scottbelsky) tweeted at 6:06 AM – 14 Sep 2018 :
a decision straight from the heart – unfiltered intuition – can run circles around even the greatest strategic minds. (

begs we listen to all the voices first thing .. everyday..

ie: tech as it could be.. via  2 convers.. as infra


book out in oct – the messy middle

Broken into three sections with 100+ lessons, this no-nonsense book will help you:

 Endure the roller coaster of successes and failures by strengthening your resolve, embracing the long-game, and short-circuiting your reward system to get to the finish line.

• Optimize what’s working so you can improve the way you hire, better manage your team, and meet your customers’ needs.

• Finish
 strong and avoid the pitfalls many entrepreneurs make, so you can overcome resistance, exit gracefully, and continue onto you next creative endeavor with ease.


Warlock Rakaul (@WarlockRakaul) tweeted at 1:04 PM – 28 Sep 2018 :
Absolutely worth the listen. I’m on my third listen through; catching different things each time.

1 hour interview/convo w Gary V

5 min – i try to genuinely pursue fascinations – (rather stay focused on one thing.. say no to everything else)..t

imagine the energy from 7bn living their whimsy.. ie: cure ios city

6 min – improv.. always say yes.. never say no.. and go with it

7 min – g: a lot of my mistakes.. taught me how to say no in a world where i want to say yes

17 min – in the middle.. working in ambiguity.. which is a good thing..

g: being underestimated is a great gift.. when you’re in the messy middle.. not hearing other voices is a strength..

gershenfeld something else law

18 min – on short term reward systems.. unplugging from that..  a lot of enduring the middle journey is hacking your reward system.. the best co’s launch w/o press

19 min – stops you from experimenting (when in spotlight)

20 min – g: i loved being underestimated.. i love when nobody knows who i am

21 min – g: on wanting his son to be proud of him.. then into.. i know how anyone can get $1000 a week


22 min – g: the long tail of the internet is grossly underestimated

we need to augmenting interconnectedness.. not get more money to people

23 min – everything everyone is doing is a venture or a replay.. if you’re doing a replay.. book probably not as relevant..  more for those that are volatile.. a lot in here about enduring the lows..  and the highs .. both make us not us

24 min – ironic that in the messy middle.. when things work we ignore them .. so much else going on.. but should be iterating on what works

25 min – why so many people give up in the final mile

28 min – g: i think there is a lot of nuances here (in the book) about parenting

29 min – someone told me other day.. could replace every business word w relationship

30 min – started questions

36 min – what am i most happy doing..? building products for creative people.. working w people i love.. and investing

37 min – now thinking about getting future of creative world.. as well as .. creative tools and how creatives can come together..t

imagine a mech listening to every voice everyday..(self-talk) and using that data to connect people locally.. ie: cure ios city.. augmenting interconnectedness

49 min – g: people don’t understand that we have the advantage from day 1 of being a human and having our individual reality .. and everybody spends all their time trying to take this unique flavor and turn it into vanilla.. i’m watching everybody try to conform to what they think works.. w/o realizing that their nuances is what works..t

what we need most: the energy of 7bn alive people

50 min – i think it’s wild that the more your intuition works for you the more people start to question the volume of your own intuition..t

self-talk as data – sans hoops jumping.. box checking/filling

51 min – g: when you have self-confidence.. true self-esteem.. you will produce unlimited amounts of content.. no longer crippled by the constant feed back loop of likes/comments

eudaimoniative surplus

54 min – different people and diff advice.. that were opposites.. do i pick one side to be consistent..  opposing perspective is how people become great adventurers in the middle.. anyone that says there’s a best route.. any one can have advice

56 min – one question i have lately is around these micro brands .. just to us.. i’m wondering whether we love a brand.. the product or the community.. if community.. and personalization gets us toward isolation

57 min – g: we are deeply in need of each other

58 min – that’s the question.. where will the brands play out..

g: we need a reset (then goes on talking everything in making/losing money et al)..t

yeah.. but not reset the market/money/measure.. reset the humanity

mufleh humanity lawwe have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity – Luma Mufleh

the ai humanity needs.. augmenting interconnectedness

1:00 – the science of business is scaling.. the art of business is the things that don’t scale..  the question is.. how can you keep making that happen

cure ios city via 2 convers as infra


Uncertainty is a chronic condition of creativity, and so much of success boils down to managing it.

Original Tweet:

uncertainty/entropy is a boost to creativity.. ‘managing it’ and our definitions of ‘success’ .. have been the chronic killers

ie: carhart-harris entropy law.. entropy .. uncertainty..  antifragility.. redefining success.. et al


the messy middle notes/quotes:

skimming much of it .. sorry


sometimes a reset is the only way forward..t

maybe this is why i’m skimming so much..  i believe we need a global reset/do-over.. which would make much of what you talk about irrelevant.. just one ie for now: if everyone was doing the thing they can’t not do.. instead of working on other people’s problems (p91) .. much of what you write wouldn’t even happen.. wouldn’t even occur to us..

this isn’t utopian thinking.. we have the means (ie: tech as it could be.. via 2 convers as infra) to get to what we need most: the energy of 7bn alive people.. back/to meadows undisturbed ecosystem


curiosity is the fuel you need to play the long game..t

cure ios city is what we need to get to what the world needs most:  the energy of 7bn alive people


as you assemble your team..look for people w excitement about the idea..t

rather.. let’s build daily local teams/tribes.. via tech as it could be.. ie: 2 convers as infra

inexperienced yet smart people w initiative will almost always exceed your expectations..

actually we should have not expectations.. and yes to the initiative.. which should come from 7bn places.. every morning.. first thing.. let that be our data to facil the day.. ie: self-talk as data


when you become more accustomed to working w people far younger or older than you, come from diff places, speak w diff accents, your mind (and hiring practices – ugh) become more open to the possibilities..

in the city.. as the day..


shed the bad to keep the good.. firing people is extremely difficult

(assuming no firing/hiring/money/measure.. aka: work).. this shedding ness relates to having the bravery to change your mind everyday


your challenge is to develop a healthy rhythm

listen to the rhythm.. a simple message


accommodate the free radicals.. who are the free radicals?

it better be all of us.. krishnamurti free will law et al

again.. what the world needs most is the energy of 7bn alive people

let’s do this first


when you have the right people, there are no rules for structure..t

and no need for credit (p 146)

so.. let’s use tech as it could be.. to get the right people together in a space.. locally.. everyday.. ie: 2 convers as infra


a mock up > any other method of sharing your vision

yeah.. graeber model law.. so.. next experiment.. is to model a means that 7bn people can leap to..


present your ideas, don’t promote them

don’t even present them (that’s promotion.. and distracting ie: others think they should follow your curiosity instead of theirs) .. just do/be them..


creative block is the consequence of avoiding the truth

i’d say .. of avoiding eudaimonia.. which i think we can get at via /self-talk as data


value conviction over consensus

public consensus always oppresses someone(s)


break incrementalism by questioning core assumptions

indeed.. like work, money, measure, .. all the things school trained us for


hit the streets there is no better way

yeah (though this isn’t what you’re referring to).. in the city.. as the day..


measure each feature by its own measure

rather.. don’t measure,..


mystery is the magic of engagement

again.. not what you’re saying.. but yeah.. ie: fromm spontaneous law.. it’s a sign of aliveness


don’t underestimate the criticality of timing

which you do when you plan (280) and focus (282)..  the rhythm is the timing..

holmgren indigenous law


data is only as good as its source, and doesn’t replace intuition..t

spot on.. and why we need to bag all data (for now) except for self-talk as data.. in order to detox/restore ourselves .. our intuition..


what you agree to do .. do right

just agree to this: eudaimonia.. (only comes from listening to your heart/rhythm.. everyday.. first thing)


there is no better measure of your values than how you spend your time..

indeed.. (findings.. started w noticing stress from the day not being ours).. begs as the dayness ..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way


the danger of getting attention is that you stop paying attention

so true.. batra hide in public law..  jason fried‘s being in the shadow

so to minimize distractions for everyone.. we need to go with gershenfeld something else law


aspire to finish on your own terms and.. (365) – never being finished

the it is me ness


scott belsky (@scottbelsky) tweeted at 5:23 AM – 19 Feb 2020 :
If you’re not paying for it with money, you’re paying for it with something that others will pay money for.
thinking: there remains an opportunity to help consumers understand the value/cost of what that something (typically their data) actually is. (

and perhaps an opp to grok that their data is non legit

ie: like data from whales in sea world