elevator pitch

elevator pitch in blue

This question of – what is your elevator pitch – is asked almost as often as – what about structure – what about the basics.

People crave a map, a silver bullet, credentials, proof, … an invite, an intrigue. It’s hard to grasp/trust/accept simplicity. Perhaps because we assume it has no structure/complexity/meaning.

Cristian got asked this during a global webinar – what is your elevator pitch.. and he just answered it. So eloquently.

We’re still liking it.


even so.. people still pressing – how to be you?

we offer this..


and after meeting up with Shilpa, we offer this:

swapa 10 p. 10:

In all this, we have no vision statements or convenient blueprints – except a desire to live slow lives in a world that encourages you to catch up;..


life sans people telling other people what to do

there is a nother way for 8b people to live


mboya/rogers can you hear me law et al


collection of intros