adding page as seeing first hand.. and in readings/et-al.. how we bind ourselves w expectations.. and one of the means we use to perhaps secure/buy those expectations is in gift ness


ChristinaRose (@cdrosey1) tweeted at 6:24 AM – 8 Sep 2018 :
Thinking about the roles of stakeholders and how these roles impact student success… Any person connected to the system of education should watch this, reflect on it, and adjust. #NPR https://t.co/s2xp6oPDms (http://twitter.com/cdrosey1/status/1038402599802859520?s=17)

3 min video [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdVxv330n1I]

bob rosenthal – rats labeled dumb smart.. smart rats did 2x as well as dumb rats

expectations translated into whole set of tiny behavior changes

carol dweck: may be standing farther away.. making less eye contact..

expectations of other people constantly acting on you

hard to find/be that person(s) who can share a space w/o observing/judging ness


gift ness



marsh exchange law

we have to let go.. and get back to our undisturbed ecosystem