why grit

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why grit

To be what she already is….We have learned to fly the air like birds and swim the sea like fish, but we have not learned the simple art of living together as brothers.  – Tom Shadyac, Life’s Operating Manual 

**1\ grit as sustainability (an authentic energy)

authentic thumbprint. (a sticking to eu\daimon\ia ness)

authentic culture. (a listening w/o agenda ness)

grit page about authenticity



— self-sustaining grit is what happens when you unleash/facilitate whimsy/curiosity..

that's the way whimsy works

neocortex on grit

missing grit


suppose our greatest resource/energy, something many are trying to manufacture, is already in each one of us.

perhaps we just need to be brave enough.. to set ourselves free. let’s unleash us.

zinn quote on people energy


grit via seth


bruner quote w curiosity


whimsy/mind wandering/the thing you can’t not do/embracing uncertainty/chaos/vulnerability of context – perhaps where we get true..

grit /sustainability.


why grit as part of ibp:

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*disclaimer on grit

not this grit..

[in article, they reference grit as a no excuses mentality; ie: kipp, angela duckworth ness, toughness for things you don’t choose]

not grit

this grit..

[we’re meaning the grit that comes from (paradoxically) the luxury of slack – finding the thing you can’t not do – out of love. ie: enduring grit comes from intrinsically deep desire(s)/passion(s), not from resisting/conforming/obliging to extrinsics]

true grit by amy

this is part why we started a glossary of sorts (slidedeck at bottom of grokking page).. which led to this site. it’s why George says what he says about communication. and why Chimamanda says what she says about a single story (definition.)

so – like the words – commons and detox – which many have suggested we not use – some have said the same about grit.

well then.. we could be like Saxon, who’s known for writing math word problems that made no practical sense, made up of made up words.. to help you realize the words didn’t matter.. it was the math.

or we could code redefine and/or make up our own words.. which we do.. but that would never end.

or maybe.. we just be like George and Chimamanda.. and listen/seek/see more by asking..

ie: what do you mean by that..

[assuming good has the potential for saving time/energy as well.. no?]