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first intro to Gary via Seth Godin (2010ish)..

and here he is dancing with Devani (2014):

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Killer thoughts from @garyvee. “Don’t be a dick: everybody is “relevant”.”…

a q&a at sxsw – (kind of) on what is a relevant person

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[click for video response to Devani…]


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Gary Vaynerchuk (born November 14, 1975, in Babruysk, U.S.S.R. [now Belarus]) is co-founder and CEO of a social media brand consulting agency, video blogger, co-owner and director of operations of a wine retail store, and an author and public speaker on the subjects of social media, brand building and e-commerce.[citation needed]Vaynerchuk immigrated to the U.S. in 1978, and moved with his family to Edison, New Jersey. After graduating from Mount Ida College in Newton, MA, transformed his father’s Springfield Township, Union County, New Jerseyliquor store into a retail wine store named Wine Library, and in 2006 started the video blog Wine Library TV, a daily internet webcast on the subject of wine.

In August 2011, Vaynerchuk announced he would be stepping away from his daily wine video series to focus his attention on VaynerMedia, the social media brand consulting agency he co-founded in the Spring of 2009.

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wednesday, july 18, 2012

gary vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee)
7/18/12 6:54 AM
Have a few minutes? -> video->
An Entrepreneur’s Life: Gary Vaynerchuk |
Video |
via @EntMagazine


friday, may 11, 2012

gary vee

Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee)
5/9/12 12:33 AM
People are taking their audience for currency.. love this

1 min video on no regrets for doing what you love


Warlock Rakaul (@WarlockRakaul) tweeted at 1:04 PM – 28 Sep 2018 :
Absolutely worth the listen. I’m on my third listen through; catching different things each time.

1 hour interview/convo w Scott Belsky

5 min – i try to genuinely pursue fascinations – (rather stay focused on one thing.. say no to everything else)..t

imagine the energy from 7bn living their whimsy.. ie: cure ios city

6 min – improv.. always say yes.. never say no.. and go with it

7 min – g: a lot of my mistakes.. taught me how to say no in a world where i want to say yes

17 min – in the middle.. working in ambiguity.. which is a good thing..

g: being underestimated is a great gift.. when you’re in the messy middle.. not hearing other voices is a strength..

gershenfeld something else law

18 min – on short term reward systems.. unplugging from that..  a lot of enduring the middle journey is hacking your reward system.. the best co’s launch w/o press

19 min – stops you from experimenting (when in spotlight)

20 min – g: i loved being underestimated.. i love when nobody knows who i am

21 min – g: on wanting his son to be proud of him.. then into.. i know how anyone can get $1000 a week


22 min – g: the long tail of the internet is grossly underestimated

we need to augmenting interconnectedness.. not get more money to people

23 min – everything everyone is doing is a venture or a replay.. if you’re doing a replay.. book probably not as relevant..  more for those that are volatile.. a lot in here about enduring the lows..  and the highs .. both make us not us

24 min – ironic that in the messy middle.. when things work we ignore them .. so much else going on.. but should be iterating on what works

25 min – why so many people give up in the final mile

28 min – g: i think there is a lot of nuances here (in the book) about parenting

29 min – someone told me other day.. could replace every business word w relationship

30 min – started questions

36 min – what am i most happy doing..? building products for creative people.. working w people i love.. and investing

37 min – now thinking about getting future of creative world.. as well as .. creative tools and how creatives can come together..t

imagine a mech listening to every voice everyday..(self-talk) and using that data to connect people locally.. ie: cure ios city.. augmenting interconnectedness

49 min – g: people don’t understand that we have the advantage from day 1 of being a human and having our individual reality .. and everybody spends all their time trying to take this unique flavor and turn it into vanilla.. i’m watching everybody try to conform to what they think works.. w/o realizing that their nuances is what works..t

what we need most: the energy of 7bn alive people

50 min – i think it’s wild that the more your intuition works for you the more people start to question the volume of your own intuition..t

self-talk as data – sans hoops jumping.. box checking/filling

51 min – g: when you have self-confidence.. true self-esteem.. you will produce unlimited amounts of content.. no longer crippled by the constant feed back loop of likes/comments

eudaimoniative surplus

54 min – different people and diff advice.. that were opposites.. do i pick one side to be consistent..  opposing perspective is how people become great adventurers in the middle.. anyone that says there’s a best route.. any one can have advice

56 min – one question i have lately is around these micro brands .. just to us.. i’m wondering whether we love a brand.. the product or the community.. if community.. and personalization gets us toward isolation

57 min – g: we are deeply in need of each other

58 min – that’s the question.. where will the brands play out..

g: we need a reset (then goes on talking everything in making/losing money et al)..t

yeah.. but not reset the market/money/measure.. reset the humanity

mufleh humanity lawwe have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity – Luma Mufleh

the ai humanity needs.. augmenting interconnectedness

1:00 – the science of business is scaling.. the art of business is the things that don’t scale..  the question is.. how can you keep making that happen

cure ios city via 2 convers as infra