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Joi Ito (@Joi) tweeted at 12:16 PM – 6 Sep 2018 :
My latest column article – The Educational Tyranny of the Neurotypicals https://t.co/cccsBGigc6 via @WIRED (http://twitter.com/Joi/status/1037766430190706688?s=17)

A lot of this article was inspired by a conversation with @davemorin who is working on technologies and designs to help mental health with neurodiversity as a core value

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tech as it could be..

notes from article:

“Neurotypical” is a term used by the autism community to describe what society refers to as “normal.” According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in 59 children, and one in 34 boys, are on the autism spectrum—in other words, neuroatypical. That’s 3 percent of the male population. If you add ADHD—attention deficit hyperactivity disorder—and dyslexia, roughly one out of four people are not “neurotypicals.”

In NeuroTribes, Steve Silberman chronicles the history of such non-neurotypical conditions

on hold at library – thanks library – neurotribes

also adding nuerodiversity and dave morin

including autism, which was described by the Viennese doctor Hans Asperger and Leo Kanner in Baltimore in the 1930s and 1940s. Asperger worked in Nazi-occupied Vienna, which was actively euthanizing institutionalized children, and he defined a broad spectrum of children who were socially awkward. Others had extraordinary abilities and a “fascination with rules, laws and schedules,” to use Silberman’s words.

maté trauma law

Kanner, on the other hand, described children who were more disabled. Kanner’s suggestion that the condition was activated by bad parenting made autism a source of stigma for parents and led to decades of work attempting to “cure” autism rather than developing ways for families, the educational system, and society to adapt to it.

autism et al

higashida autism law:

i think that people w autism are born outside the regime of civilization. i think that as a result of all the killings in the world and the selfish planet wrecking .. a deep sense of crisis exists.. autism has somehow arisen out of this..  we are like travelers from the distant past.. and if , by our being here, we could help the people of the world remember what truly matters for the earth that would give us a quiet pleasure.

maté not yet scrambled law

Our schools in particular have failed such neurodiverse students, *in part because they’ve been designed to prepare our children for typical jobs in a mass-production-based white- and blue-collar environment created by the Industrial Revolution.

perhaps *in total because they’ve been designed to prep w supposed to’s

I think that even the broad notion of education may be outdated, and *we need a completely new approach to empower learning: We need to revamp our notion of “education” and shake loose the ordered and linear metrics of the society of the past, when we were focused on scale and the mass production of stuff. Accepting and respecting neurodiversity is the key to surviving the transformation driven by the internet and AI, which is shattering the Newtonian predictability of the past and replacing it with a Heisenbergian world of complexity and uncertainty.

*ie: a nother way..

again.. higashida autism law

InLife, Animated, Ron Suskind tells the story of his autistic son Owen,

life animated.. ron.. owen

Owen’s story tells us how autism can manifest in different ways and how, if caregivers can adapt rather than force kids to “be normal,” many autistic children survive and thrive. Our institutions, however, are poorly designed to deliver individualized, adaptive programs to educate such kids

perhaps more important.. what they (everyone) has to help educate us ..again ie: higashida autism law

In addition to schools poorly designed for non-neurotypicals, our society traditionally has had scant tolerance or compassion for anyone lacking social skills or perceived as not “normal.”..t

lucas on not normal ness

higashida autism law:

i think that people w autism are born outside the regime of civilization. i think that as a result of all the killings in the world and the selfish planet wrecking .. a deep sense of crisis exists.. autism has somehow arisen out of this..  we are like travelers from the distant past.. and if , by our being here, we could help the people of the world remember what truly matters for the earth that would give us a quiet pleasure.

Temple Grandin, the animal welfare advocate who is herself somewhere on the spectrum, contends that Albert Einstein, Wolfgang Mozart, and Nikola Tesla would have been diagnosed on the “autistic spectrum” if they were alive today. She also believes that autism has long contributed to human development and that “without autism traits we might still be living in caves.” She is a prominent spokesperson for the neurodiversity movement, which argues that neurological differences must be respected in the same way that diversity of gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation is.

temple.. eistein.. mozart via rhodes.. tesla

Ben Draper, who runs the Macomber Center for Self Directed Learning, says that while the center is designed for all types of children, kids whose parents identify them as on the autism spectrum often thrive at the center when they’ve had difficulty in conventional schools. Ben is part of the so-called unschooling movement, which believes that not only should learning be self-directed, in fact we shouldn’t even focus on guiding learning. Children will learn in the process of pursuing their passions, the reasoning goes, and so we just need to get out of their way, providing support as needed


Many, of course, argue that such an approach is much too unstructured and verges on irresponsibility. In retrospect, though, I feel I certainly would have thrived on “unschooling.” t

the problem isn’t that it’s unstructured.. it’s that not all of us are doing it.. and it needs to be all of us ie: meadows undisturbed ecosystem

In a recent paper, Ben and my colleague Andre Uhl, who first introduced me to unschooling, argue that it not only works for everyone, but that the current educational system, in addition to providing poor learning outcomes, impinges on the rights of children as individuals   t

indeed.. but so too does calling it out w/o a mech/alt in place.. ie: costello screen/service law

suggested mech: tech as it could be..  w 2 convers.. as infra

Not that anyone should generalize from my experience—one reader of my dissertation said that I’m so unusual, I should be considered a “human sub-species.” While I take that as a compliment, I think there are others like me..t.. who weren’t as lucky and ended up going through the traditional system and mostly suffering rather than flourishing.

that’s all of us.. and we can’t see it because we keep observing/researching ie: whales in sea world

We can also use modern technology for connected learning that supports diverse interests and abilities and is integrated into our lives and communities of interest.

true.. very thankful for that.. but today.. we can do better than that.. because/and.. it won’t really truly work until it’s all of us

At the Media Lab, we have a research group called Lifelong Kindergarten, and the head of the group, Mitchel Resnick, recently wrote a book by the same name.

mitch.. lifelong kinder

The group believes, as I do, that we learn best when we are pursuing our passion and working with others in a project-based environment with a playful approach.

imagine playing in the city.. as the day..

Many mental health issues, I believe, are caused by trying to “fix” some type of neurodiversity or by simply being insensitive or inappropriate for the person. Many mental “illnesses” can be “cured” by providing the appropriate interface to learning, living, or interacting for that person focusing on the four Ps. ..t

indeed.. what we need most .. what will be the roots of our healing.. is the energy of 7bn alive people


march 2018 article on rebuilding a better path (@path – be closer) to replace fb


In the wake of the backlash against Facebook, Dave Morin, a former manager at the company, says he’s considering rebuilding Path, the mobile photo-sharing network he created in 2010.


jul 2018 – The Biggest Problem in Social Networking – Dave Morin – 1 min video


in path desire to create an intimate space where you won’t be judged..t

spaces of permission w nothing to prove

tech as it could be..

2 convers.. as infra.. via gershenfeld something else law

perhaps the path is cure ios city


oct 2017 – It’s not About you, it’s About the Service – 4 min video


easy to let ego get out in front of you

hubris ness

reason i started path is i felt i had gotten lost.. from this vision of serving people

2 min – see this often in sv.. people get lost in the ego.. the conferences.. the travel.. at the end of the day the reason you’re doing this is because society has given you permission to serve this important need and.. it’s not about you

let’s go deeper –  roots of healing.. ie: maté basic needs.. it is about you.. but in an undisturbed ecosystem sort of way

3 min – w path.. i wanted to build a social network that was optimized for happiness..

happiness ness.. perhaps let’s build one built for cure ios city.. because what the world needs most is the energy of 7bn alive people.. ‘happy’ or not

the idea behind it was to limit the number of connections you can have to 150.. because that’s the optimal of friendships that the human brain can maintain.. *science has proven it

dunbar ness.. and jo freeman ness.. and as it could be.. ness – because it matters first that the 7bn people are legit themselves.. ie: *not whales in sea world..

when i left fb avg number of friends was 147

not scientific enough..ie: *not whales in sea world..

4 min – i love my family.. and i wasn’t using fb for family.. so.. w path.. can you optimize a network used for family.. the diff between town square and your dinner table..


tweets i found in his stream day i added him

DAVE MORIN (@davemorin) tweeted at 12:32 AM – 29 Aug 2018 :
“After reporting suicidal thoughts, Stanford students say they were required to immediately withdraw from all classes, programs and housing. To return to campus, they had to write personal statements ‘accepting blame’ for their behavior.” https://t.co/rbvlSuRnU2(http://twitter.com/davemorin/status/1034690164096872450?s=17)

DAVE MORIN (@davemorin) tweeted at 2:00 PM – 28 Aug 2018 :

This is potentially the single most important technology breakthrough in the world right now. Mind blown by what @mljmljmlj and team are doing. This will lead us to understand the brain in ways that we have never even dreamed of. https://t.co/N3ZvG1lCm7(http://twitter.com/davemorin/status/1034531213753511936?s=17)

awesome indeed.. but perhaps there’s a deeper problem that would get to the root or our healing (depression et al) ie: tech as it could be

mary lou

DAVE MORIN (@davemorin) tweeted at 5:41 PM – 2 Aug 2018 :
1/ Sauna bathing at least 4x a week shows a 50% lower risk of death from heart disease and a 40% lower risk of premature death from all causes. (http://twitter.com/davemorin/status/1025164721652097024?s=17)

cold (naked) swim et al

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Scott Belsky (@scottbelsky) tweeted at 7:03 AM – 23 Aug 2018 :
the scrutinity that follows a success causes too many great imaginative minds to start playing it safe. this increased reputational risk is society’s immune system at work, extinguishing the most likely sources of the next disruptive spark. much respect for those who defy it. (http://twitter.com/scottbelsky/status/1032614371686588416?s=17)




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On a mission to cure depression.

depression et al.. perhaps cure ios city

san fran

wikipedia small

Dave Morin (born October 14, 1980) is an American entrepreneur, angel investor, and the CEO and co-founder of the social network Path. A former manager at Facebook, he co-created the Facebook Platform and Facebook Connect.

Morin is a member of the board of directors for the United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA), Eventbrite, and Dwell Media


graduated from cu boulder in 2003


In 2013, Morin and several technological innovators, creators, or business owners launched Fwd.us, a Silicon Valley-based 501(c)(4) lobbying group


DAVE MORIN (@davemorin) tweeted at 4:44 PM – 4 Oct 2018 :
Inspired by almost every chapter in my dear friend @scottbelsky’s new book The Messy Middle. I’ve been writing so many notes in the margins it already feels like a timeless, essential book in my life. (http://twitter.com/davemorin/status/1047980865123303424?s=17)