marc goodman

marc goodman

intro’d to Marc via Mikko’s ted playlist..

A vision of crimes in the future


The world is becoming increasingly open, and that has implications both bright and dangerous. Marc Goodman paints a portrait of a grave future, in which technology’s rapid development could allow crime to take a turn for the worse.

Marc Goodman works to prevent future crimes and acts of terrorism, even those security threats not yet invented.

we consistently underestimate what terrorists and criminals can do

10 people brought 20 million people to a standstill…  this is what radicals can do with openness.. this was 4 years ago

the ability for one to affect many is scaling – for good and for bad

sony playstation – 1 person robs 100 mill

what if the solution – is open.. so that we can all help. go all in to risk.. in order to get all help..

tools to change the world – are in everybody’s hands.. we can do more together..

police line – do not cross – no longer works/scales..

public safety – too important to leave to the pros


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