murali doraiswamy

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[durham, nc]

intro’d to Murali via huffpo’s live interviews via Ahmed at davos wef14:

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we spend 600 billion on alhzeimers – the amount of money we spend on alhzeimers is bigger than the gdp of all but the 17 leading countries

3rd metric – arianna huffington – well being – should be #1 priority

we have the capacity to improve our well-being, the capcity to be happy, to rewire our cognitive circuits

what is the ultimate goal of all these other sectors – to be happy and fulfilled…

best place to invest – early childhood development – providing them with a nurturing environment, second – change overall environment, ie: the stress, make the city a happy city


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My research uses neuroimaging (fMRI, PET, etc) to study mechanisms of brain aging, memory and emotions. I also do clinical trials of lifestyle and pharmacology strategies to enhance mental fitness.


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