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HPA Creator/Cofounder/Executive Director

Andrew is a Nathan Cummings Foundation Fellow, where he is spending one year in New York City developing the Imagine Better Network: an unprecedented movement that goes beyond Harry Potter to all fandoms so that fantasy is no longer an escape from our world, but an invitation to change it for the better.

He’s been featured in Fast Company, the front cover of, the New York Times, and been named one of the GOOD 100. He’s spoken at TEDx Rome and TEDx Youth in San Diego, served as a keynote speaker at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum and headlined an event there with Nobel Laureates Muhammad Yunus and Tawakkol Karman. Andrew has also been a featured speaker at MacArthur’s Digital Media Learning Conference, SXSW, Harvard, MIT, Ashoka’s Changemaker conference, and has written for the LA Times and CNN. A Phi Beta Kappa of Brandeis University, Andrew spent years performing comedy across the US and in online viral videos, studied at an acting conservatory in London, volunteered at a spiritual center for peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland, and has taught workshops in creative writing and modern mythology to kids of all ages.

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The strength of a story: TEDxTransmedia2011

Uploaded on Oct 18, 2011

Andrew Slack is creator, co-founder, and Executive Director of the Harry Potter Alliance which takes a creative approach to activism by mobilizing thousands of kids to spread love and fight for justice in the spirit of the Harry Potter novels. 

cultural acupuncture – game changer for humanity

8 min – this plane stands in the face of everyone who has told their children to stop using our imagination to stop using their fantasy and start focusing on the so called real world. .. demos that fantasy is not an escape from the soul of our world, but an invitation to go deeper into it.. 

when we work with our stories.. we are doing cultural dreamwork.. and when we work with those stories.. we are doing cultural acupuncture.. identifying where the energy is in our culture, taking that energy, redirecting it to make a healthier body for our world….

this is bigger than harry potter.. this is about re-approaching how we look at pop culture… social change

Henry Jenkins – group of palestinians who were ignored over and over.. until the movie avatar came out.. 

we’ve seen a lot of damage to our world through story.. story has been used in a lot of bad ways.. it’s time for the good guys to use stories..

time to go beyond technocratic rhetoric …that keeps things intimidating and inaccessible, it’s time to dive in to the deeper language of the human psyche – story

we do not need magic to transform our world.. we have the power to imagine better.. JK Rowling

equality and justice, creative and compassion, playfulness and most of all love have landed.. the end or the beginning.. we get to choose our next adventure..


fantasy is not an escape from our world.. but an invitation to go deeper into it…

in Harry Potter’s name – we are seeing injustices in the world.. and taking care of them

over 100 different chapters on 5 continents

usually civic engaged youth come from families that have been civically engaged.. but with hpalliance – most are the first in their families to be civically engaged..

Hank – key is to figure out what matters to you.. find your people.. to make world a better place – wanting to understand the world.. we are all the to make the structure more equitable.. people who think hard about problems

making the thing that is a thing a thing..

via the power of awesome

perhaps harry potter is the beatles of fandom.. it’s not that we don’t like harry potter anymore – we just like all the other fan doms..

24 min – switching out – what cohesiveness is.. it’s not really about harry potter – it’s about who we are.. and what we care about… the cloud/network – as big ness

26 min – Andrew  – how do we make justice viral… money and charity are essential – but can we go deeper..

…how can we fully leverage the brilliance of the nerd fighters

by sharing a narrative that’s already written on all of their (7 billion people’s) heart.. which also happens to be the deep/flexible/alive ongoing equitable leverage…

38 min – sliding fan\dom into the classroom

yeah – but could we not be more timely.. if timeliness and if free dom matters… and all.


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Regardless of how much they care, the average person doesn’t feel much agency in changing the world. #DML2055

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To overcome this widespread crisis in agency, we needs to evolve a collective civic imagination. #DML2055

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must-read for anyone interested in social change & narratives that get people off their asses by @andrewslack:…

We aren’t going to have peace on Earth until we recognize this basic fact of the interrelated structure of all reality.” – mlk


But if we are to put forward a thriving movement of cultural acupuncture, we cannot simply rely on popular films as our springboard. We need a common metatext that brings each of these stories together at their heart. ….it seems as though no organizing in the world can ever set about the transformations required to create the healing that is necessary for our planet and each other.