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i‘ve shared (semi-contained) learnings as people ask, like here (bif), and here (four years and now), and especially here (last first 5 years). learnings are seen in findings and what matters and a be you booka be us book, a people experiment (a lab book), in attempts/experimentation to document everything,…. and i leave trails everywhere, even when people don’t ask.

i’m working on what i’ve seen.

slideshare has become a regular canvas for all kinds of thinking/learning.


a lovely journalist recently asked for three things i’ve learned over the last first 5 years.. this is what i wrote then:

things i’ve learned..


that trying/seeking to model a plan for the betterment of 100% of humanity – is not ridiculous. what’s ridiculous is knowing of a narrative that perhaps every soul craves – and not boldly giving it a go.
100 humanity


that an experiment/narrative that perhaps no one has yet tried, is facilitating curiosities in the city (an ecosystem of eclectic people/resources), and as the day (not as an add on, or an after hours)
in the city as the day update


that with a world obsessed with proof/credentials/accolades – perhaps the only credential worth noting is – if you are quiet enough – to lean in and listen to people – yourself included/especially. resulting in fittingness, rather than fitting in. eudaimonia.
fittingness rather


[she said i wasn’t limited to three]
that partial freedom is no freedom. that even (or especially) a raised eyebrow compromises the potential of the human spirit.
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and this is a remix of that:

1. about me

that equity matters most. it’s what keeps me up at night.

i’m easily drawn to a  person, a group, a means/art/story, but my – am i doing what matters – at least for now – revolves around making life equitable. [everyone getting a go – by scaling the individual]

what that means, learning that equity matters most to me, is that i can no longer be that ant…happy to be eating spinach. and that by not sticking to the ant, and not sticking to the spinach, i’m actually sticking to me – my offering.

i’m learning to notice/protect that.. to keep on zooming out to a narrative for global equity.

2. about change

that some/much/most/all of our research is based on assumption/lines-of-best-fit.

what if those assumptions – [ie: adolescence, basics, et al] – are wrong.

what that means, perhaps the more ridiculous thing is to keep on working within those assumptions. so i’m dying to try a new (perhaps not so ridiculous) experiment/space/mindset – in the city, as the day – no assumptions.

3. about humanity

that there is never nothing going on  – which means we pay great heed to the danger of just one story. usually, what you end up calling others out on – is what you are struggling with yourself. so rather than play defense/ego/judge/et al, perhaps we use life as a mirror.

we seem to be obsessed with proving ourselves. but it seems we can’t. ever.  so perhaps, the best credentials, are more about being:

quiet enough to hear it – having no agenda when you’re in a space

honest/vulnerable enough for fittingness/eudaimonia – be you with nothing to prove

the more we lean in to our interconnectedness, perhaps the more utopian ideals (world peace, et al) will become the norm.

ie: touch – the guy couldn’t be a part of killing once he found out who was connected to the person he was to kill. i know you ness.


not ridiculous - 20 mill

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here i am working on my brain (or perhaps here or here or here):

my brain


here i am talking about all this with Dave (who makes it easy to talk about, being a major mentor):


oh yeah.

and i’m learning how to dance.


what i’ve seen ness

collection of intros


update/remix/restate 2020:


1\ undisturbed ecosystem (common\ing) can happen

2\ if we create a way to ground the chaos of 8b free people

so.. imagine if we