evolution of a criminal

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With an unflinching eye, Monroe dissects the various factors that drove him from a lighthearted childhood to this extreme act, giving us first-person access to both the facts and the emotional weight embedded in the planning, the crime, and its aftermath. In the process, he not only reconnects with the people with whom he robbed the bank, but also reaches out to people on the receiving end of the crime.

Executive-Produced by Spike Lee and a hit at its SXSW 2014 World Premiere, Evolution of a Criminal is a unique project delivered with great skill, confidence, and insight. Occupying its own niche at the intersection of documentary, true crime, and personal essay, it’s both a gripping viewing experience and a conversation-starter—about race, class, education, and the prison system, just for starters—of the highest order.

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How does a 16-year-old go from honors student to bank robber? In the Independent Lensdocumentary Evolution of a Criminal, filmmaker Darius Clark Monroe explores the financial straits that led him to a desperate act as teenager in Texas. Returning to the scene of the crime, Monroe interviews family members, close friends, and mentors to reflect on the aftermath.

by Darius Clark Monroe –  @daclamo

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56 min – you had everything going for you.. and for some reason – you wanted to fail..


1:14 – whoa – come back when you’re 50

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 tweets from Marlon – where i first heard of the documentary:

“I hope you don’t get discouraged when it doesn’t something to everyone.” @daclamo , thanks for not being discouraged. #criminalevolution

 this is so generational.this is so traumatic!Where are the therapists 4 the generational incarceration of black ppl? #criminalevolution

In tears watching “The Evolution of a Criminal.” The biography is so complex…just like mine. Thank you, @daclamo . #criminalevolution


Matt Taibbi

cure violence



more evolutions…

feb 2015 – school in cairo to isis killing fields


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Teenage Girl Leaves for ISIS, and Others Follow http://t.co/CAuqeNcCx7

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