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first intro to Suli..

Published on Aug 31, 2013

There Is A Story Behind Every Poem: I explain the motivation and story behind “I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate.” 

huh, the irony

prior to now

crazy enough 2
interview with london real about crazy:
dec 2014 – be free (cover):
aug 2014 – headmaster of eaton scrapping exams:
needs to be a method that works for everyone… a way to cater toward individualism..
ie: networked individualism..
july 2014 – create the future:
crazy enough to believe you can invest in the future..
dec 2014

It’s Not So Black And White (R.I.P Eric Garner)||Spoken Word

human race
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suli breaks site
For those who haven’t seen my interview with LondonReal (Brian Rose and Patrick Vickers – sos) , it is an opportunity to have an in-depth look at my experiences, influences and thoughts etc – starts 5 min in:
10:45 in – talks about picking exceptions as model – well if i picked tommy down the street – it wouldn’t mean anything to people
14 – counter productive – the pressure of family et al
36 – always changing things up
40 – so why is michael not happy
54 – sos – it’s all about credible messages – sounds like Teny
Suli is an ambassador for
surviving our streets

Nature Practises Democracy: Suli Breaks at TEDxHousesofParliament

cure violence keri
spoken word
april 2015
i love suli.. i love his work.. all he’s doing.
on message from lost generation.. the us and them ness.. won’t get us there/here.. no?
none of us are free
may 2018 – 35 min – not a role model
2 min – i feel like a responsibility not to be 100% myself
3 min – that’s called bullying.. why is it on line that we can collectively bully individuals.. is that an insecurity
9 min – we have an illusion of freedom
16 min – i’m still searching for the meaning of life..
28 min – the adult world is not a place for us to dream
29 min – if you so desperately want to be accepted.. to be an adult.. then go.. but you will come back.. you’ll want to return to that inner child.. only thing.. i don’t know if i’ll still be here waiting when you do