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The link between unemployment and terrorism

mohamed ali

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Social entrepreneur, refugee & human rights activist, and Somali American extraordinaire. Founder of Iftin Foundation & Fellow at @AspenInstitute


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Mohamed Ali, Executive Director

Mohamed Ali is a human rights, legal and advocacy expert who currently dedicates his time to building the capacity of young African leaders. For the past ten years Mr. Ali has advocated for the legal and human rights of refugees, particularly immigrant and refugee populations from Somalia. Born in Mogadishu, where he was forced to flee during the civil war, Mr. Ali has committed himself to assisting displaced populations. Currently, Mr. Ali serves as the Executive Director of Iftiin Foundation. He is also a founding member of the End Famine campaign which provided famine relief in the Horn of Africa region during the 2011 crisis. Mr. Ali is heading to Mogadishu this Fall where he will be holding a leadership summit recognizing the achievements of the next generation of leaders in Somalia. He is also working with the State Department to launch a unique online media initiative that will provide young African leaders from around the world a platform to showcase their voices, achievements and stories. Mr. Ali attended Boston College Law School, where he was active in immigrant legal advocacy and assisted developing and post-conflict countries on legislation and constitution drafting. Mr. Ali also holds a bachelor’s degree in international business from The Ohio State University.

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