scott heiferman

scott heifferman

[funny he and/or meetup not on site yet.. since – people finding their people is huge. but as in site per se… obvious is missing.. perhaps..anyway – adding page while listening to Lisa Gansky‘s episode 2 of seeing around the corners – with Scott]

episode 2: Playing the Long Game – with Scott Heiferman (ceo/founder of meetup)

inspired us to get physical in a world that is getting too digital too fast – Lisa

how do people find their people..

find people

a nother way – ie: hosting life bits

as the day

does making creating communities easier denigrate community..? no.

meetup is the gymnasium we can all go to build the muscle memory for being a community organizer – Lisa

and network effect – now there’s 10-20000 meetups a day

we want a world filled with real local community


2013 interview – with business insider –

from video:

startups die of indigestion not starvation… pile on less

i wish more would have the guts to charge for their thing…


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Scott Heiferman is CEO and a co-founder of Meetup, a service that helps people use the internet to organize local community groups with local offline meetings. Meetup originally gained notoriety as the grassroots backbone of the Howard Dean presidential campaign in 2004. As of January 2014, fifteen million+ people have registered on Meetup, and people self-organize over 315,000 Meetups each month.

Meetup’s investors include eBay, Omidyar Network, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Esther Dyson, Union Square Ventures and others. Heiferman also co-founded Fotolog and i-traffic. Prior to founding i-traffic, ..


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nov 2015 – platform coop


Scott Heiferman (@heif) tweeted at 6:21 AM – 28 Nov 2017 :

We (

wework buying meetup

WeWork’s cofounder and CEO Adam Neumann is rushing to build out a company that endeavors to control the future of physical space.

Heiferman is no longer intrigued by the notion of remaining small. It’s clear to him that there’s an urgency to the problem that Meetup has long tried to solve.

Even before Facebook’s announcement, Heiferman had been searching for new ways to add urgency to the company.

“The sole question on the table for Meetup is, ‘How could we have more impact on the world?’” Heiferman says. “So this is a big bet on how we can make Meetup more of a global phenomenon.”

The biggest challenge of his career is now set before him: to transform Meetup’s 35 million-member platform into a new type of billion-member social service—one that cements the intimate connections between people in a way that makes all of us feel more connected. The future of our society will ride on whether Heiferman or others like him can figure this out.

so let’s leap .. from meet up.. to cure ios city

since urgency matters.. for (blank)’s sake

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way


fb share by Jon

The digital turn of contemporary capitalism, with its promise of instantaneous, constant communication, has done little to rid us of alienation. Our interlocutors are many, our entertainment is infinite, our pornography loads fast and arrives in high-definition – and yet *our yearnings for authenticity and belonging, however misguided, do not seem to subside.

*maté basic needs.. let’s just focus on that.. no?

“real estate is just the platform for our community”. Everything else, from kindergartens to yoga salons, arrives on top, optimised by WeWork’s data geniuses in what amounts to the 21st-century equivalent of the company town, albeit with much subtler forms of social engineering. In WeWork’s future, the hastily privatised public space is returned to citizens. However, it comes back as a commercial service provided by a lavishly funded data company, not as a right. Meetup’s civil society will keep on talking, inside WeWork’s buildings.

we don’t need incentive to stay working.. on ie: other people’s problems.. we need freedom to a and a.. trust the dance.

if looking for incentive.. probably a work problem.. incentive that will last.. is already in us.. let go.


Scott Heiferman (@heif) tweeted at 6:36 AM – 9 Jan 2018 :

“Put your plan together”
Great message @Deray

May I suggest: A powerful part of people’s 2018 plan can be to Find The Others, find your people, create community that @meetup weekly/monthly to support each other, push each other, be stronger together (

2 convos


Scott Heiferman (@heif) tweeted at 5:52 AM – 1 Feb 2018 :

I started @meetup a decade+ too early.

Now’s the time to bring people together IRL to create real community.

We’re hiring – and we’re part of one of the fastest growing companies in history (

WeWork (@WeWork) tweeted at 5:39 PM – 30 Jan 2018 :

Our Co-Founder @miguelmckelvey wants to empower people to connect IRL through @meetup: “The future of humanity lies in Meetup being able to work. Who else is doing it?” (

begs we let go enough for this to be about all people.. @MiguelMcKelvey has to be all in order to dance ie: 7bn people having 2 convos as the day as the infra to facil daily @Meetup s


Scott Heiferman (@heif) tweeted at 4:52 PM – 14 Jun 2018 :
Today is @Meetup’s birthday so I’ll share a few Meetup communities started somewhere in the world so far TODAY. Rather than whatever I have to say, let the people do the talking… about community they’re seeking in their lives: (

imagine this happening for 7 bn people.. everyday

2 convos as the day as the infra



Scott Heiferman (@heif) tweeted at 4:54 AM – 29 Jun 2018 :
1/ I love decentralization but too impatient for improved lives than to be into crypto (

for (blank)’s sake

Scott Heiferman (@heif) tweeted at 4:55 AM – 29 Jun 2018 :
3/ My guess is, today, there’s quicker ways to improve lives through decentralization than crypto (eg better marketplaces, platform coops, new ways to solve problems in healthcare/edu/etc) (

2 convos as the day as the infra


Scott Heiferman (@heif) tweeted at 5:50 AM – 12 Jul 2018 :
A few months ago, I wrote about hope (necessity) of this being a big part of the future. By “this” I don’t just mean “meetups” in genera but something quite specific: supportive small communities that meetup irl very regularly (

Meeting up is a decision we make first for our own humanity.

imagine meetups happening every day.. for 7bn people

ie: 2 convos .. as infra


New Today…. A must-watch for anyone who bothers to follow me… “the way we gather matters because the way we gather is how we live” @priyaparker

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10 min ted 2019

Author Priya Parker shares three easy steps to turn your parties, dinners, meetings and holidays into meaningful, transformative gatherings.

there was an intensity gap .. assuming the purpose is obvious we skip too quickly to form

for more meaningful convos:

1\ embrace a specific disputable purpose

rather.. a daily curiosity..

let’s listen to all the voices first.. and then gather/connect around that.. specific to that

2\ cause good controversy

a core ingredient of meaning.. heat.. find best possible arguments.. and choose one

rather.. good/deep/daily curiosity.. more ongoing/healthy heat/intensity there

ie: her is about decision making.. and choosing one.. not so if we go w curiosity over decision making..

3\ create a temp alt world thru use of pop up rules

allow us to harmonize our behavior

begs we go deeper.. let’s try 2 convers as infra

the way we gather matters.. because how we gather is how we live

indeed.. purpose and controversy not needed.. rather .. a distraction/irrelevant


Scott Heiferman (@heif) tweeted at 6:34 AM – 10 Jul 2019 :
I’m interested in physical spaces not because I’m interested in physical spaces but because I’m very interested in human connection (as an answer to many problems), and physical spaces have the potential to spark or deepen human connection. (

in the city.. as the day..

city sketch up et al


Replying to @davidfano

Is collective actualization possible without at least occasionally being in the same physical place? I agree it’d be good to improve the not-physically-together experience but i hope the future is a weaving of IRL+virtual that doesn’t leave out the IRL (w/ new IRL “technology”)

ie: cure ios city

2 convers as infra


maybe tech (ai gen possibilities for a street, in this case) can prompt or spark the conversation and start to get people interested/excited – and then people take over and drive change. Intriguing to think that tech is the creative spark
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perhaps depth of our problem is that we keep going for ai/innovations that are reactionary to what exists.. keeping us in tragedy of the non common

imagine if we just focused on listening to the itch-in-8b-souls.. first thing.. everyday.. and used that data to augment our interconnectedness.. (ai we need most/first)

hari rat park law

@monk51295 who’s “we” ?
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all of us..

all of us are perpetuating the myth of tragedy and lord.. until we get out of sea world.. and it will take all of us to get out

humanity needs a leap.. to get back/to simultaneous spontaneity .. simultaneous fittingness.. everyone in sync..