perhaps we spend less time on 1 freeing up more time for (most of) 2.

graeber grant law et al

– – –

my guess/gut says that we spend 70%+ of our time trying to prove things (like ourselves), asking for permission (to follow our whimsy), waiting/falling for the supposed to’s (someone else’s rules), begging to be invited/joined/seen/picked/heard by others, .. when, especially today, we could be spending 99.9%++ of our time being/becoming us/betterness.

perhaps we take Neil Gershenfeld‘s course to heart, the one about personal fabrication. the idea that the best re\course to (developed people) coming alive, (developing people) thriving, (fighting people) finding something else to do is to offer everyone the luxury of doing whatever they want. perhaps if each one of us (7 billion +) had something else/better to do. today. in sync with the other 7 bill+…

well.. perhaps that would do-it/free-us. (from all the paperwork/policy/not-us ness)

– – –


what if a site/collection such as this, is your access into me. crafted ongoingly via tech that listens to me w/out agenda/judgment. leaving a *trail, like a searchable/linkable commonplace-book, for me/you to tap into when/if needed/desired. leaving us freed up (from all the documenting/recruiting/proving/judging/..) to do the thing we can’t not doin the city. as the day.

wikipedia style, so that it’s accessible via whatever curiosity you have.

nothing to prove style, so that i/we-all spend more on eu\daimon\ia ness than on proving ness.

what if we focused on self-talk as data. where tech takes our curiosities in, organizes them, connects them/us. so that i’m not spending my time jumping through hoops and into boxes for you (not a person’s best side), and you aren’t spending your time trying to find me and then wondering/deciding if you should trust me (most people are other people, especially when trying to impress).

*trail: perhaps one much better than this site represents me just now. because tech is good at gathering/searching/connecting too-much ness. and spitting it back out per your preferred style of taking it in, ie: another flavor – jerry’s brain. tech documents for/with me, organizes for easy search/connect for you. and me. freeing us up to eudaimonia. reality analysis ness.

so what if this is true….

to min and max david graeber

if so.. seems there’s got to be a better way – for all of us. that involves 7 billion+ people from the get go. yet grounds ensuing/desired chaos.

document everything ness

– – –

so perhaps this is what comes up for you.. on me:

what i’m operating on – global equity.

why: i’ve seen too much [slidedeck] to not experiment with hastening global equity 

the world is stressed. pluralistically ignorant.

how: perhaps a city set free [ebook] for 6-12 months would be enough to awaken 7 billion indispensable people 

perhaps we trust. usefully preoccupied.

what: betterness

the interconnectedness dance dances. nationality: human.




this page came to be as i attempted/wondered about the filling-out-ness of the application for data & society’s call for fellows. questioning that process. a credentialing ness in order to make fitting connections, al. perhaps we find/model another way. better for all of us. (d&s: happy to take out **your details from app below if desired)

the following driven (& poorly followed) by actual app template:

**..background on you and a description of what you bring to (and want to get out of) a Data & Society fellowship.

global equity (everyone getting a go everyday) is my addiction/obsession/mission.

i’ve spent the last 5 years listening, to youth, to myself, to many of you (data & society people). my only background worth mentioning – is that i was quiet enough to see/hear.

i believe we’ve come up with something not yet tried toward hastening equity. addressing a problem deep enough that 7 billion people would resonate with it (attachment & authenticity). via a mechanism simple enough that 7 billion people could access/use today (curiosity app/chip). within an ecosystem that is open enough to set/keep people free (city).

i can’t not give this experiment a try. i’ve seen/heard too much to not. that’s what i bring.

reading through the fellows page, the current fellows, the staff and board, felt refreshing. i saw so many connections/resonations. perhaps we’d be a good fit to be bold enough to try something truly different. that’s what i seek.

– —

**How might your path through this world offer a unique vantage point from which to consider issues related to data and society?

from what:

1\   we hacked away at unwanted stresses until we got to *two that 7 billion people could maybe resonate with.

2\   we prototyped several iterations until we  came up with a **means that might address those *two (see #1), and that 7 billion people could actualize.

3\   we fine-tuned that **means (see #2) so that it might be both, easily accessed/open, and sustainable.

[disclaimer: we didn’t actually come up with anything.. we just listened to tons of really smart people.. and then tried what they suggested… remixed/reshuffled…]

– – –

**Please attach your CV or resume:

i don’t have either of those.

maybe this (modeling future credentialing via self-talk, aka: my brain):

more direct:

– – –

**Please provide at least one sample of your work:

Writing Samples:


Other Work Samples:


– – –

**..proposed project – executive summary style:

a people experiment. []

an idea i’ve (many of us have) been prototyping/listening-to for the last 5+ years. []

next iteration []

3 potential results:

  • this never happens
  • we get to try it – it doesn’t work – but 1000 people got a year on us – garner many great ideas from unlikely places/people
  • we get to try – it works – we’ve modeled another way for all of us (7 billion+ people) to live. and it’s deep/simple/open enough so that we can turn it on a dime globally

– – –

**1-6 keywords that situate the topic of your proposed project:

city, day, authenticity, attachment, equity, global

– – –

**Full Project Proposal

Describe your proposed project more comprehensively. Include a rough timeline. Discuss the project’s potential impact and target audience. Explain why you think it would be valuable to do the project at Data & Society.

If people are doing/being things that don’t matter to them, there’s little sustainability/thrivability/betterness. What you do and who you are needs to matter to you. Perhaps what matters most is figuring out what matters most. People need time and space to do/be that.

We’re experimenting with the intersection of city and school. Seeking to scale each individual by crowdsourcing their curiosities for gatherings/connections that matter to them. To ground that inevitable chaos we’re crafting a type app, to listen to curiosity.

Perhaps what has not yet been experimented with: 1/ a city-wide experiment, to provide an ecosystem of eclectic people/resources; AND 2/ an as-the-day experiment, rather than adding something on after hours (after school/work).

Perhaps redefining school in this manner could be the root of all problems/solutions/life.

if we can show a city changed within 6-12ish months.. perhaps that will be enough for 7 billion people to set themselves free within 1-3ish years. 

a couple reasons data & society seems like a good fit:

the people/mindset. many people connected to data & society got me boldly questioning current systems/institutions/technologies over the last 5 years as we were pushing the limits with experimentation.

the focus on data. perhaps the way toward societal betterness is to redefine data. ie: self-talk as data. using tech to listen w/o judgment as we reclaim/emerge what it means to be human and alive. 

ebook of a people experiment:

– – –

**resources budget:

20ish million dollars, so that an ecosystem of eclectic people (1000+ish) can not think about money for 6-12 months. money would spot them and garner community spaces/resources as needed. it would also provide means to create/prototype tech/wifi/chip/app to listen to their daily self-talk as data. using that data to make connections and leave a trail for each person.

more specifics here:

– – –

above via google doc: application ness




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