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Jason Silva on Steve Johnson‘s adjacent possible ness…

the adjacent possible.. a built in optimism… that will not be bound… always remixing.. tech is shrinking the lag time between imagination and creation… we’re time lapsing our capacity to literally render our dreams into being…

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ideas are works of bricolage; they’re built out of that detritus. – Steven Johnson

bricolage: construction or creation from a diverse range of available things.

detritus: waste or debris of any kind

upcycling ness


how we got to now ness..

how we get to next ness..


David Lynch: Where do ideas come from?


There is no statement more erroneous than the declaration that “this is my idea”. Such notions are byproducts of a material culture that has been reinforced in seeking physical rewards, usually via money, in exchange for the illusion of their “proprietary” creations. Very often an ego association is culminated as well where an individual claims prestige about their “credit” for an idea or invention.

Peter JosephZeitgeist Movement Defined – et al


beautiful solutions

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the what if conference







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via Steven Pressfield:
how i get ideas
I believe ideas are nothing, doings everything. – Ji Lee
what good is an idea, sinek
i can’t tell my 5 yr old to calm down. i have to calm down. and then he calms down. – @booker #DML2014
i realized i was part of the noise


imagine if we take it to the limit of infinity.. ie: imagine if we