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intro’d to Phil via Gabor‘s share of crazywise doc.. coming out full length in 2017.. by Phil.. [have now watched it.. notes on crazywise page.. oh my Phil.. just oh my. and grazie. huge]


2014 – Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening: TEDxUMKC

relationships much diff

to land – no grocery stores.. utility/water district.. nothing stands between them and their survival.. intimate knowledge of the earth.. the phd’s of their place on the planet

to each other – don’t have institutions.. soc sec.. ira.. 401k.. elder care facil’s ..they completely depend on each other for survival.. kids raised communally..

to spirit – very strong..

25 yrs ago – project in tibet.. met dali lahma’s oracle.. medium..

5 min – i asked him.. how did you get this job.. he said.. when i was younger.. i was hearing voices… someone told him he had talent and nurtured him

6 min – 2 yrs later.. job for amnesty international in kenya..  knew i would hide to take pics.. w new panoramic camera… she had the same story as the medium.. when 12.. started having visual hallucinations.. dizzy.. her grandmother said.. you have a talent and nurtured her through it..

so i started traveling.. and finding/interviewing these shaman…

10 min – same story.. hallucinations.. and mentored by older shaman

diff ways to entrance.. drumming.. psychadelics.. killing animal..

13 min – shaman.. 1\ typically id’d via a call ususally a pych crisis   2\ always have a mentor.. someone who’s been thru a psych crisis   3\ initiation.. almost always death of old self and rebirth of new self.. take on much more of an elevated consciousness.. expand their circle of compassion..  4\ go into spirit world.. which informs reality..

15 min – decided to put all that research/interviews aside.. didn’t know what to do with it.. then about year and a half ago (talking in 2014) i met this young kid.. adam..

16 min – this incredible feeling of being one with universe.. then i went too far.. and got bad.. had to be medicated.. awful anxiety attacks.. so much.. i don’t know what was a side effect and what was my mind

17 min – for about 4 yrs.. then decided to cut them off.. and go on a silent meditation retreat.. 10 hrs a day of silent meditation.. he was able to stabalize himself.. got a job.. starting having.. synchronicities… think something then it would happen.. but would have no confidence.. no one able to conceptualize it for him.

18 min – decided to go back and do another retreat.. but they’d found he had mental illness.. so sent away.. the one thing that could have given him relief cut him off because of the stigma of mental illness.. and adam isn’t alone.. in having bi polar..skizofrenia.. depression.. any of these heavy psychological episodes.. stats: 1 in 5 suffer psych crisis… 1 in 20 become disabled because of it.. 50% happens before age of 14..  75% before age of 24.. a phenom of young people..

19 min – here’s the diff in cultures… shaman’s advantage/cultural context  1\ not stigmatized – and dr saying you’re broken   2\ have a mentor   3\ have a community

21 min – story of eleanor longden..  finally… she realized these voices were helping her resolve this old trauma of sexual molestation..

eleanorcan’t oppress the people who aren’t afraid anymore

22 min – common method of treating was to suppress with pharmas..

adam is homeless now..

we’ve started interviewing professionals that take a diff approach.. many label this as spiritual emergencies.. believe if you hold them.. don’t stigmatize them.. give them support.. that the psyche itself is self healing.. they’ll typically come out at a higher level of awareness/consciousness..

23 min – many believe that our species is right now in crisis.. we’re being asked to raise our consciousness to a whole new level

quote: we human beings tend to experience ourselves as something separate from the whole we call the universe.. this is actually an optical illusion of our consciousness. it’s like a prison for us.. our task is to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.. this striving for such an achievement is a path to our liberation and the only true foundation of our inner peace and security … – Albert Einstein

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Phil Borges (born 1942) is a social documentary photographer and filmmaker.

For over twenty-five years Phil Borges has been documenting indigenous and tribal cultures, striving to create an understanding of the challenges they face. His work is exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide and his award winning books, which have been published in four languages, include Tibetan Portrait, Enduring Spirit, and Women Empowered and Tibet: Culture on the Edge. He has hosted television documentaries on indigenous cultures for Discovery and National Geographic channels. Phil also lectures and teaches internationally.

Phil’s recent project, Crazywise, explores cultural differences with respect consciousness, mental illness and the relevance of Shamanic traditional practices and beliefs to those of us living in the modern world.

Phil’s program Stirring the Fire has produced several short documentaries, a book and an exhibition highlighting some of the extraordinary women worldwide who are breaking through gender barriers and conventions in order to enhance the well being of their communities.

In 2000 Phil founded Bridges to Understanding, an on-line classroom program that connects youth worldwide through digital storytelling in order to enhance cross-cultural understanding and help build a sense of global citizenship in youth. He also co-founded Blue Earth Alliance, a 501c3 that sponsors photographic projects focusing on endangered cultures and threatened environments.

Phil Borges is a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers


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