flow genome project

flow genome project


The Flow State: Flow states, peak experiences, in the zone, runner’s high, being unconscious—the lingo is endless. The experience though lives up to the hype. Time slows down, self vanishes, there’s a complete merger between action and awareness— it almost sounds like nonsense, but fifty years of serious research says otherwise. Flow states are now known to optimize performance, enhance creativity, drive innovation, , accelerate learning, amplify memory and underpin happiness itself.

The Problem: The people who want to study Flow states aren’t that good at having them; the people who are really good at having Flow states aren’t all that interested in studying them. As a result, researchers are balkanized, their work occasionally marginalized. There are no coordinated scientific efforts, little cross-pollination of ideas and—as a result—no real roadmap towards discovery and application.


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flow waves


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co-founder – Jamie Wheal

Jason Silva on advisory board

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