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platform cooperativism 2015 livestream: [2016 livestream link at bottom of page] this one works:

The Hoerle Track will be livestreamed here but archived on the main channel at

_________ warning… messy.. messy.. as taking it in via tweets and livestream.. mostly in order i’m taking it in.. not in happening ness.. ie: some tweets are rt so older.. or in diff session.. __________ via Nathan and Trebor review 2 days after via Platform Cooperativism Conference Disrupts Silicon Valley’s Disruptions
Schneider said on Friday that what we need are “algorithms for the 99 percent.”
perhaps..chip (actually us) as platform.. algorithms via personal fab.. self-talk as data.. in the city. as the day. __________

in the #platformcoop breakout w Yochai Benkler and Juliet Schor; context: &

amazing anger toward @Airbnb at #platformcoop. some bridge building would be useful

“In low wage communities, everybody is struggling, tempers flare ” @SaskiaSassen Please someone get this woman out of here #platformcoop

sharing economy platforms can be inequality-ENHANCING, per Juliet Schor at #platformcoop

catch me live at #platformcoop in 10 mins, 11:40ET. followed by @YochaiBenkler, panel w/…

Saskia Sassen: mobilized neighborhoods should become open sourced. #platformcoop

.@FrankPasquale There is a concern about whether #1099s can multi-home. #platformcoop#sharingeconomy

frank is first livestream i was able to get into – live

#platformcoop conundrum: as responsible platforms deal with issues like user safety, they may attract more liability, per @FrankPasquale

Aha, here’s the #platformcoop video stream:

Paraphrased concluding points from @FrankPasquale talk on risk mitigation for platform coops

“How can we shape our terms of use without blindly accepting them?” #PlatformCoop rU

notes on: blurring personal to professional via money; blurring full time to hobby via work.. – @digitalrun

.@digitalarun talking about consequences of newer platforms shifting traditionally corporate FT work to gigs #platformcoop

how much ever decentralization this might promise.. 3 fundamentals that facilitate .. search/logistics/trust.. so if want purely decentralizing.. we need effective alt’s .. otherwise centralized 3rd party will re enter and re value..

now yochai:

slides not working – it doesn’t matter… look at a 40 yr process of rising inequality… masks 1\ separation of income growth – stagnation of wages in middle class 2\ stratospheric rise of top percent independent of what’s happened to rest

past 18 months.. increasing review of evidence.. explanations are institutional rather than technological…

why important for us here.. the thing to recognize 1\ there’s a political theory that underlies what we’ve seen … if we build our own we’ll be more effective.. than if build thru govt… think coop as opposed to what.. 2\ we govern our own..

if we imagine courses of stress: 1\ automation was de humanizing… making people into unskilled workers 2\ re training management to understand unreliable work 3\ marketing translating into a surveillance econ

talking michel’s interview nov 2015

then – if we transition to coops.. need to have means to live.. so have to compete with worker coops.. competition constrains operations… coops in competition… then talking wages.. wages.. wages.. then: so these are realistic targets we need to understand..

most important thing we can do over the next two days is be here… then we can imagine it..


it just needs to happen and then it stabilizes..

again you have to compete.. the efficiency of transcending firm boundaries … building reliable systems from unreliable components.. can’t just say.. go away… can’t just do same as uber… ie: not solved for producers/workers… have to design diff systems to smooth out income.. insurance…

Milstein: revolution is alleviating suffering for everyone. #platformcoop

At conference based on cooperative mindset, yet speakers go way over allotted time, neg affecting next speaker… interesting. #platformcoop

@YochaiBenkler lays it down: No real distinction between loyalty cards and consumer #coop membership

Sharing economy is a shift away from employment. Its “crowd fleecing.” @TreborS#platformcoop

Sharing economy is Reaganism by other means. @TreborS#platformcoop

panel –

lure of the app – vs firm..? – (julia) – when you construct egalitarian constructs.. get a new status process… not around econ.. comes out in cultural realm/values… understand your class

Ok, this conference should be around @dmytri ‘s Proposal for Venture Communism

or… (in regard to picture of quote above) – just make all that irrelevant… rather than so much energy to fighting ness.. no?

@dmytri Rent sharing at heart of Venture Communism @platformcoop#platformcoop

Arun on panel – maybe call provider coops rather than work coops

Good name for economic model in which services are paid for with your data: “surveillance capitalism” (via Yochai Benkler) #platformcoop

yochai – drive to coop is from a rejection that old model is efficient.. so looking for something else..

@djspooky Antarctica does have a government, plenty of it and lousy. Read the book Big Dead Place. #platformcoop

arun – on the promise of the blockchain.. moves by larger financial institutions.. to effect markets.. i think the initial organizational forms we see built on top of blockchain.. may not be distributive/collab org’s we imagine.. built into code.. rewards other than money..  because of complexity of embedding rewards into software.. real promise may be in new markets out side of financial sector, ie: music, journalism… facilitating a better distribution of spoils of value creation..

best thing out there to rep blockchain – backfeed..

yochai – blockchain routes around particular place where concentration happens… ?.. if you don’t like wikipedia.. can go fork… tech has raised point where you can re concentrate

guy next to julia just said he doesn’t get tech yet.. then talks being wary of emphasis on old money system.. like bitcoin and blockchain have done

julia – my attraction to platform coop – possibility to reduce transactions costs of creating coops… get the value proposition right… ie: the 2 yrs you spent to organize coop that has maybe 15 people in it… then you can see really rapid scaling… my hunch… about a lot of existing offline coops.. you’ve got to do so much in that direction that it undermines.. so exciting thing about platforms…

arun – last 4-5 .. i see some societal benefits.. of early platforms… new ways to organize… replace org econ activity.. but still through centralized aggregation point.. regulatory structures that exist today..developed for old model.. a lot of vc spent on new structure.. .from what i’ve seen… doesn’t seem to be being designed to advantage one group (ie: uber, aribnb) .. i don’t think coops could have massed the muscle for this.. the social q’s that replace inefficient market q’s .. can be codified more effectively when platform based coop than when don’t have that codification..

yochai – i want to reject the idea that we’ll get to the point that tech will get us to where there’s no work.. assuming that’s wrong.. then solution at end of day needs to be political.. ie: separating means of living from work.. will require very serious political power..

guy next to julia – on automation ness – referencing this:

New post: Threats/Challenges to cooperative econs, w @JulietSchor@FrankPasquale@digitalarun Benkler…#platformcoop

arun – on basic income.. because it’s so political and change is gradual.. i don’t see it

so leapfrog ness

Richard Stallman calls for #platformcoop that protects user privacy & doesn’t demand contracts. @jitsinews has crashed his computer 3 times.

“Don’t assume that just because you’re setting up a cooperative” you’re protecting public privacy, says Richard Stallman at #platformcoop

followed by many spam tweets

ps in the open. io dance ness. has to be everyone.. doing something else.

.@TreborS, @nathanairplane & @JanelleOrsis keynotes open #platformcoop meetup: Good vibes.…

“How can you call something innovative and efficient if it prolongs structural inequality, classism, and racism?” #PlatformCoop

audience.. talking need to teach law.. then next audience.. there’s a window.. before lawyers come in…

next audience.. we’ve (lawyers) been trying to undo what we’ve been imbedded in for years.. law is not in their favor.. how to develop structure that is

panel response from mozambique/tansania.. growth of freelancers not aware of rights..  it’s done in brazil.. you can go all the way through lawschool without learning about employment rights

Is it ‘innovation’ or ‘efficiency’ if it makes life worse for everyone? @TreborS #platformcoop

“we’re living in an era of enormous bullshit” –@Sara_Horowitz #platformcoop

It’s common to confuse commons-based production with common ownership. But they’re not the same. The difference is costly.#platformcoop

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day 2 – 14th

#platformcoop blockchain meets gustav landauer (as the Other of the smartcity)…

freedom of organization as a human right – blesses are the organized.. ness (first livestream capture) – not sure who it was..?

next person:

coops need legal support.. access to capital.. and a set of political institutions aligned behind them… arun said yesterday.. skeptical politics for basic income to emerge anytime soon.. and i agree w/that.. but i believe we can provide alternative.. variation ie: when citizens can organize.. can pressure political ness to change..

web 1.0 – web as a newspaper… unidirectional…most political org’s actually still in this mode..

web 2.0 – social (platforms) and user generated content.. apps still corp controlled for most part… but allow users.. and target advertising.. where big data analytics come into pic… turn online protests into offline protests.. ish

soooo many beautifully intentioned coops in the works, many nurturing coop growth. if buildg openly, does it all click tgethr? #platformcoop

resonated with contactcon feel.. devcon feel.. glue law ness

Donations are “a tax on ourselves to create the world we want” says @MaxDana of @ExternalRevenue at #platformcoop

Fundraising sucks. Donor fatigue setting in. P2P income sharing @ExternalRevenue generosity engine

.@ExternalRevenue is the best project I have seen so far from many amazing projects at #platformcoop

The “External Revenue Service” is a new distributed cooperative org. Allows voluntary funding of anything we care about. #platformcoop

There’s already a co-op hedge fund. It data mines Wall St algorithms to topple it w/ #blockchain, new SEC rules, P2P financing #platformcoop

yesterday video –

Platform Society

(63 mins – start missing) Scott Heiferman Platforms Against the Wall Street Vortex; Annette Mühlberg Guidelines For Good Digital Labor Paul D. Miller Imaginary Apps; Cindy Milstein Re-Commoning Our Lives; Facilitated by Nathan Schneider

Paul Miller

i’m not part of legislating.. except from the realm of the imaginary

paradoxes of how we frame the discussion.. i’m framing with book i wrote..

how to quantify more illusive qualities like creativity.. how to compare notion of value.. picasso painting vs free napster file… how we value the notion of free…

talk on the book (not available for recommend on overdrive) – the imaginary app – working with lessig and wolfram… ie: the quantification ness of .. surveillance.. the art of thinking about creativity.. hard to standardize…

on nsa’s museum… nobody there… nobody at nasa either – right next door… empty museum.. history of cryptology.. curator at museum says.. all is number. when things get industrialized.. what happens…

then talking to tim-berners lee on future of the commons..  the semantic web had unleashed.. free culture… because govt funded agency (cern) all info had to be free/open.. so tim makes indexer – html

informal.. loose…  how to make it free and open… ff to jeff bezos.. check to lee?

narrative network analysis.. how we overview value…


Mobile apps promise to deliver (h)appiness to our devices at the touch of a finger or two. Apps offer gratifyingly immediate access to connection and entertainment. The array of apps downloadable from the app store may come from the cloud, but they attach themselves firmly to our individual movement from location to location on earth. In The Imaginary App, writers, theorists, and artists–including Stephen Wolfram (in conversation with Paul Miller) and Lev Manovich–explore the cultural and technological shifts that have accompanied the emergence of the mobile app. These contributors and interviewees see apps variously as “a machine of transcendence,” “a hulking wound in our nervous system,” or “a promise of new possibilities.” They ask whether the app is an object or a relation, and if it could be a “metamedium” that supersedes all other artistic media. They consider the control and power exercised by software architecture; the app’s prosthetic ability to enhance certain human capacities, in reality or in imagination; the app economy, and the divergent possibilities it offers of making a living or making a fortune; and the app as medium and remediator of reality.

 taylorization set tone for 20th cent.. 21st cent network systems basis of value/production..

vanuatu rated happiest place on earth

i visited vanuata and.. where is the happiness.. i wanted to quantify this…

network theory usually about vertices and edges.. talking about some place – bonowatu ? gift scenario not based on money but on story telling –

sandpainting in vanuata… numanic systems… narratives of islands.. cultural capital.. didn’t have currency.. if told a good story would be able to trade..

compare to 21st cent.. quantified data self.. illusive connectivity between ideas and execution of ideas in form of creativity..

not only sense that ww2 had been distillation of all these things…

diff kinds of corps comes for moore’s law of computing.. more and more complexity/creativity by smaller/smaller devices..

i was thinking .. great idea about how we think about apps…. ie: i am rich, 999.99 cents and didn’t do anything.. a symbol of wealth…

14 min – when think about virtual app that doesn’t do anything perfect for what talking about today…. notions of digital media to encode creative process…

arts are never far from the discussion of policy.. because they create new spaces for us to reimagine what is possible.. that is the cultural capital

came up with apps that don’t exist.. so book: the imaginary app

point/lines/edges/vertices.. the craft of story telling..

next book at mit – digital fictions.. future of storytelling… notion that viral media itself has become its own economy.. click/attention economy.. joseph schumpeter – he’s bad interp of marx… creative destruction

west is going thru a tremendous upheaval… via destruction.. so art really important..


so missing scott’s talk


LIVE on #Periscope: Robin Chase #platformcoop Urgency for Evolution…

everyone at the end of their day is saying.. i’m running out of money… so my question… what does it cost to make something that might have traction.. millions of dollars.. it is not cheap..

ultimately.. he/she who finances platform makes the rules…

how many times can i finance it.. and it will fail… everyone’s talking about blockchain.. i am too.. (this is still robin).. hoping blockchain will get going one day.. but i’m talking about a sense of urgency.. we are in today.. the longterm success.. eleanor ostrom.. the non tragedy of the commons.. when did the commons not get ruined.. common pool resources.. 1\ make economic livelihood 2\ can’t be exclusive.. eleanor’s work plays out when you care about the long term liability of platform… fundamental problem.. when owner doesn’t have to care..  you want peers to want to participate.. in long run not a collab if they don’t want to participate
so – the need to go deep/simple/open enough
we need monetary support till ie: blockchain in place..  like the volunteer coordinator problem… workers starving.. and can only go for like 18 months… this is not a viable path… 1\ person that creates platform deserves money 2\ value received in every transaction – can’t forget people are participating because of value to them 3\ network effects created by each of us peers is going fully to platform developer.. yet we created those network effects.. w/o platform.. peers can’t organize.. and not network effects.. how do we separate platform from value and make sure creators get value.. my urgency around climate change and income equality…

Based on @TreborS‘ event last year, here’s my report on #amt cloudwork & academic research:…#platformcoop


on platform econ.. p2p formation is like the collective individual

10 commandments of peer production and commons econ

dang.. can’t hear michel.. so copying tweets..

“Traditional coops operate on the liberal model of competition, production for oneself. “@mbauwens#platformcoop

At #platformcoop, @mbauwens just mentioned @SENSORICA_OVN—read more here:

“Open co-ops”: mission-oriented, focus on commons, multistakeholder governed (everyone), co-create with productive communities #platformcoop

Read about @mbauwens‘ peer production license:…#platformcoop

.@mbauwens: Copyleft can be exploited by dominant market actors; “copyfair” reqs contribution to commons by commercial actors #platformcoop

We cannot have licenses that allow free-appropration of our common labor by capital. @mbauwens on copyfarleft #platformcoop

.@mbauwens just mentioned @enspiral. Read more at @Shareable: — & check out @Loomio & @cobudget

then mc guy giving stats of ie’ of ie: german coops…

Not agreeing with @mbauwens, almost no dominant actors use copyleft, problems are with MIT/BSD open source licenses #platformcoop

At #platformcoop@mbauwens defends medieval guild price-setting. See my @NewYorker report on the revival of guilds:…

can hear michel now…

need to find a system where people can learn from each other

Everything “light” is global. Everything “heavy” is local. @mbauwens re. Jose Ramos on cosmo-localization (re. Ezio Manzini) #platformcoop

1\ free/2\ fair/3\ sustainable.. need to get together in one system.. pieces are there but not fully collated..

q: on finding a language… getting examples…. a: michel these are their words…

so i see – the need to just do it.. to model..  rather than spending our days on language.. and trying to be convinced by examples… but we do need a mechanism in place for that..

michel.. we nee the medium for the commons and a medium for the p2p.. we don’t have that yet…

i have 20000 examples in my wiki… most.. the new guilds… communities that combine productive and entrepreneurial around it…

Read about the @CoopIntegral, which @mbauwens just mentioned at #platformcoop:… & @Fair_Coop, too.

.@mbauwens mentioned Las Indias at #platformcoop. Read their latest book here:…

.@mbauwens calls out the #neotribes at #platformcoop. Check out the group here:…

the issue in big money is .. will it be trusted.. will it be used.. and the reputation in complimentary currency is not very good yet

“The record of complimentary currencies is not very good,” says @mbauwens. Calls for real value grounding currencies. #platformcoop

one that works at scale.. as opposed to bitcoin that is predatory and doesn’t work at scale

what i suggest – creation of commons.. changing binary mindset… between state and private.. because the 3rd one is commons…

.@erinroseglass@HongPong My argument for open tools in education:…#platformcoop

Forgoing iPads means taking a different approach to technology from what many of us are used to, but it’s an approach particularly well suited to public education. Rather than pay big companies millions of dollars for licenses for prefabricated software, school districts could pay little or nothing for the basic software and hire education-minded developers to adapt existing open tools to their needs and create new tools as necessary.

or.. we make all this irrelevant.. and spend energy on – rev of everyday life.. literally redefine.. literally global do-over.. upcycle ed … use what we already have as the day.


from livestream again..

on no need for insurance co any more … guy on livestream talking about blockchain


girl at 2:46 i’m guessing rachel – on blockchain/ethereum…

@Rachelodwyer presentation on the(thus far) imaginative lack on the Blockchain, one of smarter things I heard on Blockchain #platformcoop

Rachel O’Dwyer

blockchain producing a persistent state for internet.. frameworks for consensus… in purest form.. blockchain is democracy… not only financial.. but ways to manage property.. voting.. transparency… protocol built in …

some anxiety i have about speaking about blockchain.. something a bit trendy.. because there’s so many speculative projects.. i’ve gone from anxiety to excitement.. even if projects don’t come to anything tell us something about significant people’s imaginations of cooperations they want to see…

2:51 – some problems w blockchain… 1\ most of the well-articulated have nothing to do with platform coop.. rather.. instituting new forms of credit clearing, massive banks…  2\ visions of state of democ imagined.. should we think about this a bit more ie: trust in the code.. an implication that we delegate the messiness of relationships to a code..  to begin w/assumption of no trust is troubling.. very much like elinor ostrom model of the commons.. so maybe we should be imagining beyond…

removing politics from money.. tech depoliticalization.. w/blockchain isn’t a radical alt to problems of govt.. but an instrument of that govt .. not to replace.. but to perfectly embody.. replacing politics w/econ.. doesn’t make new subjects.. but makes them disappear…

2:54 – arithmetic.. new kinds of algorithmic governance.. reducing individuals to data point.. position blockchain then.. lineage of other tech that dispense with politics… automations last mile.. mary … imagining a monster neoliberal state.. but underneath.. interpersonal work…

2:56 – what could we consider in re to other kinds of policy.. 1\ maybe we need more than consensus.. not just agreeing.. but antagonistic confrontation… 2\ other than strict accounting/accountability 3\ by designing for governance.. we’re instantiating some form of social/political that’s ideal.. alison powell quote.. how to develop humanity as people that want to be in social movements that learn from non-techs as well..


Asking about #dataethics#techethics in #blockchain because #platformcoop is about intentional culture & much tech talk obscures politics.

“Money is the original tech platform” @BrendanDeMartin#platformcoop

“Crowd investment without crowd ownership is false” wisdom from the crowd at #platformcoop

but we can make both irrelevant..  much free er for us as people.. no?

Scary naïveté when block chain proponent cites author ideas as abstractions & unaware of their rootedness in neoliberalism #platformcoop

Really appreciate Robin Chase yelling at ppl about the actual power of network effects & giant capitalist companies. #platformcoop

Sad day for democracy, @francesca_bria (@nesta_uk) on building a huge experiment in civic engagement CC @damienlanfrey @dskutz #platformcoop

Principles of #blockchain democracy for people not banks & surveillance #platformcoop @dcentproject @francesca_bria

Xtine Burrough explaining her fascinating work supporting #turkers in #Amazon #platformcoop #sharingeconomy



organizing workers (and non workers) guy on right.. airbnb has ripped open such a loophole.. so that professionals now even more monopoly… this is the share the crumbs economy.. and a rating system can’t fix that.. these companies have figured out tech to rip open a hole.. and proud of it.. ie: we disrupt.. real danger: gig econ fairly small but pioneering a tech that can be used to hire/fire..labor costs go down.. ie: merck phara sold off all worker.. highers them back.. makes same drug.. so we have to think much harder about what’s happening here.. rather than.. well i talked to my uber driver and he seems to like it.. ask – how long have you been driving.. longer you drive less you like it. on uber doing reports.. presenting at conferences.. than lower wages. how to provide safety net for people working for several employers… we suggest individual security account… for soc sec, et al girl next to astra .. i thought wepay.. crowdfunding would work.. huge at first.. but much to hard to keep up

“Conversations about how to save journalism at media conference are really just euphemisms for ‘how do we save the @nytimes?'” #platformcoop

most postive in space: radiotopia

on the bads of patreon… on a platform i don’t own.. i bring my audience there yet have little say… so maybe the blockchain will fix this..

i think that stuff can scale.. i don’t want to scale.. right now i’m very pro coop and anti platform

.@susie_c concludes: “I’m very pro-co-op and anti-platform.” #platformcoop

Next: Ra Criscitello, talking about co-op of licensed vocational nurses. In CA, they’ve been squeezed. Mostly immigrants. #platformcoop

Hearing Misty Metts talk about @agaric, a worker cooperative that does free software development

astra: here representing debt collective.. so greatful to occupy because it intro’d me to all these people.. like susy..

moment where we were writing down debts on butcher paper.. common thread uniting people. i joined a group.. strike debt.. and launched rolling jubilee campaign.. nobody should have debts because they want to go to school or have cancer…  there was always this parallel idea that we need to get at the root of debt..

deep enough..

uni of pheonix.. 10000 students.. mcdonald’s of… students w/10s of 1000s of debt for degrees that mean nothing..  feb this year.. 15 of them went on debt strike.. and it ballooned.. eventually in june.. dept of ed announced a debt relief.. we proved that organizing powers works.. have doe practiced that relief .. no.. 1 min clip.. the good wife.. the point: it is going to spread… theory is basically.. debt is a form of power.. so we have a million people working together… you are not a loan

we’re moving to debt state.. all in debt to things that should be provided for us… wages going down…

all these people not looped into econ justice… but can be via debt… something people can unite around.. debt as a new identity that crosses a lot of boundaries.. one way to go at it..

.@astradisastra “We need to go after the big finance companies because they are the ones taking our jobs, not the robots” #platformcoop

.@natematias has been researching impt aspects of bias online. fascinating stuff at #platformcoop

last lady on panel – stood and w/slides – on gig econ been around forever.. ie: musicians..

Actors have been part of the precarious gig economy for decades, they survive through reputation @HacktheUnion aka @KatiSipp #platformcoop

“Reputation is a relationship that allows on-and-off employment.” –@HacktheUnion #platformcoop

Othello talks about rep after Iago attacks him, says he’s lost his immortality — all that’s left is the beast. #platformcoop

in gig econ… many don’t have control over reputation..

Reputation is part of capitalist individuation, hostile to the commons. #platformcoop

People want work to be recognized. “It’s not just workers who are invisible” on platforms. I.e., how they’re rated also opaque #platformcoop

“What happens with your rating is really going to matter, mostly in ways that aren’t transparent to the user.” #platformcoop

“If you don’t have control over your reputation, chances are you can’t reap the rewards of having a good reputation” @KatiSipp #platformcoop

Exactly the problem with valorizing reputation, the rewards should be communized! #platformcoop

[am indenting tweets from other sessions]

it’s a”coevolutionary race” to devise rules governing commons that adapt at pace – @natematias#platformcoop

Platforms disrupt racist, sexist, classist word-of-mouth networks that mediate access to information about jobs –@HacktheUnion #platformcoop

on using platforms.. what are the unintended consequences of using algorithms for rating

Just learned from @KatiSipp that @Uber requires a user rating for drivers of at least 4.6 stars to keep driving. Damn. #platformcoop

Majoritarian voting systems consistently reinforce hegemony:…#platformcoop



starts at 16 min on archived video
can we design positive platforms
if you think about uber/or whatever.. they didn’t just appear. they are decades of tech layered on top of each other.. ie: roads as a platform; internet; sensors; geolocation; data analytics; machine learning;… this is going to progress.. whatever we see today is not the end point.. more data created/used.. a big ongoing transformation.. what today allows is a degree of organization.. not just via managers et al. when you think about workers.. the people i really worry about are the managers.. ie: uber is replacing danny devito..
giving basically all functions increasingly being automated.. api new structure.. api’s are human creations.. what should we design into them… what is our social contract..? we inherited what we have today in 1950s. we need to be thinking about what’s the new social contract/safety-net. what skills do we need. that’s the agenda for workable futures initiative.
what we’re doing in first year 1\ deep ethno graphical interviews w/ workers.. looking at local patterns.. ie: in sf you can rent your closet.  what is the language people use when describing.. ie: apps, pings, not user framework et al. 2\ trying to understand labor econ of platforms… ie: on some platforms when you establish bottom wage people make less.. 3\
24 min – how do we get philosophers into the programming.. totally reshape who is driving design of these platforms.. to make them positive platforms..
some things we’re finding out.. 1\ match people better at tasks they’re good at.. ie: tasks pinging you..  2\ max earning ops 3\ transparency 4\ negotiating w/algorithms 5\ ops for upscaling 6\ uncover bias in highering




Want to hear @rushkoff and @astradisastra talk about cooperativism of the future? Join us @TheNewSchool on Nov.14 at 6pm! #platformcoop


ah. here it is..
trevor – now what – 1\ create a foundation that would bring together open source programmers to work on a kernel for labour platforms.. one project applied to apis with various purposes.. 2\ continue to work with civic hall and nurture this movement

nathan – 1\ federation linking disparate efforts.. starting on wed trying to think of how to create a platform coop ecosystem there.. in boulder..

starting at 3 min – got Douglas and Astra… notes on their pages.. putting q&a after here:

starts at 1:11

guy saying only can make things happen if you don’t change laws.

i don’t know.. what if laws are irrelevant.. wasn’t time and perpetuating not us..

1:13 – douglas and astra both saying.. need to limit what we argue for..  otherwise time dump (paraphrase)

douglas – on people contacting him wanting to be the platform rather than do the thing..

1:17 – douglas: people more into being irritated than excited…

my strategy has been to expose the underlying operating system….  the underlying assumptions have to be opened up… this is there by design not by nature…

1:19 – astra: we are big picture thinkers so maybe we don’t know the details and maybe we don’t know what’s possible.. douglas – there are nerd in action now.. which is exciting.. ie: astra with jubilee and sara horowitz.. 1:20 – douglas – negative interest is coming 1:23 – dj spooky – how to get people to re think about takeaway from today..  douglas: to make reality more apparent/transparent.. ie: what would it be if you were operating a cell phone and could see the fact that the phone et al was using 2 refridge worth of energy… see slave labor… tech’s should make sacrifice of planet/labour as you are operating them.. so you can determine if it’s worth it.. astra: local/global front.. capitalism is local democracy isn’t.. so every local fight is global… ie: greece.. i’m organizing a small group for students and there’s this whole country.. journalism.. we need to save it.. support it.. interfaces..  as organizer create a collective identity.. instead of individual situations.. so platforms that create a sense of identity.. so we can be that together.. rather than personal profiles… another thing i’d love to make..a radical version of all these financial platforms.. that get you back on track.. a shared.. politically conscious version of that.. so income/debts combined. douglas: people need to experience the benefit of mutual aid… it’s got to be built into the micromoments/decisions you make everyday
rev of everyday life ness


Douglas Rushkoff: “You Can’t Handle The Truth”…


from recording of opening … Nathan:

the internet has changed the meaning of our words.. that’s why we’re here today; ie: democracy; sharing; .. what if we brought the fuller meanings of these words back… barcelona – experimenting with working on their own- faircoop – using bitcoin et al…

open source, holocracy, blockchain… really powerful tools for organizing.. but too often extractive for big business… firewall between bottom line and where decisions are being made

what if we were in control… surveillance, isp, net neutrality..

what i think these next 2 days are/aren’t about.. focus on questions of ownership and govt and not just access, democracy and sharing… we have to be talking about building an ecosystem not just apps.. uber is good because of a whole ecosystem.. if we’re going to create alts we need to create an alt ecosystem.. process not solution… going to be difficult/flawed… not because one time fix..but because it’s right/just… a horizon not an absolute… not get set on what this has to look like.. most of all this is an invitation..

when i go back to colorado.. i’m going to try to build up an ecosystem there… where a young person w/good idea … democracy available/option/chance to do something even better…

dear Nathan.. there is a nother way.. we can.

think about who you’d like to get together over next 2 days..

last year.. we kept coming up to responses.. to what do we do next.. (trevor and i) decided we need to go deeper


problem is we don’t have realistic alt’s

what does on demand economy stand for – embedding extractive practices.. middle men ness

shifting biggest risks onto shoulders of workers.. i call this: crowd fleecing

on demand econ is reaganism..

48 min – i wonder if we should still continue to accept terms like innovation/efficiency to describe processes that are really generating profits for the few while leaving in its wake a workforce ….. my suggestion is to define innovation in its terms to the commonwealth.. how can we call sharing economy innovative and efficient if it prolongs inequality/classism/racism…

sharing econ.. shiny/sharp tip of a spear of convenience.. made up of de regulation/ unionism/classism/racism…

why should it be impossible to build alt’s

none of these issues can be addressed convincingly/effectivelyo structural change.. ie: until we change ownership/governance/solidarity

why can’t we have coops.. working together… to common vision of owning internet collectively..

what i mean by platform cooperativism.. cloning of the tech hearts of ie: likes tech of uber.. but wants to put it to work w/coop business model…

i stand here .. since 2009 – labour conference at new school.. last year wrote coop vs sharing.. lived in a commune.. uber worked and under paid coming out soon…

last two months.. with nathan.. worked on campaign to challenge sharing econ…. nathan was reporting about many of these..

57 min – types of platform coops.. already existing: fermando – online market place… like coop ebay

1:04 – platform with tons of sectors

1:05 – newschool working with spain to build living lab w/ mondragon

1:16 – back to nathan to intro Janelle Orsi

1:18 – lawyer working on ways to bring it all to the platform

we can achieve this… i think we can make a transition very quickly.. taking back platforms… we just clone it and get a lot of people to move to it…

we need powerful images/words to break our habits..

perpetuate ness..

labour laws coming out of master/slave .. . control/profit.. toxic combo… if put back in hands of workers.. motive to exploit gone..

1:23 – people will allow themselves to be inconvenienced if they see the direction of it, ie: using a not so user friendly platform to begin with


convened by two guys.. one: nathan schneider – from cu boulder

Looking forward to tomorrow’s conference, orgnz’d by & : the internet needs a new economy!

The same weekend as we convene Platform Cooperativism in New York (entrance is gratis, the public invited), the Silicon Valley elite will be gathering for O’Reilly Media’s Next:Economy conference to discuss the future of work. “No company, no job is immune to disruption,” its website boasts, and for $3,500, you too can attend. But the future need not emanate from there. The same weekend, in Cincinnati, the much more modest Union Co-op Symposium will gather those who are organizing to disrupt the reigning elite with cooperatives. We hope to amplify the growing chorus seeking real ownership and control over the systems that determine the shape of our lives. It’s time to bring the solidarity economy online.

www ness

a nother way – ps in the open et al – to leapfrog to a global do-over



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@CindyMilstein @platformcoop @nathanairplane It’s a patch; not the silver bullet. PCoop cannot extricate itself from capitalism.



A much needed critique of the “platform” in #platformcoop, from @matslats:…


#PlatformCooperativism: Taking back the internet…

As more people become involved with the possibilities of platform cooperativism, Nathan and Trebor are continuing to look for room to grow. “Trebor and I are beginning to assemble a book based on the event in November, so as to make more accessible as many of the brilliant contributions as we can. There is talk about building a foundation, or a federation, to support and connect these initiatives.

Eight things we learned from the Platform Cooperativism conference:
  1. Platform cooperativism embraces the technology of shared economies but adds co-operative values.
  2. Shared economies are really just on-demand economies.
  3. Lines are being blurred
  4. Shared economies rely on speculation
  5. Ride sharing is actually the perfect co-op model, but not the way Uber does it.
  6. Without careful monitoring, the sharing economy can prolong inequality, a class system and racism.
  7. Capitalism is inefficient
  8. The possibilities are (almost) endless
Nathan Schneider (@nathanairplane) tweeted at 10:44 PM on Sat, Dec 26, 2015: It’s not the tech we’re skeptical of, it’s the economy that controls it. @astradisastra @rushkoff @platformcoop (
_________ nov 2015 – 9 working ie’s __________ mar 2016
There won’t be a repeat of #platformcoop this year, but we are putting a book out. & more. Some events: Original Tweet:
Michel in boulder.. apr 5 and 6. _____________ april 2016  – shared by Michel on fb: __________ sept 2016 – shareable explains platform coop – via p2pfoundation fb share:

these winner-takes-all “sharing” platforms are emerging in other industries across the globe.

The good news is that there is an alternative — one that places control and ownership of digital services into the hands of its users. It’s called a platform cooperative, or platform co-op.

[..] A platform co-op is a digital platform — a website or mobile app that is designed to provide a service or sell a product — that is collectively owned and governed by the people who depend on and participate in it
imagine we disengage from any measuring of transactions (ie: selling/owning..).. imagine truly sharing.. as one/interconnected.. ie: a nother way.. deep/simple/open enough for all of us.. hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data. as the day _______
P2P Foundation (@P2P_Foundation) tweeted at 4:35 AM – 14 Sep 2016 : Help liberate the Economy, Help liberate Yourself : Buy from Cooperatives
liberate…? or feel liberated for a bit..? ________ 2016 livestream: ____________ economic democracy richard wolff – democracy at work ____________ via Doug share
Platform cooperatives rely on shared governance guidelines known as the Rochdale Principles that provide for democratic governance and profit-sharing and are generally designed to reinforce non-exploitative, mutually beneficial commercial relationships.
profit sharing..? commercial relationships..?
Last year’s Platform Cooperatives Consortium organizing meeting, hosted at the New School in New York by the activist scholar Trebor Scholz, was thrilling. One rapid-fire inspiring moment after another conveyed the sense of a world under repair.
that’s what’s vc ( vol compl) ing us… no… ..?
do it fast enough..and we buy in.. abi.. adrenalin buy in
Harvard legal scholar Yochai Benkler, a longtime friend of Creative Commons, did the math in his keynote address: there is enough slack in global production and distribution chains, Benkler calculates, to enable rising standards of income, living and municipal services around the world if we use technology to reduce or entirely eliminate those who play a primarily “extractive” role in markets, the players whose main or sometimes onlyfunction is to come between the producers or providers of goods and services and consumers.
what if that’s not the goal.. of our souls…
But perhaps the most important takeaway from last year’s Platform Cooperatives Consortium organizing meeting was the message it conveyed not to despair or lose hope. When they’re able, people revolt against tyrants and the tools of oppression and exploitation are reworked in different hands into tools of liberation and freedom. People of good will and vision can put these tools—the Internet and information technologies—to far better use than we do now. Spain’s Mondragon Corporation, for example, is a network of worker-owned co-ops that has successfully resisted takeover by stateless multinational firms and now employs more than 70,000 people. In the U.S., approximately 30,000 co-ops presently contribute an estimated $154 billion to our national income, which provides a base on which more worker-owned businesses can be organized, constructed, and sustained. Imagine what might happen if government procurement policies here in the U.S. and around the world favor firms that are cooperatively owned by workers rather than controlled by global capital.
right after saying over and over… it’s all about us owning..that’s a band aid.. a feel good bandaid…hiding the cancer of… not letting go
how much does that matter… who owns.. via money for work et al… still a slave.. in times that no one has to be… finally.. because won’t work if   a n y o n e   is
april 2017 – roundtable on fb live with Michel
twitter.. as a public good
it wouldn’t be the twitter that we have now
operational activity to deliberative activity..
a social charter.. code.. like a constitution.. first big charge of a group.. what is of values..
ie: i would have a charter that those people couldn’t be there.. values that automatically exclude certain people..
Next City (@NextCityOrg) tweeted at 9:55 AM – 31 Oct 2017 : “Cooperatives can bring high-speed Internet to underserved areas, just like they did with electricity.” (
Nathan Schneider (@ntnsndr) tweeted at 6:05 AM – 5 Nov 2017 : To learn more, join us for this week’s conference in New York: (

Not exactly how I would put it. But we did report on a winner take all earnings distribution. And because the customers are discriminatory then even cooperative producers went along.

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At #opencoop I keep thinking of @JulietSchor’s evidence at the first #platformcoop conf that values-based sharing platforms can be more discriminatory and exclusive than corporate monopolies.

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via Juliet rt:
Martijn Arets (@martijnarets) tweeted at 9:23 AM on Thu, Jul 26, 2018: The ecosysteem around platform cooperatives seems to grow. In Germany @super_markt and in France @CoopdesCommuns. Collaborative they are on an expedition. Quite exciting, since collaborating is is quite rare in platform landscape. #opencoop (
P2P Foundation (@P2P_Foundation) tweeted at 4:31 AM – 1 Aug 2018 : Thoughts on OPEN 2018 (
Nathan Schneider had questions about the cooperative side of things. Are we using the language of commons, or the language of ownership? Are we escaping ownership, or doubling down on it?.. Nathan’s musing on whether this community is part of the traditional co-op movement or something new and different was interesting
hardt & negri property law nathan and co op ness let go ________ DisCO Coop (@discocoop) tweeted at 5:16 AM – 5 Dec 2019 : CHAPTER 3: Last Night A Distributed Cooperative Organization Saved My Life How have cooperatives and the commons provided important historical precedents for decentralised models? How does DisCO upgrade the seven cooperative principles for the 21st-century? ( _________ from murray bookchin‘s toward an eco society:
61 do factories, mines and large scale agri enterprises become domains of freedom because their operations are now managed by workers’ collective.. by eliminating econ exploitation have we actually eliminated social domination.. by removing class rule have we removed hierarchical rule.. to state this issue bluntly: can present day technics remain substantially the way it is while the men/women who operate it are expected to undergo significant transformation as human beings?
huge to why ie: cooperatives and platform coop ness et al.. not enough.. still sea world.. any form of m\a\p keeps us chained there ________ ________ ________ _______