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Start with why.

Helping us focus. Re-focus.

it’s hard to imagine it’s your why unless it comes from with in you.
you can’t not do it. there are no incentives involved.
otherwise. it’s more likely your what and/or how. a why wanna be perhaps.
it doesn’t really play out as a why.. till you own it. just you. to the core.
importance of self-assess, self-reflection, detox.
in whatever form, we need that ongoing self-directed feed back loop.
it’s an – i have a dream speech, not an – i have a plan speech.
ted 2014:
environment – circle of safety – natural reaction – trust and cooperation
sw airlines doesn’t hire better people – the people just don’t fear their leaders
leaders sacrifice #’s and whatever for the safety of the people.. like a parent would for their child..
imagine that mindset w/everyone in a city/community. in all cities/communities..
when the power j hendrix
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together is better – Simon on rsa – nov 2016

talking about what bad shape millennials are in because of dopamine addiction to devices/sm.. to saying.. nothing more personal than business.. talks about clients.. et al

so..thinking.. business.. is just as much a replacement for connection as sm.. perhaps even worse..

perpetuating broken feedback loop

addiction ness

should feel part of org that rewards them.. teaches them social skills.. .. and bottom line..this is good for business.

dang.. what a sad miss for the why man..

we need to take accountability for ourselves and stop playing victims to the politicians

somebody’s got to go first… if we wait for them we’ll wait forever.. build the country we want

a nother way – let’s not wait..

for (blank)’s sake

our most elite warriors.. are the most empathetic.. courage comes from feeling we have that someone has our back..

there’s nothing wrong w measuring how kids are doing in school.. grades.. but we need to know how they do others things.. balance..

really..? 12 plus years.. of focus on school ness.. you’re right back to the beginning of your talk.. we’re raising people to not be themselves..

we’re missing metrics.. peer review as powerful..

ugh..  measures and masks.. we’ve got to stop measuring/validating people..

this is not all kubnaya.. let’s sit by campfire and love each other.. it’s good for business..

so is this your why..? business..?

please say no..

you sound like you are running on money as os

back to devices as addiction.. i think if you wake up and answer phone before talk to mate..

what about.. measure people by business success..

people will not realize they’re fine.. and will treat everything with a pill.. prescription drugs will go haywire..

haven’t they already..

mindfulness suffers 1\ packaging.. it’s sounds hippie  …that’s where i came up with concept of why… why don’t we call it.. focus.. we don’t have to be so precious about the name  2\ how selfish we’ve become about mindfulness..  you don’t get to decide when you’re being present.. you are not present until somebody else says you are.. tools you use .. good meditation tools help you get out of your head and focus on others.. mindfulness is kind of like.. look at me.. but it’s just a tool..

on how to be more present – giving full attention to the thing your with.. no such thing as multi tasking..

performance shows.. better at multi tasking not the case

not arguing for/against multi tasking.. but adamantly arguing against.. ‘performance shows’..we’re so messed up and missing us.. by those measure of performance.. that are not us


gregory thompson share on fb

I can’t think of anyone who shouldn’t spend the fifteen minutes it takes to watch this.


go deeper man

9 min – worst case – suicide et al… best case – entire generation not finding joy..

do you you know some of these kids.. why they are committing suicide.. ? it’s not because they’re impatient..

11 min – *lack of leadership in world today.. that’s making them feel this way..  we have to find extra ways to teach them social skills… ie: there should be no phones in conference rooms.. **that’s not how relationships are formed.. it: convo while waiting for meeting to start..

i’d say.. *lack of freedom..

**oh man..

so.. conference rooms and meetings.. are a given.. and with authority (as seen by audience response..) simon.. you are perpetuating not us ness..

like an alcoholic.. remove the temptation.. remove the phone..




a nother way


wow.. i must be the only one that didn’t resonate with his talk.. here is his continuation

where he got his answer… first of all.. after got an answer (from observing..) and started to share.. millennials would *sit in audience and nod their heads..

something terribly wrong with that..*sitting.. being an audience.. nodding heads.. being labeled millennial.. assuming consensus of being..

they were glad it wasn’t them

that’s good

i’ve been hearing people are turning phones off.. banning from conference rooms…i’m really proud that it’s having an impact..

some were concerned i took millennials off the hook.. but that’s true.. every generation grows up in something .. every gen effected by environ.. we have to empathy for everyone.. doesn’t excuse them.. of course millennials have a lot of work to do… but let’s have a little more empathy on way we label them..

it’s just about empathy.. that’s all it is

primary role of leaders is to build other leaders.. take care of people..

not about co’s picking up slack for millennials.. about co’s taking care of all employees..

7 min – book stores have entire section – self help.. and no section called – help others.. we need this industry..

this is about all of us making our world better


deeyah & simon on extreme listening