Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

An operating system for collective intelligence

why: de centralized coop at scale.. Blockchain enables new forms of human association that combine the scale and efficiency of free markets with the alignment and coherence of startups. The future of work involves networks self-organizing around shared goals and interests, and a new economy where cooperation is the winning strategy. This is a future of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

what: DAOstack enables the effective governance
of self-organizing collectives

how: above image from/linked-to site

5 min intro video via michel fb share: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25wtmzBG1Yg]

[with my comments throughout]

jordan: at a point where ..markets or hierarchies aren’t able to solve ..say climate.. so have to invent entire new tool kit to collect.. collective intelligence

matan: a feeling that cooperation can/should be easy.. but something missing.. when i saw blockchain i saw what cooperation could look like at scale

rather.. let’s just focus on 2 convos.. as infra

ie: hlb on blockchain

martin: started w bitcoin.. were able to transfer value.. and the next iteration was really ethereum to enable all kinds of decentralized platform.. but there’s definitely a missing piece.. and that is governance.. how to not fall back on centralized decision making.. that’s what daostack is about..

not just centralized.. but rather .. public decision making.. as in.. because.. public consensus always oppressess someone(s)

if we can get back to an undisturbed ecosystem .. we don’t need governance

gigi: daostack is building the complete decentralized stack layer for governance of large orgs.. to org around any shared goals..

matan: first purpose of designing daostack was.. not to build a specific protocol/application.. but rather to build the soil/ground.. there is a natural tension between scalability – number of decisions a collective can make in a period of time and resilience – the incorp-ability of those decisions.. we resolved that tension by inventing new collective decision processing at scale.. called holographics.. where by which small groups can take decisions on behalf of the larger majority.. but in a way that guarantees a *perfect alignment/coherence of the little group w the greater majority

not a *perfect alignment.. ie: i don’t think majority decision making is a natural phenom.. meaning.. i think the things we think we need to make decisions about.. (and so we need tools to do that at mass.. would be irrelevant to all of us if we were first.. truly free.. truly ourselves..

begs we facil for eudaimoniative surplus

ie: as it could be

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way

nathalia scherer (denver): we’re responsible for creating the value behind the tools we’re using

thinking true value would be.. a means to listen to every voice .. every day.. and facil that

matan: i believe w daostack we’ll be able to create better alignment better interest/benefit of individual and interest/benefit of the collective

that won’t happen just w better ie: decision making tool.. we can waggle dance or whatever.. all we want.. but if we don’t first have truly free people.. we’re just repeating the cycle we need to leave..

jordan: it will look like something that can bring everybody together.. in our collective individual choices/actions.. build to a shared intent/wisdom/capacity.. and keep those things in resonance/alignment..

perhaps rather than a means for bringing everybody together.. we need a means to listen to everybody.. as it could be.. trusting the dance of an undisturbed ecosystem

nathalia: that’s what we’re about at daostack .. bringing the power of collab to the people.. making it accessible.. for all of us to work together

again… if 7bn people were truly alive.. i think we’d be in need of a means to listen to and facil our curiosities.. rather than all of us working together on some work/project.. we have to go ginorm/small.. rather than the thinking (at least that i’m hearing) from what you’re idealizing at daostack..

team includes: Josh Zemel; Primavera de Filippi; .. Jordan Greenhall member of advisory team

daostack on p2p site: https://wiki.p2pfoundation.net/DAOstack

stacktivism ness

stack ness

the stack


intro’d via Josh interview Jordan Greenhall – march 2018


jordan is a member of the daostack advisory team

Jordan is one of the leaders of the movement known as Deep Code, which contemplates, among other things, some of the great challenges facing humanity and what it will take to solve them,

jordan (all quotes from here will be jordan unless noted): rivalrous vs nonrivalrous econ.. all of econ for *all of civilization driven by question: how do we most effectively produce/distribute rivalrous goods


*you mean since agri..?

3 min – i think if you push nonrivalrous to limit (ie: more people) they just collapse down to the rivalrous.. but then there’s a completely diff concept.. anti rivalrous.. ie: calculus; the english language; idea/practive of blockchain; .. more valuable more people who have it.. even simple things like law of supply/demand don’t apply and can’t help make sense of the anti rivalrous domain


4 min – we are moving into environ where anti rivalrous is increasingly dominant

5 min – so the dao as a concept.. takes place in the context of the necessity for the invention development of a truly anti rivalrous econ system.. both at conceptual/physical level..

6 min – problem of open source.. create things more valuable more shared.. so should make them be open source.. but open source lacks mech for 1\ rewarding people for doing that.. in any way other than intrinsic.. because can’t make a living in open world.. dao is positioned to do this.. 2\ how orienting toward highest kind of value we could contribute

* perhaps if need incentives.. doing it wrong

**assuming your #1.. negates your #2..  if you want highest value/art/whatever.. begs we go sans incentive/money/whatever

7 min – *what is paying me the most.. is the most valuable thing i can contribute to the commons.. we try to shoehorn anti rivalrous into that by inventing intellectual property.. but whole point is that patents et al limit sharability



8 min – the anti rivalrous has this.. building on the shoulder of giants.. don’t have to re invent calc.. just build on it.. changes slope of curve..

10 min – first econ of any meaningful size that figures out *how to actually/fully orient optimum attention to the most valuable anti rivalrous contribution.. and then to motivate them.. by fully incentivize them has a decisive strategic advantage.. over all rivalrous economists.. the metaphorical equiv of homo sapiens learning how to speak vs other primates.. it is that level of dissemination.. escape velocity ship..

so.. 2 convos.. but/and.. no need for incentives..

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way

11 min – it is a *novel/hard/good problem.. if you solve that problem.. you have won.. the entirety of the rivalrous game.. the game civilization has been playing for past 10 000 years.. you get to win that game.. and then you get to play a completely new game.. answer to the question: where should i in anti rival econ..most fully attend.. where is my genius most fully best applied for the acceleration of the whole.. and then also.. **how does the whole most appropriately/effectively reward me for doing that.. so that i’m fully/appropriately incentivized.. that’s the problem.. the acceleration of that problem is what moves people into what many people call the society of the abundant .. the australia project is exactly this

*deep enough..? if winners.. we have to all be the winners.. at the game of one (organism as fractal)

**luxury to do whatever you want.. everyday.. trust that

12 min – so the problem.. we can’t use supply/demand to garner people’s attention or to reward their contributions in the anti rival domain.. and if could figure out how to solve that.. qualitative shift in group capacity.. this is what attracted me to space

13 min – Matan Field..(daostack yodfat israel) @MatanField.. gathering the people who can solve this.. daostack intuitively gets this .. and has the capacity to do it

17 min – we need to think about the problem in the purest sense.. (ethereum).. and the dao is of that same order.. cannot get to dao thru organic development thru ethererum platform.. just as couldn’t get to ethereum thru bitcoin.. so important to step back..  get down to conceptual clarity.. then instantiate as tech architecture.. then move back in space of organic development.. distinctive between high design (ethereum) and organic development (bitcoin).. if that makes sense to you.. have a good change of jumping into this space

ethereum.. bitcoin..

21 min – josh: rise of decent collab reps the third major movement in evolution of blockchain

this may in fact be the reason.. if crack ant rivalrous.. will have done what this was all for

22 min – design.. simultaneously both top down and bottom up

23 min – the kinds of people gathering around it.. have capability and consciousness.. although they are continually struggling w how to articulate it

are we sure..? is this deep enough..?

25 min – josh: daostack is providing not so much a fixed offering in decentralized governance..or a fixed set of software tools even.. but rather a kind of sandbox for ongoing experimentation in decentralized governance.. and as such provides the sandbox infra.. like the sand.. as well as maybe a set of initial toys/tools to play with

26 min – it’s the combo..  ie: sahara desert isn’t a sandbox.. need parameters like that of sandbox..

comment by jennifer grove:

As long as you’re thinking in terms of “motivation”, you will fall into the same rivalry trap that we’re trying to get out of. Food/clothing/shelter/etc. will have to be provided by another system without it being a reward for labor. This way they are “provided for”. Not “rewarded”. If they don’t want to do the work, don’t do the work. Do something that makes them happy. But going without food and shelter and such is not necessary. I like to plant vegetables and build things. I don’t need to be rewarded for it. I just need access to the materials. Other people can have the food and shelter that I build. I just like to do the work. What frustrates me is that I am prevented from doing work simply because there are no “jobs” as such. Labor is not scarce. Neither is work. “Jobs” is the system of artificial scarcity that prevents everyone from having access to what they want.
yes that..

let’s try/code money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence

w/ubi as temp placebo.. needs met w/o money..people forget about measuring


Matan Field..(daostack yodfat israel) @MatanField



why and how: consensus and decision making



#DAO #cryptoeconomics will likely concern the question: how best to structure #tokens? @DAOstack is creating a sandbox for experimentation in #governance through #tokenomics. #blockchain https://t.co/UbGhzkdShb

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/daostack/status/973589755609825280

token ness


from planetary survival:


daostack .. provides a stack of tech tools for the development of daos, comprising a) a framework fore deployment of smart contracts on ethereum blockchain  b) front end developer environ   c) user interface enabling funding and resource allocation.. crypto tokens and invite others to participate and support their ideas..

yeah.. seeing daostack ness as irrelevant.. if we let go of money (any form of measuring/accounting)


main motivation is to provide a tech infra to diff decentralized orgs, on that would create a collab environ, accessible to a critical mass of people.. moreover, daostack instigators aspire to effectuate a fine balance between scalability..ie: the number of decisions a collective can make in a period of time, and resilience ie: the incorruptibility of those decisions.. for this collective decision making process has been developed.. called holographic consensus.. coordination guided by crypto tokens.. function as incentives..

we can do better.. ie: 2 convers as infra.. because public consensus always oppresses someone


dao ness, daostack, disco, and quiet in a room ness.. et al

DisCO Coop (@discocoop) tweeted at 5:53 AM – 12 Feb 2020 :
Could we create a DAO of Our Own through both economic and symbolic strategies of intervention, which support radical and creative re-imaginings of the world?
A DAO of One’s Own? Feminist strategies for P2P Organisations by @DeniseThwaites
https://t.co/8cdK4XbFFl (http://twitter.com/discocoop/status/1227576335666683904?s=17)

ie: cure ios city

consider whether their engagement can lay foundations for alternative social configurations, or further entrench existing social biases.. To say ‘everyone is welcome’ within a patriarchal system, does little to decentralize the intersection of privileges and prejudices that marginalise certain voices within that system..t

yeah.. need to let go more.. of any form of measuring/accounting

her famous words regarding the need for ‘a room of one’s own’ are pertinent not only because DAO interactions and architectures create their own kind of (online) space, but for Woolf’s articulation of economic and discursive realities that exclude many from participating in the DAO sphere..t


self-talk as data via idio-jargon et al in own time/space – oikos as econ our souls crave

oikos (the economy our souls crave).. ‘i should say: the show shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace. – gaston bachelard, the poetics of space

economic precarity and the marginalisation of counter-hegemonic voices through history still excludes many from established systems of power..t

today we have the means to listen to every voice.. first thing everyday.. let’s try that.. ie: 2 convers as infra via tech as it could be.. (listening to every voice everyday)

rather than perpetuating these inequitable conditions, could DAOs be used to create ‘rooms’ or economic spaces, for diverse participation?..t

if we let go of any form of measuring/accounting.. and just listen for and facil with 8b daily curiosities

ie: cure ios city .. a nother way book.. et al

The Guerilla Translation/Media Collectives’ model for Distributed Cooperative Organizations (DisCo Coops) works towards the establishment of such feminist economic spaces..Their DisCos offer a system of value-tracking individual contributions in relation to “productive market value”, “pro-bono/commons-generating value” and “care work value.” Calculating and remunerating these contributions..t

disco ness.. not enough..

literacy and numeracy as colonialism/control/enclosure.. let go

perhaps let’s try/code money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence

ie: ubi as temp placebo..

 Rachel O’Dwyer has articulated the limitations to technodetermnist celebrations of blockchain’s ‘revolutionary’ power, explaining that: “It doesn’t stand in for all the slow and messy bureaucracy and debate and human processes that go into building cooperation, and it never will.” This is no more evident than in the DAO sphere, where on-chain platforms are supplemented with off-chain communications through Twitter, Discord, Telegram and more. Just as the outdoor spaces of Ancient Roman fora allowed citizens to orate and debate matters in public, DAOs establish analogous spaces for their community members to engage in forms of soft governance. Although the rhetoric that unfolds through a DAO context may not follow the classical model, do the TL;DR retorts and normative processes of DAO fora limit diverse modes of expression? How does this impact participation across cultural, linguistic, class and gender differences?

anything that’s not listening to 8b voices first thing everyday.. is limiting/compromising/cancerous..


Could we create a DAO of Our Own through both economic and symbolic strategies of intervention, which support radical and creative re-imaginings of the world?

only if we let go of control.. ie: why we haven’t yet gotten to global equity: everyone getting a go everyday



find/follow daostack:

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DAOstack is a complete operating system for decentralized coordination, built on the Ethereum blockchain.



perhaps try stacking 2 convos

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way

toward an undisturbed ecosystem


dao\ness.. decentralized autonomous org