norwegian prisons

norwegian prisons

no death penalty – longest you can stay is 21 years… so every inmate will be released.. someday .. they will be somebody’s neighor..

if you want people to change.. you need to give them the opportunity to change their head… you don’t change your head in high security

police in norway don’t wear a gun

norway’s recidivism (habitual relapse into crime) rate: 40%, us 70% – and that’s with norway not killing some off with death penalty – no?


compare to a us story..

plot from solitary



The Norden


Norway Vs U.S. Prison System

recidivism – norway – 20% – us/uk – 50%+

and Taibbi ness.


more from u.s…

Bryan Stevenson

Kalief Browder

Duka bros:

cruel and all too usual:


what we learned from german prisons

The delegation that we took to Germany represented the emerging national consensus on this issue. It included a Democratic governor; corrections officials from across the political spectrum; chief prosecutors; formerly incarcerated individuals; a liberal scholar of race and criminal justice; and representatives from Right on Crime and the Charles Koch Institute, conservative groups that advocate reform, as well as the evangelical Christian group Prison Fellowship.


The question to ask is whether we can learn something from a country that has learned from its own terrible legacy — the Holocaust — with an impressive commitment to promoting human dignity, especially for those in prison. This principle resonates, though still too dimly at the moment, with bedrock American values.


World Economic Forum (@wef) tweeted at 6:00 AM – 21 Jul 2019 :
Turning lives around with deep breathing exercises.
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