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Howard Gardner unleashed 100+ year’s worth of a mind-disabling coercion of compulsory ed when he shed light on the possibility that perhaps we needed a little space/option/flexibility to be ourselves. That perhaps there are multiple ways to learn. (musical, spacial, verbal/linguistic, logical/mathematical, bodily/kinesthetic, interpersonal/extrovert-ish, intrapersonal/introvert-ish, naturalistic, existential)

wikipedia small – for more on his multiple intelligences.


..the shininess of this finding/acceptance, perhaps has us yet in another foothold.

Thinking Krishnamurtipartial freedom is no freedom.. any labels are still labels/binding- or even more so because we now think we are differentiating/personalizing. We end up perhaps, duped by our own short sightedness – stifling our potential – by thinking we have zoomed out far enough to human potential/differentiation.

If we are indeed – each one different – how could we imagine any mold for how a person should learn.

Peter Gray, John Holt, Ivan Illich, Paulo Freire, James Bach, Logan LaPlante… countless others talk of trusting people, trusting learning.. not feeling the need to manage the situation. In fact, if we want life-long learners, people who can’t wait to get out of bed everyday, to do the thing they can’t not do, as a means to a sustainable/thrivable world, we’ve got to let go of this obsession we have to control learning. Even in the tiniest of ways.

People need time/space/permission to learn what they want to learn, when/how/why/where they want to learn, with nothing to prove. Otherwise… we are creating spaces of oppression. And we are missing people. (Peter Moskowitz ness)


Here is an Yaacov Hecht on what democratic education is – ie: getting us out of the box…..

the most beautiful thing we have in the world is that we are different.

(discrimination as equity)

the catastrophe of school – you can’t see the uniqueness of everyone.

square makes – not just no uniqueness – but also a competition – competition makes the bell curve

the weak people in the bell graph are weak only in the square – if we let them go out – they are excellent

7:45 democratic education doesn’t get the idea of the square/the box

7:55 everyone can be excellent if we give them choice

every day.

everyone in sync


And Seth Godin‘s – We Are All Weird.. 

we are all weird graph

we are all weird graph 2



none of us if one of us

Mike Rowe – on the dignity of any work/job

Yong Zhao – on how focus on testing is killing creativity

Sir Ken – on school’s killing creativity – and finding your sweet spot/element

the it is me – what happens when you let a person follow their whimsy/heart

thumbprint ness – how we need 7 billion different people

what is normal

creativity – hard in a world that seeks to satisfy the norm

martian child


astra taylor quote


little boxes:


the cool part.. we are made to be different.. it’s all the differences that make us complete.. as one.

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